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Resemblances between galaxiesnebulas and human eyes Views of

Resemblances between galaxiesnebulas and human eyes Views of


Resemblances between galaxies/nebulas and human eyes.

Human body and The Universe similarities - Pictures show interesting similarities between human body and The Universe.

Similarities between the human body and the universe

Helix Nebula (God's Eye)

“Your Beautiful Eyes” by Armenian photographer Suren Manvelyan is a macro photography series of human eyes. The photos are such extreme close-ups that the ...

extreme close up of human eye macro suren manvelyan (18) Eye Close Up,

vorador: “ treeeeston: “ mustachioedghosts: “ tessaviolet: “ eomira: “ tessaviolet: “ sosuperawesome: “ Extreme close-ups of human eyes by Suren Manvelyan ” ...


Pillars of Star Formation Photograph Of Meteor From An Airplane Window milky way Shell Human eye vs galaxies

Human Eye - How cool does that look! It would be interesting to see Tom

extreme close up of human eye macro suren manvelyan 21 21 Extreme Close Ups of the Human Eye

EXTRA: “Your Beautiful Eyes” by Armenian photographer Suren Manvelyan is a macro photography series of human eyes. The photos are such extreme close-ups ...

A Sunny Day

Glowing in the constellation Aquila like a giant eye Looks like fireworks, doesn't it?

Suren Manvelyan is a professional Armenian photographer who specializes in animal eye, human eye, macro, landscape, portrait and night spirit photos.

This Armenian Photographer Made A Breathtaking Observation About The Human Eye Extreme Close Up, Eye

Cat's Eye Nebula, reveals at least 11 previously unknown concentric rings and knots of glowing gas blown out into space by a dying sunlike star

The fantastic macro photos of the human eye by Suren Manvelyan.Incredible close-up photos of Your beautiful eyes

so painfully, precisely clear.sight is just a hole in ur eye.a hole in ur head

pinterest: hezzprice Galaxies, Nebulas, Cosmos, Star Cluster, Bright Stars, Space

Cartwheel Galaxy Space Photos, Space Images, Cosmos, Hubble Space Telescope, Nasa Space

Clearedt picture ecer taken of the Cat's Eye Nebula from the Hubble Telescope Hubble Images,

Mycelium as an archetype for the organization of matter in the Universe.

Eye of God Nebula (aka Helix Nebula) - NGC 7293 - large planetary nebula in the constellation Aquarius - 215 parsecs or 700 light years from Earth - closest ...

Scientists 'print' new eye cells that could be used to treat blindness. British

ESO's Visible and Infrared Survey Telescope for Astronomy (VISTA) has captured this unusual view of the Helix Nebula (NGC in this space wallpaper.

Paisajes Tumblr, Amazing Places, Beautiful Places, Beautiful Scenery, Milky Way, Nature

9 Incredible Photos of our Universe - Beautiful Images Galaxies, Nebulas, Hubble Images,

A Cosmic Holiday Ornament, Hubble-Style | NASA

Lost in your eyes is actually being lost in space Astrophysics, Beautiful Eyes Pics,

Mark your calendars…

Starry-Eyed Hubble Celebrates 20 Years of Awe and Discovery

Eyes of the Universe Stars And Solar System, Cosmos, Look At The Sky,

A strikingly beautiful view of a delicate bubble of expelled material around the exotic red star U Antliae helps astronomers understand how stars evolve ...

Eagle Nebula The soaring tower is light-years or about 57 trillion miles high, about twice the distance from our Sun to the next nearest star.

Definitely want to visit Iceland in the future and hopefully catch a glimpse of this amazing spectacle!

Nebula Galore Ciel, Galaxies, Nebulas, Earth From Space, Interstellar, Deep Space

View full-sized image. | Here are the Large and Small Magellanic Clouds, from Gilbert Vancell Nature Photography in November 2018. Read more about the image ...

Funny pictures about I bet we could explore the galaxy. Oh, and cool pics about I bet we could explore the galaxy. Also, I bet we could explore the galaxy.

From the International Space Station: Looking at thousands of years of human history Cosmos,

Galaxies impresionnantes Hubble Galaxies, Nebulas, Astronomy Facts, Space And Astronomy, Cosmos,

OSIRIS-REx Captures 'Super-Resolution' View of Bennu

I am lucky for I know my roots are planted well in the universe. I

If this eye looks familiar, that's because it belongs to one of our closest relatives

A wider view shows the storm (in the center) ensconced in the weird hexagonal

Manchester-based artist Martin Lynch-Smith expertly sketches the human eye, capturing every minute detail. From the wispy hairs of ones eyelashes and the ...

