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Millions of commuters will have to pay 31 more on average from Jan

Millions of commuters will have to pay 31 more on average from Jan


45 days a year spent commuting in CDMX

How Hyperloop Is Changing The Calculus Of The Commute

(Laura A. Oda/Bay Area News Group)

This is how much time Americans spend commuting to work



... saving commuters over 2 million hours in journey time per year. Interested? Find out more and give your views online: http://socsi.in/zvQP1 #sprintwm ...

Commuter rail


People hate their commutes more than just about any other activity in their lives. Nobel laureate Daniel Kahneman and economist Alan Krueger asked a group ...

Make the most of your commute

Wisconsin officials are launching a $1 million ad campaign to lure young people from Chicago to the Badger State. Gov. Scott Walker hopes to expand the ...

Daily commute of two hours – reality for 3.7m UK workers

From 29 December, morning pre-peak travel fares will be reduced by up to

Get out at the Prospect Park Station and look around at the huge property developments & economic growth.pic.twitter.com/64PtgxroUZ

One in 10 commuters, almost 200,000 people, spent an hour or more commuting to work last year, an increase of almost 31 per cent, or 50,000 people in five ...

Commuters waiting for their ride along a main road in Manila.

The states with the speediest commutes one-way for public transit (excluding taxis), on average, are:

A man rides his bike down from a 3-story bike parking structure in Amsterdam

Every year since 2010, the amount of time the average American spends commuting to work has gotten longer and longer. In 2015, more than 3.6 million ...

Strava Years in Sport 2018 commuter segment

Commuting times in Australia

Overall, the average travel time for commuting workers nationally was 28.2 minutes, an increase from 26.6 minutes in 2011.

Since the beginning of the year the average speed on renovated streets has increased by 7 percent / News/ Moscow City Web Site

Chicagoans to Wisconsin: Thanks but no thanks—we'll take the train

Ng ...

Infographic: How Americans Commute to Work | Statista

A record number of light rail and commuter rail rides were taken in 2017 as Metro Transit's annual ridership topped 81.9 million.

MTR commuters exposed to daily cocktail of bacteria that flourish in different areas of Hong Kong, HKU study says

#DidYouKnow 250 million hours of commuting time will be saved annually as a result of using autonomous cars Learn more about the Evolve Automobile ...

Climate change will displace millions in coming decades. Nations should prepare now to help them

Bumper-to-bumper traffic is America's collective nightmare, and like the movie Groundhog Day it repeats on a daily basis.

The study found just one in ten HR decision-makers in organisations which have over

Chicagoans to Wisconsin: Thanks but no thanks—we'll take the train | Transportation | Chicago Reader

Statistically they shouldn't, but they do — make of it what you will

In a city with 10 million cars, two IIT grads are helping commuters leave their vehicles at home

RTD's rail system is having its biggest year, but Denver is still a city with many transit gaps – The Denver Post

Manchester, NH – The New Hampshire House of Representatives voted today to designate federal funds to conduct an in-depth financial, engineering and ...

But ultimately the government need to take our railways back into public hands. That will stop hundreds of millions being siphoned off by private rail firms ...

Delrisa Sewell-Henry, 54, transferred from the Q25 bus to the Q85 on her way to a home health care assignment in Springfield Gardens, Queens.


Metra Pilot Program Tests Reverse-Commute Service On MD-N Line

Public transport subsidy for Hong Kong commuters to start from January with government opting to 'keep it simple' and not means tested | South China Morning ...

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The four hour commute: the punishing grind of life on São Paulo's periphery | Cities | The Guardian

A disproportionate number of women are trapped in low pay

Where are Europe's cross-border commuters?

1of2A commuter tags his Clipper card to enter the Civic Center Bart Station in San Francisco on Thursday, May 31, 2018.Photo: Jessica Christian / The ...

Data source for Chart 30.1 Commuting time to work, by size of region of residence

... from as many as 6 million to an average of 5.6 million as many people abandon the failing system for Uber and other ride-hailing services.

Students graduating from university this year can expect to leave up to £100,000 in debt

South Florida Business Journal Arcticle: https://www.bizjournals.com/southflorida/news/2018/11/12/broward-sales-tax-increase- will-fund-several.html

Virgin said 80 per cent of its delay were outside its control

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8:31 AM - 12 Jun 2018

For example, in 2017 more than 1.5 million people had jobs in the city of Chicago, while the number of people living in Chicago with jobs was about 200,000 ...

The New York commuter shed (combined statistical area) is the largest in the United States, with 23.6 million residents spread across 13,900 square miles in ...

Rush hour in Shanghai Metro: An average 10 million people relied on the system, the world's biggest, during weekdays in 2017. Photo: Zigor Aldama

Commuters sit in traffic along Highway 580 in Pleasanton, Calif., near the 680 interchange in the morning of Tuesday, April 24, 2018.

Corporate directors in the last 10 years have generally become more specific about how they evaluate their CEOs, and how those evaluations determine pay.

How Toronto Turned an Airport Rail Failure Into a Commuter Asset - CityLab

Commuting more than 90 minutes a day

Thousands of people commute to work in Bangladesh by boat. Here, residents of Dhaka take out their umbrellas.

A Hyperloop Is Feasible and Could Save Commuters Millions, Study Finds | Fortune

Our current commuter benefit system primarily serves higher-income workers and primarily provides incentives to drive to work. You can find a discussion of ...

Fares and service[edit]

Indian commuters drive through smog in New Delhi on October 31, 2016, the day



5:24 AM - 31 Aug 2018

Mumbai Suburban Railway carries more than 7.24 million commuters on a daily basis

Traffic backs up on westbound Interstate 580 during the morning commute as seen from the El Charro Road overpass in Livermore, Calif., on Tuesday, April 24, ...

Wendell Cox is principal of Demographia, an international public policy and demographics firm. He is a Senior Fellow of the Center for Opportunity Urbanism ...

Wisconsin officials are launching a $1 million ad campaign

Traffic flowed on C-470 during rush hour Wednesday night, January 9, 2013. This photo was taken between Yosemite and Quebec looking west.

CEO Pay Over Time

Commuter rail

New gates have been installed at the Pittsburg/Bay Point BART station in Pittsburg, Calif. on Wednesday, April 20, 2017. New barriers at the station have ...

Gallery: The Worst Commutes in America

Wellness Infographic

ComfortDelGro posts 6.8% rise in Q1 net profit to $67.6 million. More spending by commuters ...

Laura A. Oda/Bay Area News Group