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How to act less stupid according to psychologists Notes t

How to act less stupid according to psychologists Notes t


How to Be Less Stupid About Race: On Racism, White Supremacy, and the Racial Divide by Crystal Marie Fleming

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12 Rules for Life by Jordan Peterson

The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck: A Counterintuitive Approach To Living A Good Life — Book Notes

You Are Now Less Dumb: How to Conquer Mob Mentality, How to Buy Happiness, and All the Other Ways to Outsmart Yourself by David McRaney

PSYCHOLOGISTS SAY: 1. If a person laughs too much, even at stupid things, he is lonely deep inside. 2. If a person sleeps a lot, he is sad. 3.

A year-by-year catalogue of some of the magazine's most momentous work.

You Are Now Less Dumb: How to Conquer Mob Mentality, How to Buy Happiness, and All the Other Ways to Outsmart Yourself by David McRaney

Why Smart People Are Stupid

You are Now Less Dumb: How to Conquer Mob Mentality, How to Buy Happiness, and All the Other Ways to Outsmart Yourself: David McRaney: 9781592408795: ...

You Can Beat Your Brain: How to Turn Your Enemies Into Friends, How to


5 Types of People Who Can Ruin Your Life by Bill Eddy

From Our June 2016 Issue

Intelligence Isn't Something You're Born With. It's Acquired When You Learn How To Do These 5 Things | Inc.com

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Speed of learning. “

A stereotyped image of American stupidity (later claimed by MAD Magazine to become Alfred E. Neuman), used in an editorial critical of abolishing the poll ...

Guy Billout. "

Are religious people really less smart, on average, than atheists?


Are you displaying signs of a genius? Getty Images

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Unless we form rich connections in our own minds, we don't create knowledge

“You don't seem sick,” they said

You won't remember what they said that helped, or at least the nuances, and grasping at it after the session will be impossible

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The vaunted human capacity for reason may have more to do with winning arguments than with thinking straight.

Don't threaten divorce

The Psychological Effects of Bullying on Kids & Teens

Looking into what makes people behave the way they do.

Photo: Victims of scams are often left feeling ashamed and vulnerable. (ABC News)


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The cartoonist was going for broad humour, but today the image looks prophetic. A century after it was published, Steve Jobs unveiled the first iPhone.

3 Things Being A Cat Person or Dog Person Reveals About You | Psychology Today

You should be thankful to your parents for instilling you with many of the attributes of an intelligent person--including those insufferable piano lessons.


Young woman with icons of time, babies, gambling and love on her face

Albert Einstein, one of the greatest scientists of all time, was considered absent-

You could be acting in ways that undermine your credibility without even knowing it. Mark Norman Francis/Getty ...

Diagrams from a 2017 Cambridge study measuring how eye contact affects the brainwaves of infants and their parents. PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF ...

Your smartphone📱is making you👈 stupid, antisocial 🙅 and unhealthy 😷. So why can't you put it down❔⁉️

One notebook could replace all the productivity apps that have failed you | Popular Science

Psychology Today

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Some of the most striking statistics and quotes from The Daily's premed survey. (JANET LIU/The Stanford Daily)

How to Choose the Best Therapist or Counselor for You ...


The other day I came across an innocuous Microsoft Word document Dr. Jordan B. Peterson crafted to help students write essays. It was linked from a thread ...

Who likes to be alone? Not introverts, according to a new paper on personality and the experience of solitude – Research Digest

What's the Story?

Why highly intelligent people often do foolish things, according to psychology professor

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“If you imagine less, less will be what you undoubtedly deserve,” Debbie Millman counseled in one of the best commencement speeches ever given, ...

... on behavioral psychology and decision-making by Daniel Kahneman. This book contains some profoundly important concepts around how people make decisions.

Your Facebook Friends Who Post BS Inspirational Quotes Really Are Dumb, Says Study - VICE

Popular by Mitch Prinstein

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Neel Burton

Could SpongeBob Be Bad for Kids?

In a recent study involving millions of users watching online videos, users with faster Internet connectivity (e.g., fiber) abandoned a slow-loading video ...

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But they don't care to look. They don't care to take the time. I am not meaning to sound so high and mighty, but it's a real ...

Christ is walking down the road on the Sabbath, when good Jews of that time were not supposed to work. In the ditch, he sees a shepherd, trying to rescue a ...

Democracy v Psychology: why people keep electing idiots | Dean Burnett | Science | The Guardian

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Trump's Appeal: What Psychology Tells Us

But before you can even address your general uselessness, there's an even bigger issue—your pre-set path ended. Kids in school are kind of like employees of ...

Michael W Kraus Ph.D.

science of sadness

The screen's unique power to absorb attention quickly became clear, though. In his first piece about the iPhone after its launch, Mr. Grossman observed, ...

Engraving after Pieter Breughel the Elder, 1556. caption: Al rijst den esele ter scholen om leeren, ist eenen esele hij en zal gheen peert weder keeren ...

The note read as follows:

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