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Project Ara smartphone Google

Project Ara smartphone Google


Over the past few years, Google has been working on a modular smartphone concept that would allow users to swap certain components and customize the device.

Google's modular phone concept is one step closer to reality. With today's announcement of the latest updates to Project Ara and an upcoming pilot program ...

ara-1. The Project Ara prototype

Google delays its Project Ara modular smartphone until 2016

Google has confirmed reports saying its modular Project Ara smartphone project ...

google s abandoned project ara modular smartphone everything you need to know image 1

Meet Project Ara, the Modular Google Phone of the Future

Google Project Ara

The Death of Project Ara Shows Google Is All Grown Up


Project Ara, Google, smartphones, modular smartphone

Google Project Ara Module Smartphone « Inhabitat – Green Design, Innovation, Architecture, Green Building

Tested Explains: How Google's Project Ara Smartphone Works

Google shelves modular Project Ara smartphone


And soon, this breadth should be reaching even further, as Project Ara is making solid progress

Google's Project Ara Will Come With A Play Store Based Hardware Marketplace For Modules | Android Headlines

Google Project Ara

Remember Google Project Ara? Last October, Motorola's Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP) group, then a part of Google, announced an interesting ...

Google's Project Ara phone, broken down into its component parts

6 of 6; Lapka and Google Project Ara

For those wondering what Ara is, it's Google's modular smartphone project that lets users start from a basic device and eventually build the handset up with ...

project ara conference Google ...

Google Project Ara Modular Smartphone

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Google ATAP

17 of 17; Google Spiral 2 prototype Project Ara modular smartphone


Google Project Ara, smartphone slots together

Project Ara: Google spezifiziert das modulare Smartphone

A Project Ara smartphone. Google

Google has plenty to say about Project Ara even if the modular smartphone can't boot up the Android OS yet.

... away from a brief hands-on opportunity with Google's beautiful, exciting, not-coming-to-a-store-near-you-anytime-soon Project Ara modular smartphone.

A handful of Google engineers and designers are building a phone the DARPA way

Google Ara – Variants and parcelling scheme


Google Delays Project Ara Smartphone For 2016



Google's modular smartphone 'Project Ara' now a reality, developer kits start shipping later this year

project ara back element

Google's Project Ara

Google expects the Endoskeleton cost to be under $100


At I/O 2014, Google has publicly turned on its modular Project Ara smartphone for the first time. Considering Project Ara nothing more than some pretty ...

Let's know Google's futuristic cell phone Project Ara - PHOTOS

google's latest project ara smartphone features 3G modem and 11 exchangable modules

Google, Project Ara, Android, modular smartphone

The Ara smartphoe from Google is no more

Project Ara Google

Google has "suspended" work on Project Ara, the initiative to build a phone with interchangeable modules for various components like cameras and batteries, ...

Project Ara smartphone

Google Project Ara, The World's First Modular, Open-Sourced Smartphone | NewDealDesign

Google's crazy Project Ara phone might be more powerful than you think – BGR

Project Ara is Google's own name for a plan to bring about a modular smartphone, a smartphone with interchangeable parts that buyers could swap out for ...

Project Ara smartphone

Google's modular Ara phone delayed

... lapka project Ara

Prototype modular parts created by Yezz Mobile for Project Ara, Google's modular smartphone project, are shown during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona ...

Project Ara, Google Project Ara, Google, Google Project Ara delayed, What is

Google's Project Ara

Project Ara: Modified Android L and Hot Swapping

This is Project Ara: A Gallery of the Modular Beauty http://www

Project Ara dev kits arrive in Q4, consumer edition to launch next year

Google turns on the world's first modular smartphone, reveals more juicy details about Project Ara

5 Interesting Facts About Google's $50 Modular Project Ara Smartphone

Google's Project Ara modular phone lives and will go on sale in 2017

Yezz + Project Ara

Project Ara teams up with BLOCKS

... Project Ara Smartphone. Google

Google Ara Google's project Ara smartphone could be available ...

Google's Project Ara phones will be strange, but also a lot of fun ( Smartphones Unlocked)

Google Says Project Ara Modular Smartphone for Consumers Launching Next Year

Is Google crowdsourcing the future of smartphone design with Project Ara? - TechRepublic

Project Ara, modular phone prototype Spiral 1

Google-Modul-Smartphone: Entwicklerversion von Project Ara ist 12,5 mm dick

Google's Project Ara modular smartphone will let you swap out parts, while turned on - Pocket-lint

Project Ara Hands-On: Google's Modular Smartphone Sure Is Modular

A Disruptive thought Project ARA – Modular Smartphone by Google

The Project Ara platform allows people to hot-swap various smartphone modules.

A Google Project Ara smartphone with modules scattered around it

Handiwork of Google's ATAP division, Ara originated as a core backplane into which different components could be slotted front and back.

Project Ara

Project Ara, Google's ambitious initiative to develop a modular smartphone, has officially -- and perhaps predictably -- been suspended.

PHOTO: Google and Motorola have launched Project Ara to develop a modular smartphone.

Build Your Smartphone? Google Project Ara


An analyst speaking to Reuters said he wasn't surprised by Google axing the project. Project Ara phones would be both bulky and expensive, thought analyst ...