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ilaughed so hard at this omg

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Dishes so clean you can eat off them? You don't say!

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Oare Ce Ar Trebui Să Ii Spună - Ia o pauză și vino să râzi cu lacrimi la niște poze haioase, bancuri noi, faze haioase, poze cu glume, im…

This is dedicated to the couple that used us in TN. yea Im talking about the FAT ASS blonde and her STUPID boyfriend. Fuck You both very much!

No !!!this pumpkin is funnier than a lot of my friends Desene Animate

hahahahahahahahahahaha accurate affffffff hahahahahahahahaha

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33+ Best Tumblr Posts Of The Week #FUNNY #funnymemes #memes #lol

I like to think George went home to his plantation for cookies and milk, but

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Poor Romania.

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HAHAHAHAHAHA ... I love this because it's good story not for principle

Yeah except my school doesn't even allow absences because of sickness Glume Haioase,

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i saw a man so beautiful i started crying

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I'm Mexican-Puerto Rican This is the most accurate thing in the world

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Honestly, same, XDDD Imagini Haioase, De Râs, Imagini Amuzante, Glume Haioase

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@Becky Hui Chan Campbell @Jennifer Milsaps Saunders Imagini Haioase, Poze

21 Tumblr Posts About Christmas That'll Tide You Over Until December 25th | lol | Pinterest | Amuzant, Umor and Imagini haioase

Not sure

Haha! This person is my long lost twin seperated at birth. My kindred spirit

20 Viral Memes That You Will Love Because Laffy Taffy is Chewy

24 Random Memes That Are Pointless But Still Funny As Heck - Memebase - Funny Memes

funny text messages i wasnt that drunk | DrakeI wasn't that drunk at ur party, was I? | Dude, you hid in my ... | Text message | Pinterest

Barbatii casatoriti se simt stresati

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Cine nu iubeste ziua de luni la munca :x - Sugubat

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Favorite Lion King moment… Regele LeuPoze AmuzanteAmuzant

Farting so hard I am crying!

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So accurate

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I was watching tv and started crying when my brother asked why I was crying I yell "my uterus is crying blood so I am crying tears" he just slowly walked ...

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I'm literally crying and whispering "what the fuck" over and over because of that - Update I searched it up and read it and ...

Tumblr compilation – Netflix for books does sound awesome. Funny Memes, Citate Haioase,

Cry in the corn

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So accurate

BABY GROOOOOOTTTTT, except I don't ignore them I stress and cry and explode, I'm the background

Once upon a time before freedom

22 Way Too Real Situations That Are Best Explained By “SpongeBob” Memes Citate Haioase

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derp meme | Derp cries for Justin Bieber | Derp Derpina Internet Meme's Collection

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(Haircut) Imagini Amuzante,

xD that is so op lol

im crying because it's true

[ p i n t e r e s t ✨] @shammahx3

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Pretty accurate

Funniest Memes That Will Make You Cry - 13

me when i watch Big Bang Theory... only i'm crying cuz i'm laughing so hard!!

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75 Today's Most Funny Memes (#179). Câini ComiciPoze Amuzante ...

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I laughed so hard at this. Like, tears rolling down my cheeks, trying to repeat it to my husband but can't get any words out, good ol' fashioned belly ...

I wish i have the power of that guard.. Lmfao Amuzant, Meme Amuzante

Like I'm showing you this but don't take my phone and look

If I had to name some animals.

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Laughing and crying. It's so funny and so true 😂😂😂

I dont even care if its real or not this is the funniest fucking thing I

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100 Funny reading quotes You Just Have to Read 41

This is me. haha Top 10 Most Funny iPhone Auto Correct Text Messages Fails

That min heart attack when a baby cries when your trying to interact with it.

Oh, hello Hungary ^_^ Glume Haioase, Imagini Amuzante, Imagini Haioase,

#humor #funny #memes #lol #lmfao #jokes

had to do it to em Imagini Haioase, Imagini Haioase, De Râs, Funny

Hahaha laughing inside because I have an extreamly terrible head ake Imagini Haioase, Imagini Haioase

Funny minion troll face | Funny2014

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“No but I have cheese whiz” ~Ryan Ross

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For @Lisa Gsellman / @blozulfog. I love you :)

CTFU, I am screaming. This is so damn accurate!

Funny pictures about SpongeBob emoticons. Oh, and cool pics about SpongeBob emoticons. Also, SpongeBob emoticons photos.