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How to keep your home safe from burglars over the holidays Housing

How to keep your home safe from burglars over the holidays Housing


Security cameras installed at home can provide that second pair of eyes over the holidays.

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Preventive steps need to be taken to ensure your house is not susceptible to burglary as

13 Ways to Protect Your Home When You Travel

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How to keep your home safe: Burglar reveals home security tips | Express.co.uk

How to defend your home against burglars – the safe way

Tips from a former burglar on how to keep your home safe over the holidays | Newshub

How to prevent a burglary

Tips from a former burglar on how to keep your home safe over the holidays | Newshub

Pretend You Are Home and More Ways to Deter Burglary

Tips to keep your home safe from burglary at Christmas

Season for Thieving: 6 Tricks to Protect Your Home During the Holidays

9 Tips to Keep Your Home Secure from Christmas Burglars This Holiday Season

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You can now control your home security devices from your smartphone. Photo: iStock.

How to keep your home safe when you go on holiday

For those of us who feel like we're always getting social media updates about other people's holiday plans, it's surprising to hear a recent survey found ...

Help keep your home safe during the holiday season. Simple steps can be taken to secure your belongings and prevent your home from being a target for ...

home at night. The holidays are a ...

Conor Pope protecting his home: thieves are opportunists and if they see an open window


Home Security Alarm System

BrightNest | Holiday Home Safety Tips #Holidays #Infographic

Fit an alarm to your home

Holiday home safety: What to do when you leave your house 'Home Alone'

protect house from burglars

Home security

How safe is your house? Simple preventative steps can make a big difference

How to keep your home safe. Additional findings show 55 per cent of people sleep with their window open at night and 24 per cent of people leave their doors ...

Ten ways to keep your home safe over the Christmas holidays

Back in a sec or out for the day…

Tips from a former burglar on how to keep your home safe over the holidays | Newshub

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With storms hitting the Midwest and the East Coast this winter, people are likely facing power outages; and the thing to keep in mind is that your typical ...

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Most of us take pride in our homes. It's our haven – the place where we can relax, be ourselves and feel safe. But in order to keep ourselves, our houses ...


Taking a few precautions with your home security before you go on holiday will give you

Holiday home exterior

13+ Things a Burglar Won't Say: Prevent Home Invasion Crime | Reader's Digest

Home Safety

Convicted burglars advise homeowners on how to protect themselves from break-ins, theft and robbery | The Independent

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Keep your home totally safe with these 6 Tips. For #6, police especially

ASecureLife.com Burglary Stats Home Security Infographic


Home burglaries are never random, quite the opposite. Criminals certainly do their homework and seek out homes that are vulnerable to attack and avoid ones ...

... watch over your house and get your mail for you while you are gone. Don't leave hide-a-keys out, hand your spare keys out directly to trusted family ...

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Masked burglar with crowbar breaking breaking into a victim's home

How Do Burglars Decide Which Homes to Target?

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Boosting residential security doesn't have to be a big-budget project

Don't let your home be an easy target! Here are some great tips to deter burglars:

Burglar breaks into a residential building.

Home Security: the Latest Burglar-Thwarting Options

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10 Tips to Scare Away Burglars

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How to keep your home safe: Burglar reveals home security tips | Express.co.uk

Burglars prefer to target end-of-terrace properties because there is better access.

Cornish coastal home - house-sitters love beach locations ...

keeping home safe

Thieves like to use windows to get into houses, but they will also jemmy door

Do Outdoor Lights Deter Burglars

How to burglar proof your home

35 Ways to Keep Your Home and Family Safe

Bright modern kitchen and dining room in an old country house

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Setting your lights and radio on a timer can give the illusion you are in.

presents under a holiday tree.

Holiday burglary proof your house - 5 tips to protect your home - Good Housekeeping Institute

how to burglar-proof your garden with this simple step

Don't let the criminals ruin your holiday. Here are five tips to help you keep your home and belongings stay safe while you're away.pic.twitter.com/ ...

A house is lit up with an abundance of Christmas lights.

As the holiday season approaches, we can all start looking forward to our winter break and dreaming of how we will spend our cherished days off. For some of ...

Sponsored An infographic with a breakdown of statistics on home security

6/22/2018 Property: How this one thing about your garden is used ...

the 20 features that will sell your home fast. How to keep your home safe: Burglar ...


How can I make my doors and windows more secure?

Home Safety While On Vacation

Australian Home Invasion Statistics

Burglar signs and symbols revealed. Getty•Express. 1 of 9. Burglar signs and symbols revealed. How to keep your home safe