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For Thorki fanfic and fandom t Fandoms Canning and I can

For Thorki fanfic and fandom t Fandoms Canning and I can


Thorki - Thor x Loki 2 - Wattpad - Wattpad

Some things never change xD #Thor #Loki #Thorki

ThorKi AU by Tokage86

Pin by ˗ˏˋ lemon 🌾 ´ˎ˗ on thorki | Pinterest | Loki thor, Thor x loki and Loki

art of burro

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I love how the fandom is shipping Loki and Valkyrie when in the movie they flat out didn't like each other

The True Queen of Asgard.

Cutie Marvel Fan, Marvel Avengers, Lady Loki, Spideypool, Loki Laufeyson, Stucky

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From Fallen Star fanfiction, loki and jane

Thor x Loki 2

Mahou Shoujo || Thorki || Cr: あさくら <

Detroit become human | DBH | Connor and Hank Amanda, Bryan Dechart, Detroit Become

Find images and videos about cute, sherlock and john watson on We Heart It - the app to get lost in what you love.

Perfect illusion || ThorKi || Cr: bab00n

bone deep

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they would be besties

This is like the evolution of being a sibling you start out as loki and Thor then move to sherlock then finally the winchesters

ThorKi by dedene15


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DeviantArt is the world's largest online social community for artists and art enthusiasts, allowing people to connect through the creation and sharing of ...

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(1) นิยาย fic thorki กับสิ่งที่ลืมเลือน yaoi > ตอนที่ 3 : บทที่ 2 : Dek-D.com - Writer

For Thorki

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Gay Fandom One Shots

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¡Nos mudamos de libro! ¡Bienvenidos a la segunda parte!❤ Villainous/

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get ready for a lot of orange

II don't ship it but I can see john cheering

Help Yoself

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Connor act like a cat Detroit Become Human Connor, Becoming Human, Bryan Dechart,

this is sweet // I want to see something like this in BoO GODS I

YASS and they can compete for Hermione and HARRY realises he loves Ginny and Ron realises he loves Alicia Spinnet and Dramione happens and they have ...

Let's Go Lesbians!!

I can't believe in WeLoveFine hahahaha Homestuck Homestuck Funny, I Can, Told

Hannibal Tv Series, Nbc Hannibal, Hannibal Lecter, Will Graham, Mads Mikkelsen,

What every Fanboy and Fangirl can relate to Photoset Want to see more?

biluart: “i wonder what will bloom from our garden.

I always wanted to see more underswap characters

I can see matespritship happening.... Superwholock, Told You So, Shit

"When we hit our lowest points, we are open to the greatest change.

The Little Hero AU, Loki: We are like minded souls. When I rule I will.

A friendly, happy activity Where fandom's aren't judged You can dress up as anyone And people all greet each other saying "I also am in that fandom" as we ...

Nepeta does not like ice skating. Told You So, Homestuck Karkat, Davekat,

I love Florbe ... she makes Thorki so lovely ♥

#kankrivantas, #homestuck

Cupcest comic (+18) 7w7 - 737

get ready for a lot of orange, he already has a job and its called

Old and New Faces

Tfw you lowkey hate yourself but can't let anyone..<

Shipping Rules for Fandoms. This is absolutely fantastic!

SPREAD IT LIKE WILDFIRE #SuperWhoLocked #BlueGreenBlack Divergent, Doctor Who, Fandoms Unite,

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i can be your angle or your devil<== I'm pretty sure

my weird page

Can we just appreciate ponytail!Gamzee for a minute? #Homestuck

So this is FrostPudding and though I'm not this huge fan, this is

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“ Anonymous asked you: C- Could you maybe draw some johndave it's my otp and your art it wow i would pay for you to draw anything never stop drawing you ...

Lool robię headcanony z Solangelooooo!! I tym podobne xd #fanfiction # Fanfiction #

How can a fictional character be so hot but adorable at the same time? <

Be gay or go home amirite Detroit Become Human Game, Becoming Human, Fandoms ,

Loki #solo Loki Laufeyson, Loki Thor, Loki Art, Tom Hiddleston Loki,

Percy Jackson - *ugly sobbing* its sad how much happier this would have been

Reminded me of you

This....this needs to stop...its too awesome.

I can't help falling in love with you

#Thorki The best funny brothers relationship in Marvel is dead 💔 Loki Marvel, Loki

Poor Loki :( oh wait Loki kills his frost giant father. Loki Thor,

2017-05-08.jpg (480×480) Bucky Barnes Fanfiction,

What Pumpkin :: Parchments :: Art Prints :: Can Town

Why hasn't Hollywood done this yet


Thor by mermer

Marichat Laser Tag - commission for @callmeakumatized for fanfiction, "From Friends to Enemies

Loki & Hela by zorao Marvel Fan Art, Loki Marvel, Thor X Loki,

Destiel malec phan gerita spamano etc.

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I imagined he bothering others people. trivially. Fandoms, Hats, Cartoon, Funny

And the two in the back

Kurloz and Meulin

Thorki Thorki

I don't ship it, sorry.

Aww thor and gravity falls crossover is my favourite thing Dipper Y Pacífica, Fandom Crossover

Moriarty (If you're lying to me I will turn you into shoesssss)

There probably will be more fanarts by me about these two ( Yep, can't help with it).


Credit:Antaress32 Source:tumblr - Follow @hiddlesxtom for more marvel posts

Pearl by meyoco Perla Steven Universe, Greg Universe, Universe Art, Lapidot, Reylo

We can all appreciate this face Fandoms, Reaction Pictures, Illuminati, Tord Larsson,

Spoilers by Captain Obvious

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