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Alisons Art Blog Indian Brides Drawings t Art blog

Alisons Art Blog Indian Brides Drawings t Art blog


Alison's Art Blog: Neglectful

Ahh! I haven't posted in forever on here... I've been up to lots of stuff that I hope to be able to post soon. Here's a kid's book style test I did ...

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Light Grey Art Lab piece

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My blog is suffering heavy neglect so I'm posting some stuff here that I've already shown via tumblr. Indian Bride and a fennec fox :)

I wanted to paint each musician as a creature, with a part of their instrument, worked on gold leaf, to echo, harmonise with The Lost Words, ...

Painted today, with the same ink, a soul's ease of a tumble with chine.

But for now, just thank you. And I hope your Christmas is a peaceful one, and as good as it can be. blogger Blog this! ...

We Want You!

Painted at Compton Verney last week with ink from Katherine Rundell, who went to Japan to write an article about a painting by Hokusai.

So, I painted otters while the music played and I spoke, enchanted, chanted and spelled an otter in ink with Robert's words then a partner for her while a ...

A Screening and Artist's Talk for Refugee Week. Internationally recognised video installation artist screens and speaks about her ...

... Painted, again with ink from Japan at Compton Verney, this is a tumbling romp of two otters with a 'Ring of Bright Water' made from gold leaf 10 x 25cms ...

Jackson Hole Art Blog Sponsors. Art Saves a Hog Island Romance!

Leslie Topp (that's me) was on a panel co-organised by the Design Council and the Wellcome Trust's Policy unit on 'Building Healthy Places', ...

indian dancer (cdc), Justine Cunha

Photographer David Brookover – Patina and Grace; Sari Staggs & Horse Warriors


So, we have four performances coming up. I think the Southbank is sold out. And I will be on stage, painting. So, I painted otters while the music played ...

Horses as Symbol; Walker & Ross at Altamira

renamok: A Beautiful Bengali Woman by ArsalanKhanArtist Indian Paintings, Bengali Art, Bengali Culture

Indian Watercolor Paintings - Fine Art Blogger Watercolor Fruit, Watercolor Landscape, Watercolor Artists,

The Gardens are beautiful, and Robin and I were hosted by the trust in their Woodman's Cottage, for the period of my working there.

The Gardens are beautiful, and Robin and I were hosted by the trust in their Woodman's Cottage, for the period of my working there.

Alison Edgson | http://3dcharacterscollections.blogspot.com Fox Art, Children's

Kate Retford is meanwhile featured in an innovative open access online publication just launched by the Paul Mellon Centre for British Art: The Royal ...

The Gardens are beautiful, and Robin and I were hosted by the trust in their Woodman's Cottage, for the period of my working there.

Day began with walking at the beach where creatures drew patterns in the sand. Lines drawings of journeys.

Alison's Art Blog Character Design Animation, Character Sketches, Female Character Design, Character Drawing

The Gardens are beautiful, and Robin and I were hosted by the trust in their Woodman's Cottage, for the period of my working there.


We also recently celebrated the publication of Robert Maniura's new book, Art and Miracle in Renaissance Tuscany, published by Cambridge University Press.

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The brilliant charity Art Fund has announced its 2018-19 Student Art Pass offer, which is a good one, especially if you're looking to defray the sometimes ...

I get so many requests from schools to visit, and so many are working on The Lost Words, often using the Explorer's Notes written by Eva John. But I can't ...

Mara Polgovsky Ezcurra, Lecturer in Contemporary Art, has received a prestigious honour from the College Art Association, the US professional ...

Alison from Adventures in Making is sharing a fun technique from her toolbox: Drawing with gouache paint and a nib! I've never tried this technique, ...

Friday 29 June, 6-8pm, HISTORY OF ART DEPARTMENT 50TH ANNIVERSARY GARDEN PARTY, Gordon Square (yes, actually in Gordon Square – marquee provided in case of ...

How's Your Art Market? Art Notes!

illustrated by Alison Edgson. love the overall warm feeling to the picture :) Book · Book Drawing · Art Blog ...

