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Knitted brain craftivism t Textile museum Brain and

Knitted brain craftivism t Textile museum Brain and


Brain Hats and Thinking Caps for Science March

ANNABANANNA Colours made to order Knitted BRAIN Beanie 'BRAINIE' hat evil scary weird cap

How to Knit Brains: Halloween Hat with Studio Knit Halloween Hats, Knitted Blankets,

Why your brain wants you knitting


Brain Beanie Crochet Pattern hahaha I don't plan to make it, but this

knitted brain hat

ANNABANANNA Colours made to order Knitted BRAIN Beanie 'BRAINIE' hat evil scary weird cap skullcap pink zombie brains halloween

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craftivism swear-minge-300x300

DIY brain

Sie kommen in der Nacht, wollen verstören, wachrütteln. Sie nennen sich 'Strick' und 'Liesel' - und das ist Programm. Die beiden Künstlerinnen stricken ihre ...

25 More Crochet Artists to Inspire You

A One-of-a-Kind Knit Brain Hat for the Science March

The Knitted Brain by Karen Norberg - The Museum of Scientifically Accurate Fabric Brain Art

(Courtesy of Fuller Craft Museum)

Knit against poverty. "

Craftivism: The Art of Craft and Activism | IndieBound Book Crafts, Arts And Crafts


Tunisian Crochet Workshop: The Complete Guide to Modern Tunisian Crochet Stitches, Techniques and Patterns

Your brain on knitting: Alana Noritake's “Brain Hat”

Knitted neurons from the Knit a Neuron project.

Medical Laboratory and Biomedical Science: Crochet Microscope

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The You Are So Very Beautiful project.

Knit for Brains LARGE Original Design Knitting Tee Shirt

Important Craft Book: Craftivism by Betsy Greer

Knit a Neuron – free pattern alert

The Mindfulness In Knitting Rachael Matthews review

Paint, paper, fabric, yarn, thread, resin, dye, glaze, and clay. These words could stand on their own as material objects: things or stuff. Or they might ...

"Though 'craftivism' seems to be associated with left-of-center politics, various agendas and messages have manifested through craft.

The Macintosh Chunky Chain Scarf Forest Cake, Crafty Craft, Sale Items, Clothes Horse

Rossana Orlandi. Knitbitch · craftivism

Fiasco Magazine September 2011; Photographer: Christos Karantzolas; Stylist: Kyle Anderson; Fashion

I find craftivism really liberating. With focus on creativity rather than talent I could join in without actually being very good at it.

Fishermans Rib vs Brioche . Can you tell which is which? The end result stitch

In an experiment conducted by psychologists Nemeroff and Rozin, people were asked how they would feel about wearing a particular jumper that had never been ...

Learn To Crochet, Knit Crochet, Filet Crochet, Crochet Hats, Crochet Projects,

What does craftivism mean to you?

The nation's fiber community appears to have gotten a bee in its collective bonnet. Or, rather, we've been grabbed by the urge to make pussyhats for the ...

Knits in Rehearsal

“Revolution in the Making: The Pussycat Project" at the Fuller Craft Museum.

Bear ...

"One of the most interesting stories I have come across in my study of knitting is how the craft travelled from Holland to Denmark in the sixteenth century.

When asked "What would you do first if you were president?" Andy Warhol replied, "I would put rugs on the street and distribute money."

1: Basic & Textured Stitches (TUNISIAN Crochet Stitches)

MAGA hat (left) and test knit hat for the pussycat pattern, donated by

The Hook and I – Amy O'Neill Houck's fiber musings, designs, tutorials, techniques and reviews

Half Lives Matter: Scenes From the San Francisco Science March - 7x7 Bay Area

"Time folds, he said, meaning that as time goes on and on it buckles, in the extreme heat, in the extreme cold, and what is long past becomes closer.

Bijou Basin Ranch is a family-owned ranch in western Colorado. In addition to fiber from our own herd of full blooded Tibetan yak, we work with other yak ...

Here is what I am considering for my What the Fade?!

Scandinavian woman doing nalbinding, a fabric making technique that pre-dates knitting

A friend wanted me to help her knit some brain hats for one of her friends and his daughter who are attending the ...

Close up of Geometric pattern of Bilum fabric

Choosing ...

Slow Fashion October, week 4: What needs fixing? [with Katrina Rodabaugh]

This week the New Craft Artists in Action descended upon our country's Capitol. Invited by

Always preferring stretchy ribbing, I whipped up my own simple crocheted #pussyhat pattern.

... the result of a collaboration between friends Christen and Janis, brought together in the Queen City of Charlotte by their love for knitting and yarn.

Slow Fashion Citizen: Tom Van Deijnen

To access it in the Magazine Rack, click here: Patons' Learn to Knit edited by Sue Whiting or on the thumbnail photo below.

Market ...

How to Make a Crochet Donald Trump More

Have knitting - will travel. I see a couple more washcloths in my future.

... helpful in ...

remote caddy, I need this! free pattern on ravelry

The 99% ... a knitted mouse protestor by Deadly Knitshade AKA Lauren O

My fault, my stitches were messy and I was off on the counting right from the start; as a result, when I finished the circle portion and moved on to the ...

I also think the pattern I'm using is pretty horrendous, but honestly I don' t know what pattern could possibly make this yarn look like it was not initially ...

Bijou Basin Ranch is a family-owned ranch in western Colorado. In addition to fiber from our own herd of full blooded Tibetan yak, we work with other yak ...


freeform crochet Crochet Art, Freeform Crochet, Weaving Art, Crochet Clothes, Free Pattern

My week in the Craftlands

Margaret Lewis

In 2006, Danish artist Marianne Joergensen stitched a pink blanket over a combat tank to


Slow Knitting: A Journey from Sheep to Skein to Stitch

One of our #Craftivists has been busy! Which Jeremy Corbyn you prefer? With

How to Finger Knit a Beanie Hat DIY

It's all in the service of ...

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Valentina Karellas

Rose Quartz is probably my favorite, but everything is stunning. Thank you for the opportunity to win!” Congrats and please ...

Hat after seaming, before securing ends.

The detective & the jumper - an update

#knittingforpeace hashtag on Twitter

Free crochet pattern tote bag is very beginner friendly. The shell stitch is not a

Actually Knitting Episode 58: Litting with Kninen

... the Prime Minister, Herbert Asquith appointed Lord Kitchener as Secretary of State for War. Kitchener, at the time Viceroy of Egypt and the Sudan, ...

Knit an Easy Bright Fade Beanie – So Colorful and Features Double Brim!


Today's podcast is a nice chatty catch up…

Recently we hosted a lovely yarn day at the Museum of London. The morning was spent arm knitting and the afternoon doing macrame. In both sessions Riannon, ...