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Douglas Volk American 18561935 Portrait of Nelly Littlehale

Douglas Volk American 18561935 Portrait of Nelly Littlehale


Douglas Volk (American, 1856-1935) Portrait of Nelly Littlehale Murphy ...

DOUGLAS VOLK. (AMERICAN, 1856 - 1935). Portrait of Nelly Littlehale ...

Douglas Volk (American, 1856-1935) Portrait of Nelly Littlehale Murphy

Douglas Volk

Douglas Volk (American, 1856-1935) Portrait of a Young Lady, Purportedly

Douglas Volk (American, 1856-1935) Portrait of Nelly Littlehale Murphy


Framed Still Life Glass with Flowers Print After Nelly Littlehale Murphy.

Four Unframed Oil on Canvas Portrait and Landscape Sketches by Douglas Volk (American, 1856

Attributed to Douglas Volk (American, 1856-1935) Pair of Paintings of Cavaliers

Woman in a landscape

Nelly Littlehale Murphy (American, 1867-1941) Two Works: Thatched Huts on

Douglas Volk (American, 1856-1935) ...Maine Woods

Douglas Volk (American, 1856-1935) Souvenir of Keezar Lake

Douglas Volk (American, 1856-1935) Hillside Pine

Douglas Volk

Portrait of general Pershing, 1919

Attributed to Herman Dudley Murphy (American, 1867-1945) Autumn Landscape.

Nelly Littlehale Murphy (American, 1867-1941) Edge of Clearing


In the orchard, 1900–1900


Nellie Pairpoint (American, 1897-1914) Three Sheep Resting in a Forest Glade

Girl with bear - watercolor. This would make a great start for baby's art collection !

Nelly Littlehale Murphy (American, 1867-1941) Still Life with Poppies and Duck

Nelly Littlehale Murphy (American, 1867-1941) Peonies No.

Nelly Littlehale Murphy (American, 1867-1941) Winding Road through the Countryside



Joseph A. Imhof (American, 1871-1955) Taos Indian

Abraham Lincoln Plaster Bust by Caproni Bros.

Frank Duveneck (American, 1848-1919) : Mary E. Goddard, 1879

Attributed to William Matthew Prior, (American, 1806-1873) Portrait of Elizabeth

Nellie Littlehale Umbstaetter Murphy (American, 1867-1941) Lot of Two Illustrations from


Valentin Serov (Russian 1865–1911) [Impressionism, Realism, Peredvizhniki, Portraits

Henry Inman | Portrait of a Lady | American | The Met

William Merritt Chase (American painter) 1849 - 1916 Meditation (aka Portrait of the Artist's Wife),

Nellie Littlehale Umbstaetter Murphy (American, 1867-1941) Lot of Three Illustrations of

Hermann Dudley Murphy (American, 1867-1945) New England Hillside

Alexander Calder (American, 1898-1976) Self Portrait

Olivia Buckminster Lothrop (Mrs. Lewis William Tappan, Jr.) mid–1860s

Clarence Holbrook Carter (American, 1904-2000) Adobe Church.

Group of Unframed Herman Dudley Murphy (America, 1867-1945) Etchings and Ephemera

They Shall Not Perish, American Committee..., 1918. Douglas Volk

Victor Eeckhout (Belgian, 1821-1879) Tanger

Sigmund Joseph Menkes (American, 1896-1986) Self-Portrait

Continental School, 19th Century Young Women at a Well

Nelly Littlehale Murphy (American, 1867-1941) Where Sea Meets Sky

Nelly Littlehale Murphy (American, 1867-1941) Quiet Lake

Eanger Irving Couse (American, 1866-1936) Camp at Night

Ethelda L. Rollins (American, 1852-1922) Adobes

English or Continental School, 18th Century Portrait Sketch of a Young Woman in Gold and


George Frederick Kaber (American, 1860-1951) Lot of Two Works: Portrait

American School, early 20th century, Morse Homestead, Denver, ...

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George Loftus Noyes (American, 1864-1954) The Valley

After Adolph Schreyer (French/German, 1828-1899) Arabs on Horseback

American School, 20th Century Baking Bread in an Adobe

Two Framed Oil Paintings: Frederick Porter Vinton (American, 1846-1911),

Christopher Murphy (American, 1902-1973) Floral Still Life

Hermann Dudley Murphy (American, 1867-1945) In Taxco

Jean Lurcat (French, 1892-1966)

Abbott Handerson Thayer (American, 1849-1921) A Classic Profile

19th Century American School Oil on Canvas Portrait of a Boy with a Red Tie

Hermann Dudley Murphy (American, 1867-1945) The Gulf Stream

Charles Sprague Pearce (American, 1851-1914) La Petite Rieuse

Nellie Pairpoint (American, ac. 1897-1914) Sheep in the Barn

John Francis Murphy (American, 1853-1921) Sundown

Nellie Littlehale Murphy (American, 1867-1934) The Formal Gardens

Attributed to Hermann Dudley Murphy (American, 1867-1945) Calm Seas at Sunrise

Anne M. Murphy (American, 20th/21st Century) Autumn Leaves

Hermann Dudley Murphy (American, 1867-1945) In the Desert

Cecilia Beaux (American, 1855-1942) A Lady in Black

Julian Oliver Davidson (American, 1853-1894) Moonlight, Cape La Heve,

Reynolds Beal (American, 1867-1951) Sailboats

Russian School, 20th Century Male Figure.

Abbott Fuller Graves (American, 1859-1936) Rosemary (Still ...

Puccini, Giacomo (1858-1924) Signed Photograph, 19 July 1905.

Henry Hammond Ahl (American, 1869-1953) Fiery Sunset

Hermann Dudley Murphy (American, 1867-1945) A Winter View

John Francis Murphy (American, 1853-1921) Haystacks

Mary Lizzy Macomber (American, 1861-1916) Young Woman in a White Dress

William Lester Stevens (American, 1888-1969) Fisherman's Shack

SKINNER American & European Paintings & Prints Sale 2470

Thomas Hart Benton (American, 1889-1975) Hudson River View

Mexican School, 20th Century Mercado en Taxco

John Francis Murphy (American, 1853-1921) Woods at Twilight.

Blanche McVeigh (American, 1896-1970) Adobe Houses

Francis Chapin (American, 1899-1965) Under Sail

Hermann Dudley Murphy (American, 1867-1945) A Venetian Morning

Joseph Lindon Smith (American, 1863-1950) Lot of Two Portraits: Breton

Jessie Burns Parke (American, 1889-1964) Portrait of a Woman in Profile

John Hay Sr. (Scottish, fl. 1822-1846) Carved and Gilt

John Francis Murphy (American, 1853-1921) Autumn Landscape with Figure by a

Marion Louise Pooke (American, 1883-1975) Portrait of a Woman

Alexander Minewski (American, 1917-1979) Figural Abstract

Hermann Dudley Murphy (American, 1867-1945) Sketch for The Opal Sunset

Giorgio Cavallon (American, 1904-1989) Untitled