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Amphibius Marvel comics A t Marvel villains and Marvel

Amphibius Marvel comics A t Marvel villains and Marvel


Amphibius (Earth-21993)

Annihilus Marvel Comic Character, Marvel Characters, Marvel Art, Marvel Comics, Marvel Villains

X-Men (Earth-21993)

Todd Arliss (Earth-616)

Amphibius (Earth-616)

Amphibius (Human/Mutate) (Savage Land, Antarctica) Villain. Superhuman strength · Comic VillainsSavageMarvel ...

Iara Dos Santos (Earth-616)

Amphibian,Torgo and Dark Crawler are the Hulk Hunters. Marvel Villains, Marvel Comics

Amphibius - Savage Land

The Kleinstock Brothers (Member of the Alcolytes). S K · X-Men Villains · Harpoon Marvel ...

We had to put Hellcow in the Marvel supervillains alphabet because, well, look at their name. It's hilarious. What's even funnier about Hellcow is that her ...

Freedom Force Marvel Comic Universe, Comics Universe, Marvel Dc, Marvel Comics Art,

So his mastery of prep time and his willingness to use forbidden magic makes him possibly THE MOST formidable non entity level character in the marvel ...


The Six, clockwise from back: Fallen, Brute, Marvel Woman, Havok, Bloodstorm, and Ice-Man


Let's start off with an old school bad guy from the X-Men comic series. Amphibius was one of many mutants that were artificially mutated by fellow ...

Amphibian (Earth-31916)

Electro by Joe Jusko Marvel Characters, Marvel Villains, Marvel Comics Art, Comic Book

While some villains on the Marvel supervillains alphabet will make you hate thier guts, Freak isn't one of them. The truth is that his story is downright ...

Johnny Storm, The Human Torch from the Fantastic Four

The Avengers · Herald the Asgardians of the Galaxy and the Return of Throg! The amphibious Pet Avenger

Top 10 Underwater Characters | Marvel Top 10

Thor is a woman? Captain America changing skin colour? Thor Croaks? Rob looks back at the history of Marvel's 'shock' changes.

Marvel has incorporated some of its What If series into the regular and Ultimate continuity. We count down the best concepts that actually happened.

As you might know, the Marvel universe is one that I definitely love to explore — most often via comic books and old school 90s cartoons.

Grandpa gave me these Marvel posters from the 60s. Does anyone have more information about them?Comics ...

Dark Beast (Hank McCoy Fight takes place takes place on an abandoned city block. The White Tiger God can't take over AvaDark Beast has kn

Featured Characters. Avengers

Marvel Comics T Shirt Men's Cartoon Comic Book Universe Characters Tee

Amphibius Marvel X, X Men, Savage, Marvel Universe, Landing, Frogs,

Marvel Comics Rhino | Rhino propiedad de Marvel Comics

Marvel Comics and DC Comics are leading a push for diversity in their industry's mainstream characters.

Have a Spooky Halloween with Marvel's Legion of Monsters



Super-Villain Team-Up Vol 1 3

X-Men The Hidden Years Vol 1 10


Beef of the Hellions (New Mutants enemy) (Marvel Comics) and Tarot.


Marvel Encyclopedia, New Edition

Marvel characters were apparently created from Middle Earth elves.

Supreme Power Vol 1 12

Check out our visual guide to every character confirmed for Marvel's Inhumans TV series and the actors who will be playing them.

Once a strong comic line, the world of Supreme Power fell to pieces and recently got trashed in New Avengers. How could this happen?

The top 30 What If... comics available on Marvel Unlimited - Blastr | SYFY WIRE

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Marvel Fanfare Vol 1 1

Andrew Forson (Earth-616)

Nerkkod, Breaker of Oceans

Ant-Man. Ant-Man · Captain Marvel

Image for The Pet Avengers Enroll at 'Marvel Avengers Academy'


X-Men Savage Land Joseph & Amphibious Toybiz 1997 Action Figures NEW IN BOX

... by the song of Lorelei, Marvel Girl managed to destroy the mutator machine, though, and the Mutates were reverted back to their savage states.

Jester is one of the rare villains on this obscure Marvel supervillain alphabet that's just so old school and retro that they no longer fit into the modern ...


Publication information. Publisher · Marvel Comics

Beyond Infinity : Bring on the Hot Team Vs

From the Publisher

Marvel's THE INHUMANS Are Coming to TV and IMAX Theaters in 2017

Attention ...

Timely ...

For 40 years, Marvel has shown us hundreds of peeks into alternate history. Here are the better moments from the multiverse.

Featured Characters. Avengers. Avengers · Spider-Man

Iron Man

Timely ...

12 More Unexpected Marvel Characters We Want to See on "Agents of SHIELD"

Additionally, as you probably already know, this isn't the first time Marvel has made a drastic character change in the world of comics.

Godzilla (Marvel)

Squadron Supreme. Squadron supreme title.jpg. Publication information. Publisher · Marvel Comics



Captain Marvel · Guardians of the Galaxy

Superman and Captain America's amalgamation was Super-Soldier. You could also find characters like Iron Lantern, Shatterstarfire and Man-Bat in the mix.

Timely ...

Nightshade (Marvel Comics)

'Thor: Ragnarok': The 15 Biggest Marvel Easter Eggs | Inverse

To a point, it almost seems unfair to put Dormammu on an obscure Marvel supervillains alphabet, simply because he's been featured in a ton of comics since ...


Mr. Fish as seen on the cover of Luke Cage, Power Man #29. Publication information. Publisher · Marvel Comics

The Rise and Fall of Marvel's Supreme Power Universe

Sauron (comics)

Marvel Superheroes Top Trumps