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Parental Abuse What to Do When Your Child or Teen Hits You mom

Parental Abuse What to Do When Your Child or Teen Hits You mom


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What Is Parent Abuse?

Spread awareness about domestic violence and child abuse with a playlist of pop, rock,

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Very angry teen girl saying "I hate you mom"

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A daughter's letter to a father who sexually abused her

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Hitting Your Kids is Legal in All 50 States

Are you Teaching your Toddler Skills to Prevent Sexual Abuse

Stronger for the Breaks - How to Heal from a Toxic Parent

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For many parents, the idea of spanking their child is abhorrent. And yet, about a quarter of parents do it—despite a pile of evidence that it's the wrong ...

Talking to your kid about sex can be daunting. So we asked the experts how and when to cover everything from sex and puberty to gender identity and consent.

Goldie Taylor—Mom Beating Georgia Teen Goes Viral—but Hitting Kids Is No Way to Protect Them

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Family in a counselling session

The lingering effects of child abuse and PTSD

Science Says the Most Successful Kids Have Parents Who Do These 9 Things | Inc.com

What Causes Teens to Abuse Their Parents? Many people consider parent abuse to be the ...

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How I Fixed a Toxic Relationship With The Mother of My Child After a Breakup

Hitting a child causes damage that may not be alleviated by cuddles and kisses – maternal

Nanny is abused by child while mother is not watching. What Would You Do?

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What Would You Do: Child abused by foster mother

Little Girl Upset Sitting on Time Out in Corner

Discipline Solution

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Responding to children and young people's disclosures of abuse

Teenage boy swearing at mom

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Honoring your parents doesn't mean doing exactly what they did.

Mom yelling and screaming at teenage son

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What If My Child Doesn't Want to Visit with the Other Parent?

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Discipline vs Punishment - What's The Difference (4 Effective Discipline Strategies) - Parenting For Brain

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My son is abusive and aggressive towards me - I have to hide the bruises | Life and style | The Guardian

Ian* was just a child when his mother made him have sex with her. As a child he felt 'yucky about it'. As an adult he has realised the experience was ...

What to do if you suspect abuse

Parent angry at teen. '

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Why Kids Lie—Age by Age

What can you do when your defiant child just refuses to get up and go to school? You've yelled, nagged, pleaded and even tried bribing her, ...

Hitting, Biting and Kicking: How to Stop Aggressive Behavior in Young Children

When you're standing in your kitchen, and you're fighting back tears and rage as your son is calling you “b—h,” you don't have time to do much of anything ...

What to do if a child reveals abuse

“When I was young, my mom and dad sent us out to play in the morning in our neighborhood, and we didn't come home until dinner time,” a friend said to me ...

Video of 17-year-old beating mom with broom goes viral in Bengaluru

A letter to … My mother, who didn't protect me from abuse | Life and style | The Guardian

Place Your Child in Time-Out

Narcissistic Parents

Ongoing conflict between parents can affect a child's mental health

I am Adam Lanza's Mother

Kids Hysterically Cry When Parents Scream at Them For Prank

Internet safety: A mother's story of how a paedophile groomed her 11-year-old daughter online

Aging Parent with Adult Child

mom of child with bipolar says don't lose hope

Signs Your Parents Might Be Abusive

One-quarter of all adults report having been physically abused as children.

The Children's Dental Health Survey found that 29 per cent of children aged five from better

Stop Bullying - Main

When Parents Still Abuse Their Adult Children

All children "misbehave" sometimes, and all parents wonder how to stop the misbehavior. But that's only half of our mission as parents.

#1 What is rage in children with bipolar?

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... actually get to heaven so that I can see my mother again. I'd throw myself on her like a monkey and I'd tell her, 'I love you, I miss you so bad.'”

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Tori Spelling faced some nasty comments after posting a back-to-school photo of