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Michael and Gav at RTX 2015 Roosterteeth t Rooster

Michael and Gav at RTX 2015 Roosterteeth t Rooster


Michael and Gav at RTX 2015

Gavin Free

Let's Play Live 2015: Michael and Gavin Play Surgeon Simulator


Michael, Geoff and Jack head to a live theatre in Austin for RTX 2016, snapchat story

Michael Jones at RTX 2015.jpg

Jeremy Dooley

Jon and Riot Rooster Teeth

Michael and Gav at RTX 2015 | achievement hunter | Pinterest | Rooster teeth, Achievement hunter and Video games

Michael and his wife Lindsay Jones

The cast of Funhaus at PAX Prime 2015

Gavin Free and Gus Sorola co-hosting a panel for the Rooster Teeth Podcast at RTX 2013


Free Play: Ep. 41 - RTX Hid | Rooster Teeth

Michael Jones • Rooster Teeth • Achievement Hunter | Achievement Hunter | Achievement hunter, Rooster teeth, RWBY

Michael Jones and Gavin Free on the Achievement Hunter panel at RTX 2014

A young Gavin Free looking disturbingly like Justin Bieber (with a somewhat larger nose...)

Rooster Teeth Podcast

RTX Austin 2018 —Rooster Teeth's eighth annual community gathering—and the third annual RTX Animation Festival will be held Aug.

The Eleven Little Roosters

Burnie Burns

Ryan, Jack, Geoff, Ray, Michael, and Gavin

Geoff Ramsey

Michael Jones' Descent into Drunkenness (Off Topic at RTX 2016) - YouTube

Lindsay Jones

The Jones family Rt Podcast, Gavin Free, Roster Teeth, Jones Family, Achievement

A live presentation of the podcast at RTX 2013, featuring Gavin Free, Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, and Joel Heyman.

Burnie Burns

Gavin, Michael, and scary games. Lol! Gavin Free, Roster Teeth,

Rooster Teeth

Michael wearing the wedding dress the next morning.

Michael and Gavin at Michael's wedding. Hold up, are Michael and Gavin acting "decent" and "humble"??? *Mind has been blown*

Michael in green wig at RTX 2016. Donnas White · Rooster teeth

Camp Camp[edit]

Ctg for Michael, Gavin, Jeremy, Geoff, Jack, and Ryan AH

Gavin Free & Meg Turney ~ Turnfree Achievement Hunter, Rooster Teeth, Rwby, Gavin

Barbara Dunkelman

Instagram post by Jenna Green • Aug 7, 2015 at 5:06am UTC. Rooster Teeth

Michael Jones // Gavin Free {RoosterTeeth + Achievement Hunter} Roosterteeth Rwby, Gavin

Michael and Ray... from RTX 2013?

Theatrical poster of Lazer Team.jpg

Ray, Michael, and Gavin. Go Team Lads! Ray Narvaez, Roosterteeth Rwby

Matt Bragg

Known For

The stream team rooster teeth. Guardians represent rtx, rooster teeth, and the rt community. Gavin free in character for rt's upcoming film lazer team.

Meg Turney and Gavin Free at the premiere of Lazer Team in 2015

Michael and Lindsay Jones • Rooster Teeth • Achievement Hunter ---------------------- they are absolute cuties omg

My babies from Rooster Teeth Gavin + Michael

Sexually attracted to a voice, Michael, Joel, Ryan, Geoff, Ray,

On the Spot S3 • E10

Lindsay & Michael Are Having Another Baby [ RTX 2018 ]. Rooster Teeth

Shirtless Dan in front of Gavin at RTX 2016. Egnirc · Rooster Teeth

Gavin Free ○ Geoff Ramsey ○ Achievement Hunter ○ Rooster Teeth

Jack, michael, gavin..... Gavin's face tho Roster Teeth,

Barbara Dunkelman ✚ Gavin Free ✚ Michael Jones ✚ Achievement Hunter ✚ RoosterTeeth

Michael Jones ✫ Kerry Shawcross ✫ RoosterTeeth

RTX Austin 2017: Ray Narvaez Jr.

Rooster Teeth · Making of RWBY Glamour Poster Pt.2

"You had your tongue out while you touched my dick" Gavin, Lindsay, Michael, and Ryan discussing Mavin and how they haven't made out but have been close and ...

Meg Turney

RT Extra Life 2015. Brendan McCarthy · Rooster Teeth

Not going to lie, I love Michael, but Gavin should have wen a nerdy model. Breanna · Achievement Hunter/Rooster Teeth

RTX 2014 Achievement Hunter Group Photo

gif set Rooster Teeth Achievement Hunter gavin free michael jones Ragehappy mavin best of animated adventures

Free in 2013

Achievement Hunter Team Lads Shirt



This is the photo for Michael & Gavin's sitcom comedy where they are doctors that

RTX 2016[edit]

Wolf The First King Geoff, Bear The Good King Michael, Rose The high King Ray, and Longhorn skull The Mad King Ryan.

The sweetest thing ever // ok no but seriously the cutest couple ever?? Achievement HunterRooster TeethSweetest ...

The Good King Michael mc. Response by Barcelona part 1 Achievement Hunter, Red Vs

No its for Michael if you want it to be · Achievement HunterRooster TeethGavin ...

"Omg I've got a sword holy crap I could murder someone omg yay gav look at my sword gavvy wavvy". Lucille Weasley · rooster teeth

Achievement Hunter, Rooster Teeth, Lets Play, Yolo, Hunters

Ryan and Jack are Michael and Gavin's dads. Teenage sons and fathers Roster Teeth,

Gavin David Free (born 23 May 1988) is an English filmmaker originally from Thame in Oxfordshire, England. Description from pixgood.com.

Gus Sorola

Cheer Up Post #263 - Michael & Gavin Edition

RT Life S5 • E19

His boi - the mastermind - his lady Roosterteeth Rwby, Roster Teeth, Achievement Hunter

Joel, Geoff and Gavin in Hotel Room at Comic Con 2007 playing Guitar Hero ...

Michael ''Rage Quit '' Jones ''Mogar'' kills Slenderman. (RTX 2013)

Glows Art. Rooster TeethAchievement ...

Rooster Teeth

just gifs of gavin. Sam Garnett · Rooster Teeth Love

Roster Teeth, Achievement Hunter, Rwby, Rooster, Fan Art, Fanart

Becca and Gavin in RT Booth at Comic Con 2007"> ...

Lazer Team's Alan Ritchson @ RTX 2015 | Popcorn Talk Interviews - YouTube