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Create beautiful blurbs with the Divi Flip Cards module The Best

Create beautiful blurbs with the Divi Flip Cards module The Best


Divi Flip Cards

Create beautiful blurbs with the Divi Flip Cards module - The Best Flip Box Plugin for Divi #divi #elegantthemes #wordpress #diviplugin #plugin

Visual Builder Integration. The Divi Flip Cards module ...

Divi Flip Cards Settings Overview. Content Settings

Control front and back card content. The Divi Flip Cards module ...

In this tutorial I will show you how to create a beautiful content box using Image and Blurb modules. We will of course add several animations on hover so ...

... default flip mode or the 3D option, which creates a real box effect. You can control the animation speed and transition for the best experience.

5 Creative Divi Blurb Module Designs

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.flip-card .et_pb_column{ display: flex; flex-direction: column; height: 440px; } .flip-card .et_pb_blurb{ width: 100%; height: 100%; background-color: ...

flip cards activation

This feature lets you create a seamless 3D box effect for your blurbs that give your website a dynamic effect. You also have the ability to control and ...

Design Settings

install divi flip cards

divi plugins for flip cards

front background

Unlimited Possibilities. Show your content in a beautiful way with Divi Flip Cards!

R6: Custom Blurb Module

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5 Fantastic Ways You Can Style Divi's Testimonial Module

front card content

Custom blurb module

New Divi Blurb Hover Effect – Hover Blurb Cards

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Apply classes for the columns

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Adding The Code Modules

custom blurb module tutorial for divi

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Divi Blurb Extended

The Best Free Divi Layout Packs From Around The Web

custom blurb module tutorial for divi

Custom Divi Blurbs – Part 2

How to Add Advanced Hover Effects to Divi's Blurb Module Using Hover.css


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Module Blurb: New Style Hover Expand

Now that you've seen how to edit the HTML code I show you three examples of flip cards and their CSS code that you will need to add to the Divi ...

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Under Custom CSS, add a CSS Class called “rotate”. This will be used to trigger the a rotate animation.

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13 Divi Child Themes Perfect for Blogging!

Divi Text Tips and Tricks

custom blurb module tutorial for divi

divi blurb hover effect

In the module's Custom CSS tab, give the module the following CSS Class: gq- blurb-hover

Divi Text Tips and Tricks

divi testimonial module

divi person module

... you will surely find something helpful and beneficial for your website including adding jQuery code and how to customize the blurb module in Divi Theme.

Add Image and edit module settings

divi supreme modules plugin

How To Add A Hover Effect To Team Member Bios In Divi

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The Divi Fullwidth Header Extended module that you've been looking for! A whole new experience on Divi. Start building and impress your visitors with title ...

Duplicate your image module twice and drag them to the other two columns in your row.

How to Customize Divi Person Module and Add Hover Effects

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But I like my blurbs to be clickable as a whole. So how can we do it?

Divi Tutorial – Image module hover effect

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Do you like to use the Blurb module in your designs a lot, but feel

... excellent Divi-themed site, from creating cool animated titles to Email Optin Module tutorials. They also have tips and tricks which range from amateur ...

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custom blurb module tutorial for divi

custom blurb module tutorial for divi

custom blurb module tutorial for divi