Bring your art to life. Soft Pastels, Soft Pastel Art, Pastel Drawing,

Guest Feature | Emma Rose Wedding Day Make Up

The Murray Seminars are an opportunity to hear and contribute to cutting-edge research, often at the very early stages of work in progress.

Q&A with Denise Murrell, author of Posing Modernity

Dine shortlisted as Best Caterer in UK Wedding Awards

On 10 December, the Centre for Museum Cultures hosted a 'Meet the Curator' event with Dr Lucy Peltz, senior curator at the National Portrait Gallery and an ...

Who Was King Arthur?

Myra Kalman Albrecht Durer, Red Art, Marie Antoinette, Doodle, Maira Kalman,

Jackson Hole's 33rd Annual Fall Arts Festival!

Call Waddell the West's Basquiat? Art Notes!

Pssssttt... we are having a print sale... Quietly...so watch this space.

Art Investment? - One to Watch

Three Welcome Returns at BRAFA. 26.01.2019 | Art , Blog ...

Jackie Morris Website

Landscape I © Levi van Veluw Levi van Veluw is a young artist that works on self-portrait. But it does not simply photographs his face or body, he add on h

The Art of Love & Waterfalls

Warren's work is gorgeous. Understated, beautifully drawn, small souls of birds painted on wood. Each bird looks as if it might fly away any second.

David Brookover: The Reason WY; Art Awards; Jackson Hole Fall Arts is Afoot

eatsleepdraw: HIPSTER HOLIDAYS BY SAM LANE I'm a Graphic Designer from Manchester UK

Life in History of Art at Birkbeck | Kate Retford, Head of the History of Art Department, will use this site to keep you up to date with all the latest ...

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artist Pepa Poch's home + studio in Spain. Alison Marra

Pierre Alechinsky, Untitled at Rodolphe Janssen ...

Two of our research students have had exceptional success in being awarded competitive grants for research trips and placements in the US over the next ...

The Simpsons Olympic Gold Medal Curling. "

2017 Jackson Hole Fall Arts Festival, Part 2!

Disco Makeover! The Mansion Is Studio 54… For One Night Only

Compulsory Reading

7 Stealable Ideas for your Modern Jewish Wedding from Engage!15 Four Seasons Orlando

The Best Young Adult Books of 2016

APF | VARIOUS Street Photography Showcase

Secret of their success? It was in the shoes. High tech & solid gold.

Art Crush: Laurent Seroussi

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JAMES STRECKER: I understand you'll be going back and forth to France over the next 3 years to participate in a program called the Advanced Pedagogic Group ...

Drawing by Helen Stratton

lady gaga simpsons

Caftan Chic, by Way of Brooklyn by by Sarah Lonsdale Remodelista Inspired by the fabrics and textiles of India, Brooklyn designer Monica Patel-Cohn updates ...

Finally, the next ASSC event is coming up. Sophia Psarra from the Bartlett School of Architecture at UCL will be speaking about a fascinating late project ...

The Dark Days Deceit is now out in Australia, USA, Canada and the UK!

Jim Carrey's portrait of Mark Zuckerberg.

Laurent Seroussi ‹ VISION Fashion Photography, Art Photography, Insect Photography, Contemporary Photography,

7 Stealable Ideas for your Modern Jewish Wedding from Engage!15 Four Seasons Orlando

Wentworth Woodhouse Featured In Luxury Wedding Title Unveiled Magazine

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The Art of editing - with James Wellford

Elegant, Fine Art Wedding at PAFA

Stüssy X David Shrigley ...

Department administrators Susan El Ghoraiby and Clare Thomas led a crack team of helpers who made it a really celebratory event. Thanks to all, including to ...

Chris & Meghan's Dreamy July Wedding at The Mansion

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Tan Qiumin | CHINA Between Peeping and Watching

OSL Contemporary: The Future Stands Still But We Move In Infinite Space. 21.01.2019 | Art , Blog ...

Fabulous Custom Wedding Map elizajaneink.blogspot.com Wall Maps, Map Globe, Illustrated

Boris Eldagsen &Tanvir Taolad | GERMANY | BANGLADESH The Other Side

Myanmar blog post Mushroom tourmaline specimen. Image courtesy of E. Passmore