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7 Problem Areas Youre OverlookingBut Shouldnt Home Maintenance

7 Problem Areas Youre OverlookingBut Shouldnt Home Maintenance


There are several potential home maintenance problem areas in your home. Be sure not to let small issues get big -- and expensive -- to fix.

7 Problem Areas You're Overlooking—But Shouldn't. Home Maintenance ...

Home Maintenance Tips Infographic

16 Home Maintenance Secrets Every Woman Should Know | Tips | Diy home repair, Home, Home repairs

Winter Home Maintenance Checklist

Doing regular home maintenance tasks will help to make sure that your home is in tip-top shape. It seems that there's almost always something to do, ...

As fall quickly approaches, there are a few chores you need to do around the house to get ready for winter. Check out these 9 Fall Home Maintenance Tips to ...

National Safety Council consultants identify what they see repeatedly when auditing worksites

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Forget About The Shed at a Home Inspection

Windows and siding in Duluth GA

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The Ultimate Fall Home Maintenance Checklist #fallhomemaintenancetips First Home Checklist, Fall Cleaning Checklist,

Get your home ready for the winter with this fall maintenance checklist!


You're not responsible for home repairs and maintenance.

Stop Losing Socks Stuff a strip of foam pipe insulation into the space between your washer and dryer or along the wall. That way, socks can't slip into the ...

Test the Sump Pump or Risk a Flood

Home Inspection Problems That Should Be Fixed

Maintaining a Metal Roof; Maintenance ...


7 Problem Areas You're Overlooking—But Shouldn't

Preventing Ice Dams on Your Log Home

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Repairing Damaged Logs On Your Log Home

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It is advisable to meet your neighbours and familiarize yourself with the neighbourhood before you purchase a new home.

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Renovations you are planning


Fix Squeaky Door Hinges with Vaseline

Finding and Blocking Air Leaks For an Energy Efficient Log Home

Don't Spend Big Money on Improvements

Different buyers will view homes on a steep hill with different perspectives. To some, a home sitting on a steep hillside is a thing of beauty and will love ...

Mobile Home Skirting Repair

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Check for Mice Nests or Risk Damaged Equipment

8 Things to Add to Your Log Home Spring Cleaning Checklist

Check for High Water Pressure or Wreck Fixtures and Appliances

Say you're in bed, and you hear what sounds like the shower going. It's late, and you're tired, so you pay it no mind. You wake up at 4 a.m. to get ...

Update your Wi-Fi router for best performance

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Real estate investing can be a great way to make a lot of money if you do your research and are prepared to devote a lot of time to your investments.

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You Could Spend More Than $9,000 Per Year in Hidden Costs & Maintenance Expenses

Buy: If You Have to Ask, You Should Probably Rent

And after.

Just 11 per cent of Australians live in apartments.

condo vs house

Don't Assume You Have to Sell in Spring

Also take note of whether you have a gas furnace or an electrical furnace. Though you can switch from one to the other, it's far less work (and much ...

Dry rot


Don't Disregard Curb Appeal

If you own a pool, be wary about the services you seek from pool service companies. (Photo by Timothy F.)

How to Remove Scratches from Glass

home picket fence


Living Room - Paragon At Columbia Overlook

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