Stargazing Wolf. Hubble Space TelescopeEarth From ...

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Beautiful Beautiful Sky, Beautiful Pictures, Galaxies, Nebulas, Stars In The Sky,

Saturn's graceful lanes of orbiting ice -- its iconic rings -- wind their way

WTF Facts : funny, interesting & weird facts — Facts about the human eyes - WTF fun facts

HubbleSite - NewsCenter - Hubble's New Camera Delivers Breathtaking Views of the Universe (04/

Night Sight + LG V30 + ...

Halo of the Cat's Eye [1400 x ...

Mud Volcano Bears Strong Resemblance to a Gigantic Human Eye - People's Daily Online Human Eye

did-you-kno: “These are colorized images of the hexagon. To

Incredible Travel and Adventure Instagrams by Andrew Ling

The Horsehead Nebula is shown in red and green against the surrounding cold molecular cloud (

With its massive size & brillance, Jupiter is a king among planets. Chronicle its discovery, its place in the solar system & more with fun Jupiter facts.

This is Orion.

EVENT: AAA Autumn Starfest in Central Park | Join the Amateur Astronomers Association (AAA

This infrared image from NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope shows the Helix nebula, a cosmic starlet often photographed by amateur astronomers for its vivid ...

A view of the inner surface of the iris, pupil, and ciliary processes of the eye. **On Page Credit Required**

〉〉André Kertész - Untitled ( from serie polaroid), June 1979

The bird's-eye view captured by the Mars Express spacecraft reveals a region of more than square miles surrounding Mawrth Vallis, where ancient water once ...

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NASA's Cassini spacecraft captured this view of planet Earth as a point of light between the icy rings of Saturn on April (NASA/JPL-Caltech/Space Science ...

Alaska I saw the northern lights only once when I was a small child from a small Illinois place. Would like to see them in Alaska!

[Descargar tamaño completo]

These incredible new views from the Cassini spacecraft show Saturn's rings in unprecedented detail. Moon

Extreme close up digital photography of human eyes, taken by Suren Manvelyan, a professional photographer from Yerevan, Armenia.

Saturn : spaceporn

Cosmos A SpaceTime Odyssey wallpapers Wallpapers) – HD Wallpapers

nemfrog: Fig. 19. View of the corona in a total eclipse. 1887

QuotesGram Carl Sagan Cosmos, Galaxies, Nebulas, Awesome,

How Isis retrieves her huband's coffin from the support pillar it got stuck inside.

Eye of God Nebula (aka Helix Nebula) - NGC 7293 - large planetary nebula in the constellation Aquarius - 215 parsecs or 700 light years from Earth - closest ...

The NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope has revisited one of its most iconic and popular

Star Cluster Westerlund 2 in the Carina is 20,000 light years away from the Earth and

Just a typical roadside view in Iceland ...

All Eyes on Oldest Recorded Supernova This image combines data from four different space telescopes to create a multi-wavelength view of all that remains of ...

Chance alignment between two galaxies, called NGC 3314, that are actually tens of millions

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The wonders of the universe, space oddities, stars, planets

Black Widow Nebula is a cloud of dust, gas and stars about light years from Earth via NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope

Did our cosmos emerge from a sea of inflating bubbles? | Aeon Essays Love Story

APOD: 2016 May 16 - Clouds of the Carina Nebula

In August ESA's Rosetta Spacecraft will rendezvous with Comet and deploy the Philae lander. See photos from the Rosetta comet probe.

We May Have Found the First Stars Born After the Big Bang Cosmos, Dark Energy

A composite image of the SN 1006 supernova remnant Canvas Art - Stocktrek Images x

NASA Pictures Of The Universe Black Hole? Space and Wonder. When black holes shoot their jets directly.

This image from ALMA shows the distribution of molecular gas close to the supermassive black hole

Supersharp Images from New VLT Adaptive Optics

Brightest stars to the eye are magnitude, and dimmest stars to the eye are magnitude. How the magnitude scale works in astronomy and why it's useful.

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The Star Wars obsessed internet took no time to point out the resemblance between one of

This graphic illustration by Ben Gilliland explains how a solar system forms out of a nebula

Samyang 14mm f/2.8, (c) Alessio Andreani, merge of 5 photos