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Diabetes is linked with early cognitive dysfunction 60 yo

Diabetes is linked with early cognitive dysfunction 60 yo


Download figure · Open in new tab · Download powerpoint. FIGURE 1. Mechanism of type 2 diabetes–associated cognitive dysfunction.


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Cognitive function in adults with type 1 diabetes

What Are the Consequences of Cognitive Impairments?

Variables correlated with HbA1c ≤ 6% in diabetic cases

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Altered Intranetwork and Internetwork Functional Connectivity in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus With and Without Cognitive Impairment | Scientific Reports

Cognitive Dysfunction in Older Adults With Diabetes: What a Clinician Needs to Know | Diabetes Care

Food for thought: how nutrition impacts cognition and emotion | npj Science of Food

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Evidence-based guidelines for diabetes management in the elderly

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P300 latencies in Group I and Group II in comparison with controls.

Dementia and cognitive decline in type 2 diabetes and prediabetic stages: towards targeted interventions - The Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology

Diabetes, Cognitive Impairment and dementia

Demographic and clinical characteristics of patients with and without mild cognitive impairment (MCI)

Type 2 Diabetes, Cognition, and Dementia in Older Adults: Toward a Precision Health Approach | Diabetes Spectrum

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Factors associated with cognitive impairment in elderly versus nonelderly patients with metabolic syndrome: the different roles of FGF21 | Scientific ...

Figure 3: Effect of the duration of diabetes on cognitive function

Figure 2

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Cerebrovascular complications of diabetes: focus on cognitive dysfunction | Clinical Science

Obesity leads to increased risk of type 2 diabetes, metabolic dysfunction and is also associated

Cognitive Performance in Type 2 Diabetes (T2D): Cross-sectional Data

“Treat the patient, not the number.” This is a very old and sound medical school teaching. However, when it comes to blood sugar control in diabetes, ...

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Cerebral ...

Beta-cell dysfunction

Diabetes, Cognitive Impairment and dementia

Non-diabetic cases had 5.6 ± 4.0 mistakes. Only 33% (n = 216) of the participants obtained a normal cognitive ...

Cognitive Decline in Type 2 Diabetes: Longitudinal Data

Diabetes damages every part of the body, from the brain to the feet. High blood sugar, the hallmark of diabetes, wreaks havoc on blood vessels.

"Gastro" means stomach and "paresis" means impairment or paralysis. If you have diabetes and are experiencing a variety of unpleasant but non-specific ...


Correlation of serum Mg concentrations with cognitive function as evaluated by the MoCA test

Epidemiological Studies of Hypertension in the Elderly and Cognition

Older Adults: Standards of Medical Care in Diabetes—2018 | Diabetes Care

Cognitive function and decline in type 2 diabetes

Demographic and clinical data of the participants.

Figure 2: Relationship between the duration of diabetes and cognitive function

The cognitive function assessed by MoCA test according to years of formal education in patients with

Figure 4: Frequency of cognitive function across the ranges of glycosylated hemoglobin

On a diminutive scale, aging causes deterioration of neuronal and mitochondrial ...

Summary of Type 2 Diabetes–Related Cognitive Dysfunction

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Summary of complications and comorbidities in elderly with DM

I'd heard of Alzheimer's disease (AD) being referred to by some clinicians as “Type 3 Diabetes” but until yesterday the link between AD and abnormalities in ...

Possible physical examination findings in patients

How Diabetes Harms the Brain

Univariate logistic regression analysis of factors associated with mild cognitive impairment

Type 2 Diabetes in the Elderly: Challenges in a Unique Patient Population | ClinMed International Library | Journal of Geriatric Medicine and Gerontology

A new study by scientists at Harvard has found people with type 2 diabetes lose brain

Traumatic brain injury associated with dementia risk among people with type 1 diabetes | Neurology

The effects of insulin deficiency.

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17 Achieving ...

Brain insulin resistance in type 2 diabetes and Alzheimer disease: concepts and conundrums | Nature Reviews Neurology

Global aetiology and epidemiology of type 2 diabetes mellitus and its complications | Nature Reviews Endocrinology

Reverse Mild Cognitive Impairment

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5 Complications of Uncontrolled Type 2 Diabetes

Cognitive function is impaired with a BG under and over 250 mg/dL. No test taking or driving please!

Impact of glycaemic control on cognition

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Barthel Index in diabetic women cases with HbA1c ≤ 6%

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Figure 1: Age distribution

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Obesity and type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) research spans a wide range of animal models that have distinct advantages and shortcomings. As a general rule, ...

Figure 5: Level of glycemic control and cognitive function

Types of diabetes with clinical relevance

Cognitive function and control of type 2 diabetes mellitus in young adults Roy S, Kim N, Desai A, Komaragiri M, Baxi N, Jassil N, Blessinger M, Khan M, ...

Noninsulin antihyperglycemic agents


Meta-analysis of the likelihood of having cognitive impairment in patients with diabetes receiving metformin

Patients were also much more likely to report significant cognitive decline from diagnosis to the first post-chemotherapy assessment (45.2% vs 10.4% of the ...

Relation between geriatric syndromes and their risk factors in elderly people with diabetes. Aging,

How Diabetes Affects Sexual Function

This guide will discuss, in detail, how substance abuse can negatively impact the life and health of a person with diabetes.

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Old woman confused at calendar

Table 2 Studies of hypertension and cognitive function in type 2 diabetes

Major findings from the primary glucose study in t

Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus Treatment & Management

summarizes the 2006 WHO recommendations for the diagnostic criteria for diabetes and intermediate hyperglycemia (WHO