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Rate These McDonalds Menu Items And Well Guess Your Favorite Meal

Rate These McDonalds Menu Items And Well Guess Your Favorite Meal


Take this mouthwatering quiz and see if you can match these delicious McDonald's foods to the countries where they originated!

Whether it's your guilty pleasure or your go-to meal, everyone loves getting McDonald's! Every time you think you've sworn off their food ...

Pick out one item from each fast food brand that you like the most, and based on your taste in fast food, we will guess your age accurately.

McDonald's Taco Bell Value Menu Dollar Menu

30 Crazy McDonald's Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

... played a major part in every culture, influenced by climate, religion, and available sources of ingredients. In the last few decades, thanks to food ...

Which country was this burger with cement gray buns named after?

The Indian version of the Big Mac, featuring chicken or a veggie cheese and corn

Here's Everything On The McDonald's Festive Menu, Because You Deserve A Yuletide Treat


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Quarter Pounder with Cheese

Here's a fun fact that may surprise you: Did you know that Subway is not only the largest fast food chain globally but also the largest restaurant operator ...

McDonald's New Kiosks Will Change the Fast Food Industry Forever | Inc.com

Or you can pick your favorite of fast food items and we'll tell you if you'll end up with a hot doctor or an Instagram model.

D123 Media Visual McDonald's new value menu McDonald's


The Food Looks Frighteningly Good for Its Age. Mcdonalds grand mac

Where can you find a Cadbury Crème Egg McFlurry?

44 Most Popular Fast Foods In America

Can We Guess Your Favorite Fast Food Restaurant?

Fast Food Salads 24

mcdonald's fries and big mac


Survivors Tale: I Conquered the World's Only McDonald's Global Menu – So You Don'

mcdonalds french fries

McDonald's Breakfast Menu 4

Picture for representation purpose. Picture courtesy: Instagram/mrsrkapoor

Jack's food on a picnic table

Today, more than ever, men are actively achieving higher standards in terms of their physical appearance. Especially in showbiz, we have so much eye candy ...

Photo: McDonald's

A Chicken Nugget Happy Meal from a McDonalds, photographed in 2007

mcdonalds taro pie

cheesy bacon fries McDonald's ...

Trump McDonald's

mcdonalds big breakfast

The McDonald's breakfast has more calories!

Courtesy of McDonald's

mcdonalds burger

Burger King's new deal is very similar to one launched by McDonald's last month. Burger King

The #1 Worst Menu Option at 76 Popular Restaurants

Spicy Sweet 1 Taco Bell

Which burger has more calories?

If picking out an outfit isn't really your thing, we can also guess what you should major in, based on your favorite foods.


Enter the names of your friends!

Teremok is the McDonald's of Russia — and it's really good - Business Insider

Photo: Gary Yeowell/Getty Images

McDonald's Makes Happy Meals (Slightly) Healthier | CMO Strategy - Ad Age

McDonalds chicken burger

First, pick your fave fast food chain that isn't McDonald's:

The Unhealthiest Fries in America Are at Five Guys Burgers and Fries | Reader's Digest

Fast Food Signature Burgers 17

On October 15, McDonald's Malaysia announced its collaboration with micro-sized building block system, Nanoblock and came up with Food Icons x Nanoblock® ...

12 Things You Need To Know Before Eating At Chick-fil-A

Via McDonald's

Copycat McDonalds Sausage McMuffin- These healthy breakfast sandwiches take 10 minutes to whip up and

After investigating how food is produced and raised in this country, one of the first commitments I made was to stop eating “factory farmed” meat.

McDonald's Tenders

mcdonald's big mac china

McDonald's employees warn not to order the Filet-O-Fish.

Domino's bombed out with a score of 3/100.

mcdonalds cookie close up.JPG What's ...

The McDonald's Lobster Roll Experience

Whataburger burger and fries

Bring the App to a nearby participating McDonald's and redeem your next meal deal.

The Wendy's sandwich has more calories!

Via McDonald's


BBC - Capital - How can a fast food chain ever make money from a $1 burger?

mcdonalds trivia burger

Mcdonald's french fries on red tray

Can you guess which lobster roll is from McDonald's and which is from the Friendly Fisherman

It's time to design your dream iPhone.

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Our first stop is McDonald's. Choose something from their menu.

The Applebee's salad has more calories!

These Fast Food Chains Serve The Most Fries

Getty Images

Person eating french fries

The Whopper has more calories!