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I never want jimin to loose weight looseweight loose weight

I never want jimin to loose weight looseweight loose weight


I never want jimin to loose weight .

BTS Jimin Extreme Dieting, Weight Loss & Low Self Esteem 2013 - 2017 Reaction (SO SAD)

I've been seeing a lot of posts lately bringing up Jimin's weight loss, something that is brought up during every come back, and how it's a concern.

[Imagine BTS] - Park Jimin (Lose Weight) - YouTube

mariam on Twitter: "suga saying that jimin has to lose weight, some of yall may know how insecure he is about his weight already… "


But as I browse more I stare more at Jimin's face and noticed.. :sparkles: :sparkles: :sparkles: ... that our little Mochi is losing weight ...

BTS Jimin Extreme Dieting, Weight Loss & Low Self Esteem 2013 - 2017

Jimin struggled to lose weight, and revealed that he lost a total of 15 pounds during this period.

AOA Jimin's weight loss: before and after

When I first looked at Jimin I thought "Wow he's so handsome" but after looking at the photos for 5 minutes I realised smth, Jimin looked skinnier than ...

mariam on Twitter: "suga saying that jimin has to lose weight, some of yall may know how insecure he is about his weight already… "

Jimin & Taehyung Open up to Fans About Their Weight & Reveals That They Didn't Lose Any

The issues, and I'm not even sure if they can be called issues, with Jimin and his body image are none of our business. The way Jimin views himself is no ...

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... losing his beautiful tights. Like I said before, this doesn't only happen or applies with bts, it's happens to pretty much every group.

•omy he looks so thin pls Jimin you don't need to diet anymore youre perfect and you don't need to lose weight every comeback pls eat and stay healthy ...

However, he continued to push forward with his dieting no matter how intense.

He lost weight 7/15lbs. He always felt during their practices that he would just lose his strength and feel like he's going to collapse.

Note: The losing weight during comeback season and gaining weight off season that he does is a very normal thing that all athletes do.

... taking care of himself, but it appears he's already too busy doing just that for his fellow BTS members. Photo by BTS/Facebook. BTS Jimin's weight loss ...

... Jimin weight loss especially after the release of his interview. The major reason is the pressure of being an Idol, which is the secret is his Solo song ...

I really want to cry, he's lost a lot of weight

But why this post, especially coming from a person whose username is dedicated to this wisdom?

Fans express concern after noticing BTS member Jungkook's weight loss

From No More Dream to Run, he lost his body shape, his arms, his thighs, his cheeks. It's too much. In one of their fansigns, Jimin pointed out to not ...

there is a clear difference between them. he seems to have lost so much weight in his face!

Jimin revealed the struggles he faced when losing weight through BTS's latest WINGS Concept Book.

Chris Pratt on losing weight. This is actually really motivating!

Photo: xoxo.blogspot.com

Yet here is a scene in which he mentions something which some people might have even laughed off because he slightly smiled as if it didn't hold deep ...

... weight loss. Xiumin

AOA Jimin's weight loss: before and after

Do you all think this is fat?!?! This looks HEALTHY TO ME. His biceps are huge, his face looks flushed and overall he looks happy and healthy.

... it is him restricting himself and minimising his food intake to the point where his body loses weight throughout loss of food intake and ...


BTS Jimin's Weight Loss: Fans Upset At K-Pop Star For Lying About His Diet


[ IMG]

But she's undergone a drastic transformation where she shed a lot of her weight to show a whole new side to her beauty. Her weight loss ...

this is what happens when you do the bts jimin diet | after effects | I answer your questions

BTS Jimin Reveals His Intense Diet Caused Him To Collapse During Dance Practices

Changmin used to weigh over 100 kg but is now known for his sexy, ripped figure. That said, his weight loss method was highly inadvisable.

That's him restricting his diet to lose weight around his face and neck in order to have a 'sharp hawline'.

“We were telling people to 'Love Yourself' but I realized that I wasn't doing that myself."

With that being said, fans noticed that Jungkook had lost a lot of weight as he sported a slimmer face.

... a day in order to loose weight. A few months later BTS came back with I need u . Jimin started to look healthier and got his diet back into control.

No~ I like you the way you are. No~ I like you the way you are Losing Weight ...

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... weight loss imma fly to bighit building and feed this boi. I love everything about this. Please continue eating Jimin

WHY DOES HE WANT TO LOSE WEIGHT? He looks perfectly fine to me!

Ⓛⓨⓓⓘⓐ 풍경💚 on Twitter: "Jimin especially seems to be losing his legendary thighs… "

So I was on Twitter and I posted a pic of Jimin from his debut days and I had like 10-20 people comment saying stuff like "he was so fat or thank ...

Jimin reveals EXTREME dieting made him pass out in dance rehearsals

BTS` Extreme Diet Methods: Jimin Ate Only Once in 10 Days, Jin Ate

progressI realised there was no secret to weight loss. I just lowered my calories, did some exercise and gave myself 7 months. (i.redd.it)

Pin by Beauty | Health care | skin care | weight loss | Bodybuilding ( I Follow Back ) on Park jimin | BTS, Bts jimin, Jimin

Article: Park Jimin, "I'm not in the right state of mind because I'm dieting, I'm craving ddukbokgi"

Nooo Yoongi you don't need to diet, you're perfect! You would be just as perfect if you weighed more.

BTS Park Jimin - The process of Chimchim losing his chubby cheeks!!!

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Here is what mine looked like.


☆~Sometime We Are Like Stars. We Fall So Someone's Wish Can Come True. ~ ☆

Park Jimin ~ you just beauty the way you are ...

Hobi's comment isn't very clear on this video but he says "Ah the feeling is different now that he has lost a lot of weight".

All of them lost weight. I understand that as a celebrity, they need to maintain their stature. However, this weight loss is too much even for BTS.

[BTS NEWS] Jimin Reveals His Struggles With Dieting ...

Why this couple's weight loss journey has gone viral - Rediff.com Get Ahead

I got to this topic again, because of the airport pictures. Yes, we all know that Jimin rocks his pink hair once again .


In the Bomb that was released showing Jimin preparing backstage for the appearance, he says this to ARMY:

but he has loss some weight. aMdOzuH.jpg?1. DWGLhZ5.jpg?1 ...

...to BST era when I think he has been his thinnest. THAT'S NOT PUBERTY. That's Yoongi restricting his diet so that he loses weight ...

#wewanthealthyjimin #jimin #bts

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Aditya and Gayatri Sharma. After losing weight ...

Meet the BTS members,. Jimin has spoken frankly about his battle with dieting ...


Danger Jimin. Danger Jimin Bts Weight, Weight Loss ...

One thing that creates variation is weight gain and maybe just growth changing his face naturally here.

Jimin is a perfectionist. Everything has to be perfect for him to he happy and satisfied.

Are you dieting Jimin? We can see your ribs... please eat well!

He said he only ate one meal a day in order to loose weight. A few months later BTS came back with I need u . Jimin started to look healthier and ...


2014 When the next album came out, the concept was a little softer, the clothes weren't as revealing and that allowed Jimin feel more relaxed with his body ...

Korean comedians' amazing weight loss transformation shocks fans, Health News - AsiaOne

The picture above could possibly mean he's crying now,because of what he's done to himself and how he's upset because he doesn't feel like himself and ...

Bangtan's cute workout plan <3

AOA Jimin's weight loss: before and after