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JOPLIN MURDER HOUSE The Unsolved Case of Gwendolyn Creekmore

JOPLIN MURDER HOUSE The Unsolved Case of Gwendolyn Creekmore


At the time of the murder, Gwendolyn's mother, Hallie, was sick in the hospital. It was reported that Gwendolyn went to visit her in the hospital in a cab ...

JOPLIN MURDER HOUSE: The Unsolved Case of Gwendolyn Creekmore | Historic Photos | Pinterest | Historical photos

The case remains unsolved. MurderHouse5 Gwendolyn is buried in Lake Cemetery in Lamar Heights, Barton County, ...

I also found more odd information regarding the Creekmore house in library archives. The house was reconstructed a few years after the murder.

He also told me about a fire that had destroyed the apartment shortly after the murder.

horrendous job in closing off the scene of the murder. Any forensic evidence that might have been useful in solving the case was tampered with by the ...

Guest Piece: Leslie Simpson – Joplin's Frank Lloyd Wright Usonian House

To Cure Evils: The Joplin Automobile Club

Unfortunately ...

Jasper, Missouri, Webb Brothers Drug Store, vintage postcard, Historic Photo

Busy corner of Fourth and Main

Downtown Joplin

Charles Sweeney, Joplin Police Officer

Jasper, Missouri, Webb Brothers Drug Store, vintage postcard, Historic Photo | VINTAGE POSTCARDS | Vintage postcards, Missouri, Historical photos

Joplin Main Street

Cocaine Jimmy

Joplin Easter Ad

City Park, now Central Park, Carthage, MO

Billy Sunday

A sketch of one of Joplin's ...

One journalist described the early days of Joplin as nothing more than, “lead, whisky, and gambling.” He went on to elaborate that it was a time when “the ...

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Carthage, Missouri, West Side of Square, vintage postcard, Historic Photo, Jasper County

WATERMELON Wonder Melon Vintage Vegetable Seed Packet Cantrell's Seed House Carthage MO

Guy Humes, the crusading mayor of Joplin.

Burt Brannon, Joplin Police Officer

JOPLIN MURDER HOUSE: The Unsolved Case of Gwendolyn Creekmore

Joplin Union Depot

This ...

Billy Sunday

Taken ...

History in the News: Historic Home in Joplin In Danger

The Old Press building | Carthage, MO

Henk Vierwind | politie.nl

Julie Joplin ( @juliejoplinmagazine )

Gerardus Homma | politie.nl

House of Lords Bar in Joplin Missouri

On a fall day six years after the end of the Civil War, two men began digging a shaft on a hill near Joplin Creek in southern Jasper County, Missouri.

The Thompson House. Trenton, MO. Built in 1834 by Dr. William Preston Thompson.

City Park, now Central Park, Carthage, MO | Carthage, MO | Carthage missouri, Carthage, Missouri

Route 66 through Joplin

Sunshine Mission in Joplin Missouri

Nevada, Missouri Birdseye View on the Vernon County Court House Square in 1913 , vintage postcard, historic photo


Joplin News Herald newspaper archives

Joplin, MO

The ...

1920 Joplin Police Department

House of a Thousand Shines

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Connor Hotel of Joplin Missouri 1920's

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Clarketon Hotel Bar “

Death By Champagne Podcast ( @deadfromchamps )

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5th and Main, Joplin, Missouri during World War II Carthage Missouri, Joplin Tornado

Have a Great Fourth of July!

The ...

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Present day Jackson School in Joplin Missouri

Abaco Intelligence & Security ( @abaco_intelligence_security ). An unsolved murder case ...

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Thornton had once stuck a .45 pistol into the stomach of Lewis Cass Hamilton, one of Joplin's toughest law enforcement officers, and pulled the trigger ...

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🔪It's MURDER MONDAY!🔪 Read about the infamous Staffleback family of Galena, KS, who are responsible for the old mining town's legendary bordello murders.

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House of Lords advertisement

House of Lords Restaurant in Joplin

Moberly, Missouri, Reed Street, vintage postcard, historic photo

The murder weapon in question #murderweapon #knife #crime #killer #noir #

The ...

A Fireman from Joplin's Past

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Joplin Ice and Cold Storage Company “

🔪MURDER MONDAY🔪 Children's graves. Mysterious fires. Disembodied screaming. Rumors of murder

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Date Night : "Investigating UKs Worst Unsolved Murders" by Peter Bleksley

UNSOLVED MURDER DOROTHY SCOTT was stalked, abducted and murdered in Anaheim, California. @

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