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Dictionaries explain the meanings of words but sometimes they fall

Dictionaries explain the meanings of words but sometimes they fall


Dictionaries explain the meanings of words, but sometimes they fall a little short of clearing

A definition states the meaning of a word using other words. This is sometimes challenging. Common dictionaries contain lexical descriptive definitions but ...

For each entry or word the dictionary gives you the spelling, meaning, pronunciation,



Word Fact: What's the Difference Between a Homograph, Homonym, and Homophone? - Everything After Z by Dictionary.com

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obsolete words

The entry for the word harlequin from the ninth edition of Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary

A misodoctakleidist is someone who hates to practise the piano, from Greek words meaning 'hatred', 'rehearsal', and 'keyboard'.


definition for peculiar in dictionary - Google Search

... and the Oxford English Dictionary. 1612 Vocabolario dell'Accademia della Crusca

A detail of Samuel Johnson's Dictionary of the English Language (1755). The definition

Langenscheidt dictionaries

The School of Life Dictionary

We Are Defining Love the Wrong Way

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What's The Difference: Average, Mean, Median, And Mode - Everything After Z by Dictionary.com

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Weird and wonderful words

Alphabetical listing of detailed synonym paragraphs and cross-references. WorDWitcH · Oxford English Dictionary

Woke Has Been Added To The Dictionary, But What Does It Really Mean? | Grazia

dic•tion•ar•y What is it? • A dictionary lists words ...

Bilingual dictionary

Dictionary.com's Word of the Day - Endsville - (sometimes lowercase) Slang. most wonderful or exciting: a rock band that was reg… | GOTTA LUV ONE WORD!


Complement - Everything After Z by Dictionary.com

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Introduction to Python 3

... Periplus Pocket Cantonese Dictionary ...

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Archaic words

11. PART OF SPEECH A dictionary helps us by explaining ...

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It's OK To Use "They" To Describe One Person: Here's Why - Everything After Z by Dictionary.com



Japanese is no exception, and some of my favorite words offer a glimpse into Japan's own unique view of beauty and impermanence, while others are clever ...

A multi-volume Latin dictionary by Egidio Forcellini.

Using A Print Dictionary: Synonyms And Antonyms

13 Words That Will Embarrass You Abroad - Everything After Z by Dictionary .com


Lodgings to Let, an 1814 engraving featuring a double entendre. He: "My sweet honey, I hope you are to be let with the Lodgins!" She: "No, sir, I am to be ...

What's The Difference Between "A While" and "Awhile" - Everything After Z by Dictionary.com


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Webopedia's Twitter Dictionary will help you understand Twitter chat, Twitter abbreviations and Twitter slang.

Page:Black's Law Dictionary (Second Edition).djvu/999 - Wikisource, the free online library

I found the definition my picture would be under had you looked up this word in the dictionary

Among the very first published descriptions defining "dude"; Chicago Tribune of 25 February 1883

What's The Difference Between "i.e." And "e.g."? - Everything After Z by Dictionary.com

. English: Fleuron from book: A new French dictionary, in two parts: the first, French and English; the second, English and French: Containing, I. Several ...

Old English thorn (Þ) and edh (ð) are both given as th, whereas Old Norse thorn is spelled as th and the phonemically distinct edh as dh.

Why Does The Letter Q Almost Always Need The Letter U? - Everything After Z by Dictionary.com

Literary words


The French-language Petit Larousse is an example of an illustrated dictionary.

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New Testament Background Commentary: A New Dictionary of Words, Phrases, and Situations in Bible Order: W. Harold Mare: 9781857929553 - Christianbook.com

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The world of organic skincare is filled with weird jargon and words that often need some explaining. Here's a few terms that we use and what they mean.

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33 Commonly Misunderstood Words & Phrases (Infographic)

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You can now find the detailed meaning of different words.

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In English, "inflammable" means "combustible", but can be taken to mean "non-flammable" by people who wrongly treat the "in-" as meaning "not", ...

Slang by Dictionary.com

8 German words that are impossible to translate into English

The free offline English dictionary application explains the meaning of English words! Definitions are based on English Wiktionary. Fast search, easy and ...

Opening pages of the World's Smallest Dictionary

The X In Xmas Is Really About Jesus Christ - Everything After Z by Dictionary.com

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