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Thumb Nail Photo Study Sheet of Art Work in Process Elizabeth Gordon

... 5. 54 When the centurion and those who ...

My kids love Elphant and Piggie and the Pigeon! Mo Willems Activities, Crafts and Author Spotlight

First grade started with a review of different types of lines then they had to draw 5 different types of lines and trace with sharpies. They had the ...


... be outside and the beach is my happy place, so anything that keeps me fit and healthy so I can keep doing the things I love, is a win in my book.

"This manual for self-realization comes not from a mountain but from the mud.... My qualification is not that I am better than you but I am worse."

... 16.

Vrikshasana or Tree Pose – Ultimate balance for everyday life

A few months ago my boyfriend got fed up with me constantly saying "Oh I love this song!" and so asked me what my top 10 favourite songs were.

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the boinnnnnngy thing

June is first and foremost my birthday month and we managed to get away to North Norfolk for the weekend, right before my beautiful niece was born!


We don't make art for the applause. We make art because we MUST—or our soul will starve to death. You know.

IMG 3477

With the new movie release, Loving Vincent the students created vibrant and emotional landscapes that incorporated distinct line marks.

Sean Gray's New Website 'Is This Venue Accessible?' is a Beacon of Solidarity for Disabled Music Fans - Noisey

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We love our students!

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Hair and Makeup by Katye Rose ...

In summer library we "knuffle-ized" our pictures. What exactly is a knuffle, you ask? It's a bunny! Mo Willems, my all-time favorite autho.


You can tell by the neatly carved out ridges along the hills, which make their way down like ...

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L'entrée du village ...

Saturday, 15 February 2014

End of dialog window.

Edison at Work shows his offices and labs. Thomas Edison was a good friend of Henry Ford. This section was a paradigm shift for me. I've always pictured ...

Share what items you can't live without in your bag in the comment section below. As always, I love hearing from you!

Now that my peeling problem is much improved I'm sure I'll have better results overall (this combo has been great for the rest of my nails though).

Kissimmee Vacation Rental | 3175 Encantada | Encantada | Townhome Rental on iTrip.net

Catan game board in play

Clever has had the opportunity to travel quite a bit over the past few months to help lead wheelchair distributions that don't yet have a partner who is ...

IMG-3477. We returned to the ...


How to Make Pickled Eggs

After a few intense minutes of sweat and tears in that hut, my eyes and breathing passages felt brand new. I like ...

... 17. That is the God Whom we ...

My sliding dry erase board I LOVE THEM!!!! I have one for each class and then 3rd &4th share a board.

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This top is so chic, proving how you can dress up your outfit with just one statement piece.

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I am fairly confident Daddy had more fun than any of the kids. :)


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Here we are, all bright-eyed and throwing sparks, after having danced and sang in a high voltage ceremony all night, for 10 hours straight, surpassing all ...



Lunch break along the coast

Catan a #BoardGameClub Review

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Watch The Keto Dad make this recipe!


Jeff Coffin planning a set list, Rochester Jazz Festival. On the way to ...

LOVE LETTERS FROM AFRICA: Sacred Medicine at the Root

... and I fell in love with them. The colors are not the ordinary color you see in paint and they came out so vivid. Students could make beetles or bugs.

There were also a couple of Butterflies of note around, we briefly spotted a Painted Lady and also this rather tatty Red Admiral.

I tend to think of Free From foods to mainly include gluten free, dairy free, meat free but I tend to leave out the sugar free aspect sometimes.


in comes to our mail this envelope out pops the ballot i make my marks close the envelope sign the outside put on a 50 cent stamp


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My Chinese Chicken Salad (to feed a crowd) 24 August 2017. I like to experiment with different flavors, keeping in mind that you can always add more of ...

Gerardo Villarreal Torres

It's not the ticking clock that counts, it's finishing the project you've been working on, the view after a hike, or just hanging out with those you love.


Bugs Bunny

IMG 3477 1024x683 - Day Trip : Avilon Zoo

2 VINTAGE CAST IRON ROUND MANHOLE Valve inspection drain Covers Interior Design

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ドール本体、シューズは付きません) sns等にも画像を載せていますので良かったらご覧下さい。 それでは宜しくお願い致します。 twitter*https://twitter.com/ ...

I am fairly confident Daddy had more fun than any of the kids. :)

Gyeonbok Palace

2nd Grade: After our warm and cool color sunsets we learned about a famous artist named Laurel Burch and made our own patterned cats.

It was so peaceful getting this done and I am obsessed with the artwork so it should come as no shock that I want to keep it intact for as long as ...

Knit - Misspap/ HERE Jeans - Calvin Klein/ Denim Dream/ HERE Boots - Bronx Belt - Gucci Tip of bright red to a rainy day! Really love ...

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Buddha in a Meditating Posture

Boleh naik bot actually datang sini. Kami ingat kena jalan kaki je ke sini =..=". Patut la rasa pelik kenapa ada orang macam pegawai penyelidikan situ ...

how to crochet a basket - love it! How about a crochet basket to hold my yarn?

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IMG 3477 Edit Edit - Fresh Snow Provides The Perfect Backdrop For Photographing Birds