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Fitting Pants The Crotch Curve Pants Patterns Projects t

Fitting Pants The Crotch Curve Pants Patterns Projects t


... pants pattern. The Tin Foil Crotch Curve Method You may have heard of the tin foil crotch curve method. There are some of us whose crotch curves are ...

Full rear pants adjustment - Pants fitting help - How to Sew Pants that Fit - Fit Problems and Solutions - Melly Sews

Tin Foil Crotch Curve Method - Pants Fitting

Lengthen Crotch Adjustment - Crotch too short // Pants Fitting Adjustments // Closet Case

Fit the crotch curve directly

Well I don't even know what to say about pants fitting. You may recall that Jamie, Kitty, and I attended a Silhouette Patterns one-day seminar in Denver ...

When I made the cigarette trousers I decided to document the extensive fitting process to the best of my abilities. Of course these are methods that works ...

Fit the crotch curve directly

Pants Fitting: Determine Your Crotch Curve with a Pants Fitting Muslin

Sewing jeans: Muslin 4

So here are my muslins for Pattern 2 & 3 before the fitting tweaks, plus Pattern 1 muslin for comparison.

IMG_1672 IMG_1673

#1) Crotch curve corrections: I did the back alteration to correct the mono-butt look. By giving more fabric to the back piece, one avoids having the fabric ...

I needed two vertical darts in the front crotch area to get rid of the excess fabric there.

I took the liberty of adding a waistband to get a better feel for how the waist hangs in back. I also added a zipper in front to make the fitting easier.

Basic Jeans Fitting for the Ginger Jeans

Pants Fitting Adjustments // Best tips for Pants Fitting // Closet Case Patterns

Tin Foil Crotch Curve method of pants fitting - 5 out of 4 Patterns #Pants

THE SEWING DIVAS sewing, design, fashion

Front Crotch Curve

A walk in the park it sure ain't. So before I go into the details about the process in a separate post, let's just chat about whether it's worth the effort ...

lots of great tips for adjusting the crotch to fix pants-fitting issues

Pants Fitting: Perfect is the Enemy of Good

Pants fitting with Closet Case Files: Understanding Crotch curves

Low Butt Adjustment or Low Seat Adjsutment // Pants Fitting Adjustments // Closet Case

IMG_1620. I figured that the pant ...

Pants Fitting: Determine Your Crotch Curve with a Pants Fitting Muslin

Compared to all the other trousers I've made (and I have made dozens) this is by far the best fitting pair. Granted the muslin fit me even better, ...

There's still some fabric wrinkling on the backs of my thighs... so I thought I would try pinching out a dart from the back to pull the crotch curve up:

How to Remove Excess Fabric - Pants CF Crotch Curve - YouTube #surefitdesigns #pantsfitting #sewingfitting

How do you like the pattern's fit? Do you think the design works well for your body shape? I need a higher rise for my shape and a crotch adjustment.

Jeans patterns can be altered in a few simple steps.

As for my main fitting issue, which is excess fabric underneath the bum, I didn't manage to completely get rid of it. One problem was that I didn't have ...

Crotch shapes need different crotch curves.

I've just had a pants-fitting A-Ha! moment, and I want to capture it before it escapes my brain.

From the front, the fit was pretty decent but after really studying it against some of my RTW pants that fit me very well I noticed that the crotch depth ...

The book uses two steps for fitting trousers. First you do a tissue fit (this could also be done using muslin fabric or non-woven) adjusting all the key ...

Trouser Fitting Tips

If you don't account for this difference & figure out a way to make your pants hug your curves (eg by making it skin-tight), then you'll end up with pools ...

Sewing Pants Is Easy

On my ginger jeans pattern, this comes mostly out of the yoke. On the Sasha Trousers pattern, I split the adjustment between the darts in the back and the ...

