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CV90 Evolution Tanks AFV t Evolution

CV90 Evolution Tanks AFV t Evolution


Stridsfordon 90 Revinge 2012-2.jpg

BAE Systems - CV90 Mk IV Infantry Fighting Vehicle Evolution [1080p]

The Namer was recently showcased with a new unmanned turret

Strf 9040A, Photo: Måns Thuresson

BAE Systems unveils new CV90 MkIV infantry fighting vehicle - Defence Blog

Strv 122 Evolution

Early 9040 prototype with unprotected headlights. Gun muzzle pressure caused some damage when the gun was fired in an unfavorable position. Photo Ointres.

CV90 Evolution

CV90 CZr with MCT-30 remote weapon station

Swedish CV9040.JPG

IFV Berserk AV-30 Heavy armor Future Tanks, Army Vehicles, Armored Vehicles,

Ultra M113 AFV singapore

CV90-infanteriegevechtsvoertuig | Koninklijke Landmacht | Defensie.nl

New build Leopard 2 tanks are likely too expensive for the Czech Republic

South Korea's Deadly Infantry Fighting Vehicle Is a Terror on the Battlefield

The Type 89 is so unremarkable only 120 have been made so far.

BAE's prototype Mobile Protected Firepower (MPF) light tank

Leopard 2A7+ was displayed at the 2010 Eurosatory expo. Photo: Noam Eshel

L-R BAE Systems CV90, Hanwha Defense Systems AS21 Redback and Rheinmetall Lynx KF41

Most Asian Countries Have Better IFVs Than The US Army

CV90 in swedish splinter camo pattern and the heaviest version, mkIII,

Rheinmetall s Lynx K41 IFV officially launched t Eurosatory 201 001

The Infantry Fighting Vehicle was born in the fighting of World War 1 and evolved to the multirole platforms appearing on battlefields today.

The larger ASCOD 2 offers greater payload than the CV90

CTA International 40 CTA

UDES 08 with 25 mm gun, photo from Ointres

CV9030 CZ during trials: note that the Iron Fist APS has been removed!

German Army's new IFV from Rheinmetall and KMW. It is a 40+ tons (metric) combat weight IFV equipped with a remote turret armed with a Rheinmetall Mk30–2 ...

Badger IFV & Rooikat AFV @ AAD 2014

BAE submits proposal for the US Army Mobile Protected Firepower programme

Offered by BAE Systems Hagglunds from Sweden, CV90 is a widely deployed system in service with Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Netherlands, Switzerland, ...

A Puma IFV climbs a slope during the Czech trials

2:49 PM - 16 Oct 2017

Leopard 2 SG (Singapore) [4000 x 3000]

Rheinmetall Unveils the Lynx KF41 Next-Generation Combat Vehicle

Hägglunds BvS10.jpg

Tanks and armoured vehicles current and future. Photo 1:Challenger 2 firing on the range. Photo 2: The Ajax Afv prototype vehicle with 579 of this series ...

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Projekt "Stridsfordon 90" Apocalypse Survival, Zombie Apocalypse, Swedish Army, Tank Armor

AAD 2018: Olifant Mk2 vehicle mobility demonstration


BAE Systems has delivered 12 new CV90 Infantry Fighting Vehicles (IFVs) to the Norwegian Army. They are the first production batch of a total of 144 new and ...

Picture of the CV90120 (CV90120-T / CV90-120) The CV90120-

"Derivatsiya-PVO" - 57 mm artillery antiair complex on BMP-3 chassis. [1920x1280]

Leopard2 kit ruag Battle Tank, Armored Vehicles, Tanks, Shelled

Tank Armor, Armored Vehicles, Battleship, World War Ii, Division, Scale Model

3D model "T-90A MBT" Main battle Tank Russian #3Dmodel #3Dartist #Tank #Collection #3Dsmax #Vray #Frigatez

The Swedish CV90 version proposed for FERS-SV by BAE Systems (top) and Spanish built Ascod 2, proposed by General Dynamics UK.

UK and US Strike Brigade Comparison

Conference Overview

Details of the new tank upgrade

IFV Berserk AV-30 Heavy armor

Indonesia's MBT Leopard 2A4 Evolution

The Lynx IFV with rubber band tracks being tested in the Czech Republic

[Infographic] Nga giới thiệu biến thể mạnh nhất của tăng T-90.

A CVR(T) (Combat Vehicle Reconnaissance (Tracked)) vehicle is pictured

Swedish CV90 AMOS Self-Propelled Mortar-System.

Another picture of the CV9030 MkIV on trails for the Czech army's BMP-2 replacement program : TankPorn

Leopard 2 Tank TNI AD Armed Forces, Tanks, Yolo, Revolution, Indonesia,

The strv m/38, m/39, m/40L & m/40k were Swedish light tanks that served with the Swedish army troughout and beyond ww2. At one point they were some of the ...

Nr.3 CV90 (Sweden)


The Lynx IFV was first presented on the Eurosatory 2016 exhibition in Paris

The ...

Rheinmetall's brand new IFV Lynx is a tracked IFV with a two-man/remote 35mm turret called Lance 2.0. Rheinmetall developed this one with their own funding ...

The T-30 heavy tank was designed to counter the German Tiger, Tiger 2, and the Jagdtiger. It also was meant to counter the Russian IS-1 and IS-2.

M1917 Light Tank

Indonesian Yonkav 2 / Retrofitted AMX 13 105mm World Of Tanks, Military Armor, Armored

CV9030 CZ at IDET: note the udal missile launcher and the Iron Fist APS

The T-15 is the Infantry Fighting Vehicle complement to the T-14 Armata MBT, with both vehicles forming part of a universal combat platform concept which ...

T-72BV - Mongolian Army

T-72B3 with upgraded armour Army Vehicles, Armored Vehicles, Tank Armor, Military

Future Infantry Fighting Vehicle Documentary (2017/HD/EN)

Leclerc fitted with ERA from Dynamit Nobel Defence

Swiss CV9030CH infantry fighting vehicles without applique armor

Military Units, Military Weapons, Army Vehicles, Armored Vehicles, Tank Armor, Battle

IFV Puma - Buscar con Google

CV90 test rig, photo Hägglunds

Did You Know About The Heaviest U.S. Tank of WWII? The T-28 SUPER Heavy tank !

The Oplot is the result of continued effort to improve the T-80 MBT which had been manufactured by KMDB. The first was the T-84U which added armoured side ...

The first CV9030 turret based on an up-gunned CV9025 turret. Note the machine-gun installation and raised engine hatch.

An upgraded Marder 1A3 could be fitted with additional armor, an unmanned turrets and a more powerful engines.

Obligatory cheeky "it's like a force field" graphic

The Modern 'Medium' Armoured Fighting Vehicle: Digital Heavyweights of the Battlefield | Defense Politics Asia

Т-72 БА МBT in 2014

FV4034 Challenger 2 shown with reactive armour plates (these were subsequently removed when one was

The Swedish CV90 IFV Family | TankNutDave


CV90 BAE Systems

Chars de France

Russian T-95 prototype. Looks like there is no crew in the turret - everyone is in the hull.

The CV9030 CZ r has a raised hull roof and an unmanned Kongsberg turret

Thick applique armor protects sides and front of the vehicle

General ...

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Merkava IV Israeli army in action

M60A1 to be correct Patton Tank, Model Tanks, Military Equipment, Armored Fighting Vehicle

The CV90 offered for the Scout-SV program

CV90-120. While not Polish it is something to look at given that the concept works.