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Sarigar Ver 1b

Sarigar Ver 1b


1b | by dasnewten Sarigar Ver. 1b | by dasnewten

1b | by dasnewten Sarigar Ver. 1b | by dasnewten

QF-45 Sarigar rear 3/4 by dasnewten, via Flickr

... QF-45 Sarigar Stand | by ЯIK

... Sarigar Mk.1 in LDD | by wezra

2, #1: October 1987 (32 pg. issue)

Marionette and Sarigar by RickCelis

Alien Legion

Inking Practice: Sarigar (ALIEN LEGION)- Comparison Comic Art

Original Comic Art:Illustrations, Chris Warner Alien Legion Illustrations - Sarigar, Grimrod,

They are led by Captain Sarigar, a brilliant tactician, and master of an alien kung-fu that utilizes his prehensile tail. Sarigar is a take no crap, ...

QF-45 Sarigar front 3/4

Sarigar Ver. 1b · Changes

Thor's Day Hero: Major Sarigar

Sarigar & Montroc

Original Comic Art:Sketches, Chris Warner - Alien Legion Major Sarigar Sketch Original Art

AM-01 | Alien Mech-01 Details and photos of the other at the… | Flickr


Vol. 2, #7: October 1988 (32 pg. issue)

(L-R) Torie Montroc, Major Sarigar, Jugger Grimrod, and Tamara--

YT-1740 Arrowhead | by ZiO Chao

Raptor series: Exploriens by Pico van Grootveld

Just when I thought I'd seen them all...... - Imgur


Sarigar is a take no crap, balls to the wall commander who demands loyalty from his soldiers, and gets it in spades

Sarigar Ver. 1b | Lego | Pinterest | Lego, Lego creations and Lego spaceship

SH01 PAX SHIPtember 2018

Meico- the bug like field physician of the group, the safety and well being of his comrades is the primary duty of this harmless looking alien.

Mercury class interceptor - multi shot | by Brick Martil

1 Series Fantasy Comics, Sci Fi Comics, Comic Book Covers, Comic

Cover for Alien Legion (Marvel, 1987 series) #2 Legion Comic, Legion

Preview UnCivil War #1 from Titan Comics

Alien-Legion-2-epilogue.bmp (530×885) | Comics - Alien Legion | Pinterest | Aliens

Alien_Legion_Uncivil_War_01web · Alien_Legion_sampleweb Alien_Legion_sampleWEB2 Alien_Legion_sampleWEB3 Alien_Legion_sampleWEB4

And Tamara, The Legion's mix of Starfire and Gamora, she just might be the deadliest woman in the galaxy, but the death of her family has left her in a ...

Vol. 2, #11: June 1989 (32 pg. issue)

Awesome lego


Alien Legion Grimrod By Mick McMahon

Alien Legion Comic

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"[LDD] BrickHeadz Portal 2: P-Body" by L-DI-EGO: Pimped from Flickr

Alien Legion (Volume) - Comic Vine Sci Fi Comics, Read Comics, Comic

Alien Legion (1984 1st Series) 10 Chris Warner, Moon Knight, Fantasy Comics

Taiidan Gunship Ver.1

Cover for Alien Legion (Marvel, 1984 series) #1 Marvel Comics, Marvel

The diorama hangar is still in progress and so I've decide to try out my mecha (WIP) Infantry Assault Division “Roach” Desert Camo R89 Mk

AL Banner

Vol. 2, #17: June 1990 (32 pg. issue. "

MOTH - Front

Vol. 2, #5: June 1988 (32 pg. issue)

GUNDAM GUY: Advance of TR5: 1/144 HGUC ORX-005 Gaplant TR

Alien_Legion_sampleweb Alien_Legion_sampleWEB2 Alien_Legion_sampleWEB3 Alien_Legion_sampleWEB4

Alien Legion: Tenants of Hell Issue #1: Hell

STF-34a Starsprite Custom | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

LEGO Gundam is Too Good to Be Official

WORK REVIEW: HGBF 1/144 TATSUYA YUUKI'S A-Z GUNDAM painted build, images |


Taiidan Gunship Ver.1

君の名は/Your Name

Scrap Dragon

0055e.major sarigar member of alien legion

Preview UnCivil War #1 from Titan Comics!


2 1-3 Comics Multi-Pack by HAPPYHAPPYTOYSTOYS Comic Book


Sarigar (Alien Legion) Custom Action Figure

Space Sheriff Gavan

Kit Bash - The Ecto-88 from Ernest Cline's "Ready Player One," modeled after his real-world version of the car. It combines the DeLorean time machine with ...

I am a day 1 player of NMS, and I wanted to show my love for the game, developers and the community by making a piece of art for NEXT.

バンダイ DX超合金 VF-171EX ナイトメアプラスEX[早乙女アルト機]用

GOT IT! :) LEGO 4002014

Hatena Satena for GameBoy Advance

Sandtrooper | by LEGO 7

Steampunk Imperial Shuttle (Star Wars) - Simon Liu (LEGO Art)

Vol. 2, #9: February 1989 (32 pg. issue)

Vol. 2, #4: April 1988 (32 pg. issue)

Vol. 2, #3: February 1988 (32 pg. issue)

Roman Legionary of the Holy Roman Empire - Barthezz Brick Some background story: The Roman legionary was a professional heavy infantryman of the Roman army ...

macaw instructions

“Alien Legion's Sarigar by Larry Stroman ”

"Interactivity" is one of those words. What does it mean in theatre? What does it mean in storytelling? What does it mean to you? As we develop Faster than ...

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Callie & Marie


Metabee and Rokusyo