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Ohh wooow lol a friend just sent me this Fny t

Ohh wooow lol a friend just sent me this Fny t


Ohh wooow lol a friend just sent me this.

Wooow, how can you even say "I wasnt that drunk" if you dont remember being in the lake with your car LOL geeez :)

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And now we found a different meaning to "LOL"...| #Funny #Texts #Memes

<:DPlease don't talk to me....Oh, Come on...it wasn't that bad was it? You had to scream and rub it in the whole time...but ...

Busted - 11 Funny Texts Sent to the Wrong Number (sms fail, wrong number) - ODDEE

Aaahhhaa. Person · LOL

Grammy! Hahaha!

Mom im so scared Haha, Mom Humor, Lol Text, Funny Text Messages,

Just because I don't have kids does NOT mean I'm clueless. I've taken care of hundreds of kids over the years. Yes!

... has taken another turn so I just went ahead and blocked her. She can text her husband since they both thirsty😒😒😑😑 girl bye… https://t .co/mSlR9VJkiB"

You've been leaving or AFKing in fewer games recently, and your account status has improved. Thank you for making an effort to be a better teammate.

Funny Scene from Friends Season 1 #friends #tvshow #throwback #funny #humor #humour

Oh my gosh. I'm dying. Matt LeBlanc is my favorite person. EVER.

No. We're not lesbians.

Don't jump down his throat when permission was granted, whether they owned Purity or not anymore. If you are STILL in doubt, email her yourself and/or ...

True😂 Tag a friend! - - - (Reupload) #reddeadmeme #rockstar

... my other best friends Pink is friends with a backstabber Green is the backstabber Red is my new girlfriend :grin: And her just casually sending me memes ...

#78 People Are Great Sometimes

#16 Dons The Don

This is a note of thank you to all the men who never had the balls to claim me.

Clean Memes Daily!!!👐 Sent to me by your good friend Gabie :

#2 Today, My Next Door Pregnant Neighbor Knocked On My Door

homer simpson d'oh

Annual Holiday Market & Workshop!

omg I just realized that our new members will now realize how crazy I am 😂😂😂😂

National Geographic's Photography Contest 2010

#1 Experiencing The Colours Like Normal People For The First Time

Oh okk it's fine

... will allude to: 'Oh God – not one of those! Won't invite them out again. Weirdo extremist.' You've got to develop a thick skin, and plenty of humour.

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^in case u haven't noticed haha

So the struggle is real, because I want to love the actual plot, characters and story, but it just wasn't for me.

How To Plan Your Epic Mount Rinjani Trekking Adventure - NOMADasaurus Adventure Travel Blog

#57 I Choose To Believe This Really Happened

I ...

As the Environmental Department staff coordinates the annual inspection of Tribal septic systems in the coming weeks, we would like to encourage homeowners ...



#30 Grandpa Loves Banana Bread


pope francis spitting some truth ~ 👈😎👈 . . . . . i'

I ...

... a couple of more things online and this time, I went to UPS.com and entered their tracking numbers so I can get notifications on the packages sent to my ...

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Effetto Farfalla: FatStudio

Journée mondiale de l'Afrique

Huda Beauty

#3 This Makes Me Smile

My wow and yeay has now gone to “huh? oh no” visions of myself sat in between a circle of people saying ” Hi my name is Jo and I'm in pain”. Not good.

The predominant sentiment toward President Duterte in the different geographic areas and socio-economic groupings is one of trust (81% to 96% and 85% to 88% ...

The dialogue was entertaining, even funny at times because surprise, surprise Naz can't also be funny. I just loved the dynamic between ...

A new reality show…with david alan harvey and friends


Brushed off: David took to Twitter on Thursday to claim that he had received a



VDMmedics : Today, I annoyed my friend by texting him 'meow' over and over at random times of the day because when he's drunk he meows in his sleep.

Vague texts that women send to men and what they actually mean!



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Kathrin Jaensch - Cypress Mountain Lookout with Stella

MediaGave this beggar a dollar, then followed him into the saloon to watch him spend it on liquor... The DETAILS, all about the details.

Thomas Massie @RepThomasMassie 塩Follow Much bipartisanship. Very spending. Wow.

... Potter mega collab and I need one more person because someone backed out. The character is Snape and the spot is in the middle. Please notify me if ...

Opening Ceremonies for Vancouver 2010

#86 The Best Thing To Come From It


What's On Your Mind III - Bacon Fueled Rampage!!! [Archive] - Page 60 - The Official Los Angeles Chargers Forum

Bring home a Kinder Surprise Egg and you could be fined $2500! - Souvenir Finder

Flowerbomb Viktor&Rolf for women


Over the past few months I have been getting numerous emails about a picture of me holding up a black credit card. Usually the emails I have been getting ...

In December, you'll receive auto ship 1: Be Mine. These cards make beautiful valentines in gorgeous pinks, reds and blues.

Photo of The Cellar - Fullerton, CA, United States. Picture doesn't

dog creepy guy

Tromso Activities Northern lights

To release all tension from the neck area, drop the neck and breathe deeply as

#36 Older Gentleman Comes To Grooming Shop Just To Get Dog Snuggles. His Dog Passed Away A Couple Years Ago And His Wife Won't Allow Him To Get Another Dog ...

KYM Pinterest



Photo of Trump Tower - New York, NY, United States. Get your Trump

The Best Cupcake Recipes on Brown Eyed Baker - 10 of my favorite cupcakes, all

Hubble's final servicing mission