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Can I Build a Gingerbread House Big Enough That My Dog Can Fit

Can I Build a Gingerbread House Big Enough That My Dog Can Fit


And as you can see, I can build a gingerbread house big enough that my dog can fit inside. Sort of.

I think building a gingerbread house should be about whatever the house's dimensions feel like they should be. Then it's like — will it look good?

Peanut butter, as you can imagine, is not a very good adhesive — particularly compared to the sugar glue, which is so good it seems immoral.

At this point I just decided to make bigger blocks (eyeballed for size) — as many as felt appropriate, using the spirit of Christmas as my guide.

How To Make A Gingerbread House

Then I just needed to add the finishing touches. Of course, I added the words “Peter's House” written clearly in brilliant red icing.

Ginger Bread House:This Can Be Done W/Duct Tape Or Riveting Cardboard Boxes (Inside Out )Together & Cut In The Shape Of A House (& Roof).

Now it was time to decorate the roof (the “ruff,” if you're a dog, ha-ha). Here, I used peanut butter as glue, so my dog, Peter, could lick it.

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Here's the template you'll need to make your Gingerbread House.

Wilton Build-It-Yourself Gingerbread Manor Decorating Kit

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How could something so pretty go so wrong?

Find Fido a good home! The Solvang Bakery is donating $5 for every Gingerbread Dog

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Why make a gingerbread house when you can make a gingerbread combine? ! Lol #johndeerechristmas

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Need some help assembling your Wilton Gingerbread House? Check out some of our frequently asked questions.

Don't let frustration over putting together gingerbread houses keep you from making traditions with

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Make your own adorable Tiny Gingerbread Houses from cardboard! They're so charming and easy to make!

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Kids will love helping to decorate their own gingerbread house.

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Traditional Gingerbread House With Gumdrop Roof

Wilton Build-it-Yourself Gingerbread Village Decorating Kit, 8-piece Party Pack - Walmart.com

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Gingerbread House Ideas


How to make a beautiful and SIMPLE homemade gingerbread house with royal icing and buttercream.

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How to make gingerbread houses!

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