Pants Fitting Adjustments // Best tips for Pants Fitting // Closet Case Patterns

Fitting Pants: The Crotch Curve

Proving you just can't win, the fit at the crotch on this second version of Avery leggings is perfect, but now I have a little weird wrinkling around the ...

photo 20150724075740623_0001_zpsu2twflj7.jpg

Decoding the Derriere, or, have you read the word “crotch” enough today? – Dixie DIY

So let's take a look at my new Burdastyle trousers. The pattern is from issue 1/2010 and has the sort of classic shape that I'm very fond of.

Common Pants Fit Adjustments – From Pants for Real People

Jean Fitting Adjustments for Your Best Fitting Jeans!

My First SOI Ultimate Trousers

The bad news is, the crazy twist lines from crotch point to knees still remain.

I spent a lot of time trying to get the fit right around the bum and waist. I have a sway back and always have to take in a fair amount of ...

There's some bunching along the upper center back seam, but that is because the center back doesn't blend nicely to the new crotch curve I stitched.

Issues to be resolved.

How-To: 5 Ways to Lengthen Pants Back Crotch

But keep in mind that the changes I made to get these pants to fit were specific to this style of pants. You can't just copy your crotch curve from one pair ...

back crotch curve scoop seems too low

... but I wanted some stylish jeans with more of a straight leg and decided to sew a pair to see if I could get a better fit than RTW.

Many women find it difficult to fit pants for a flattering, comfortable look. In this video series, fit expert Sarah Veblen shares her method for fitting a ...

pattern port trousers alter the crotch 2

Shorten or lengthen the crotch

Fitting Information-10

I think the best trouser fabrics are either wool gabardine or bengaline (a rayon/nylon/lycra mix).

OAL2018: Shorten Front Crotch

Removing the dart shortens the crotch curve considerably, by about 3 inches. The waist of the pants in ...

Pants Fitting Worksheet // Best tips for Pants Fitting // Closet Case Patterns

Here's a closeup of the additional length I'm adding to the back crotch right at the inseam. Again, pencil is the seam line, red line is the cut line.

I did that, and compared my ideal crotch curve with the one drafted into the Jedediah Pants pattern. Take a look.

Here's my standard full seat, swayback, opposite-of-thigh-gap pants adjustment. I do these in every pattern line and have gotten some good fit in pants.

A Look at Some Curves

Assembil Blog: Pattern Alterations From Toile No. 1: V8499 Trousers from Vogue Patterns

pants only

Flat Pubis Adjustment // Pants Fitting Adjustments // Closet Case Patterns

So friends, for grins and giggles, have at it. My money says this is a two part issue. For one, the styling of each are different which plays into the ...

Full seat Adjustment // Pants Fitting Adjustments // Closet Case Patterns

Clipping the crotch seam releases tension and eliminates wrinkles. By clipping, you reshape the crotch seam exactly as needed for the body.

Pattern 4

Draw a horizontal line at the front pattern, 1 inch below the crotch line from side seam to inner leg seam. Measure the space between this new line till ...

Back Crotch Curve


Excess fabric at front crotch Wide trouser excess

I'm back for yet another week of pants fitting class – only this week I'm finally trying on the pants. Well, not in the actual class – there we focused on ...

Persephone Pants

Taper your pants for a custom fit.

Sasha Trousers

There is some bagginess in the crotch area at front, which means that some front crotch curve adjustment might be necessary.

Trouser Fitting Knowledge Required.

These wrinkles on the back under my bum and down my thighs were also not helping with how unflattering they were. The wrinkles would also only get stronger ...

You can see the diagonal fish-eye-esque darts under the butt, the hyper-extended calf cut, and the ripped open CB seam so as to avoid the mono-butt look.

Olive Sasha Trousers

The Pattern

7 tips for sewing jeans that everyone should know, by The Petite Sewist.com

RTW Pants 2 Back

... towards skinnier parts – higher in front & lower in back, resulting in back crotch not sitting as intended, drooping causing excess length further down