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I want to try this 9GAG Projects to try

I want to try this 9GAG Projects to try


But ... they buy an iphone for more - 9GAG

This elephant was caught on camera tidying up rubbish!! - 9GAG

I really hope it was a fellow 9gagger

That moment, when you feel funny.

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The "distracted boyfriend" meme, with "meme retailers" checking out "novelty

Challenge accepted cr: @murrzstudio - - - #9gag #comic #relationshipgoals

Working Through Roadblocks – A Guide for New Programmers

Do you think you would still enjoy these movies as much if these actors had played the roles? Tell us in the comment section below


I changed the behaviour of flagging or downvoting from Steemit. In my opinion an upvote is basically a tip. You can decide how much the post should be ...


Taken from 9gag. Haha.

What do you look for in a great portfolio?

We might have ...

Data EximIT have developed more than 1250 projects having dedicated team of 90 plus with an vast experience of more than 10 years in the mobile technology

Dating Site Murderer Meme

... http://i.imgur.com/c1OZl.jpg


On 9gag, many edits appear with captions related to group projects, while others make video game references. The top edit on the site, shown below, ...

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This comic was developed by the Toggl Goon Squad. When not horsing around and making fun of technologies they do not like (or don't know how to use), ...

One thing I hate more than anything is when I say, "I'm never happy," and people say,"Yes, you are." I literally don't know what they mean. When? Why do you ...

'I Made My Crush a Spotify Playlist' Memes Spike on Twitter

Found on 9gag

Click to watch the video and the fun convo of the 9GAG community Last Jedi,


Unsplash - Maliha Mannan

After all, when companies hire for senior or executive positions, they often care more about how much relevant experience people have ...

The Only Good Way to Declare Feelings for Someone in 2017 Is a Spotify Playlist

Binge-watching meme

ImageCheck Out My Wii U Skin!

Simon Squibb of Nest (L), Casey Lau of StartupsHK (C) and Ray Chan of 9Gag (R) share some non-meme laughs at Echelon 2014 in Singapore earlier this month.


... how you should test your application to add confidence and to verify correctness. If you are reading this you want to start E2E testing your application ...

... without credit, as a meme. Millions of people “liked” it and shared it. I tried contacting them but they're notorious for not giving artists credit.

Slide 2 of 50: God FORBID you try and read an actual book.Share

2. The evening planning routine

Then and now (retrieved from www.9gag.com)

David Bowie as Elrond

26. …and this looks like your workplace…

And I'm not picky about the things that I avoid. Financial, personal, home, work…there are things I avoid on all fronts.

Unsplash - Braydon Anderson

Dustin Hoffman was one step away from the main role in _Blade Runner, _but he fought with The Ladd Company. They didn't want to take the actor's view of the ...

This really is a cheap knockoff of 9gag, for as far you can go cheaper than that. Looks like they didn't even want to make a different layout than the old ...

I have been a 9gagger for years and I still love 9GAG, but there are a lot of things that can be improved. 9GAG is censored and the admins decide what ...


Photo of Ray Chan

Titanic Adidas logo (retrieved from www.9gag.com)

Image Source :Google. We just do ...

argument essay funny pic


Popular Discussion Board 4chan Now Accepts Cryptocurrencies for Passes

Alien Interview Part 1 | Secrets of Universe Revealed | Project Blue Book

The third season of Charlie Brooker's Black Mirror, a Twilight Zone-esque anthology TV series about technological anxieties and possible futures, ...

Gosling wanted to play the dangerous Joker in Suicide Squad but refused at the very last moment because he had to agree to act in the next movies as well.

The Unexpected Entrepreneur: An Exclusive Interview With Katheryn Winnick, Star of 'Vikings' | Inc.com


I can't image the backlash that would result if Dos Equis hijacked its own meme and tried to use it to sell beer.

Job interviews in the Netherlands

But what happens when the bear looks like a stray dog, or a cute little

How much time do spend on Reddit?

The 34 most hilarious Pinterest fails ever. These people totally nailed it!

... dispute: If you don't at least try it, you waste money. That's what I meant when I blogged about the second monitor being an profitable investment.

... You just don't know what real pain is : enny's Oh, like you

The role of young Alice could have been played by Amanda Seyfried and even by Lindsay Lohan. It's hard to imagine the latter in this role because she has ...

10 Simple Things You Can Do Today That Will Make You Happier, Backed By Science

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Memes have two important properties that make them the ideal tool for social media and link building campaigns.

Throughout the last week, I really challenged myself to grab at opportunities. Aside from trying to manage my homework (Chinese oral exam script writing, ...

It's not like Scott De Long is alone in his idea to copy content from other websites though. Sites like 9Gag, I Can Has Cheezburger and many others have ...

8. Schedule as a designer?

It ...

qa-resources/brave_sorted_3000.html at master · brave/qa-resources · GitHub

11.jpg. Gavin: Besides the website, what other projects do you currently have ...

88rising's Jaeson Ma, 9GAG's Ray Chan, viral social media influencer Ms Yeah and CEO

Life Of An Artist


kodebuilder.com helpful non helpful Shy People Problems Shy People Problems Not being able to make friends Being told to speak


chick playing video games

DMs are open, I can't keep up with replies! No need to censor your submissions. " " means direct quote [ ] means commentary]pic.twitter.com/5LZhAeViPx

LocalCast for Chromecast on the App Store

Picture of Step 2: Push-Button Unlocking


Writing code by hand, on a piece of paper or a whiteboard, requires practice but don't refuse the request when you're asked to do it. If you have never done ...

One Team's Experience Using Kanban for Maintenance & Support, and Small Projects

Life Of An Artist

Photo of Casandra Campbell

| A nerd girl's guide to creative living | Page 2


The Facebook scandal isn't just about privacy. Your economic future is on the line | James Ball | Opinion | The Guardian