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Some flags around the world oh wait Funny Zabawne memy

Some flags around the world oh wait Funny Zabawne memy


Some flags around the world... oh wait!r the same.... thing hyahaha just a international joke

10+ Hilarious Reasons Why The German Language Is The Worst Chiste Meme, Funny Memes

Religious flags

Some flags around the world... oh wait! | Humor! | Pinterest | Funny, Funny pictures and Hilarious

Indonesia & Poland - Yin and Yang Funny Happy, Funny Cute, The Funny,

Scandinavia and the world. English Flag

The flag of Libya

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Pin by Danuta Danuska on CYTATY- | Pinterest | Funny mems, Wtf funny and Humor

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Seriously, people? We don't say every time 'kurwa'. It's rude.

It actually depends on where you live in the states so it can very, I live in Michigan and most of us say "pop" but I know a few people who say ...

WaszePrawdy.pl - najlepszy zbiór zabawnych tekstów

countryballs | Tumblr Funny Picture Quotes, Funny Pictures, Funny Stuff, Humor, Comic

What the australian flag stands for

Funny #4th_of_July_party_invitations.

No homo In Soviet Russia, Russian Memes, Funny Images, Funny Photos, Troll

romantic options asexual and demisexual flag

Totalitarian Utopia Funny Cartoons, Funny Comics, Great Expectations, Country, Nice, Memes

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Stereotypes are awesome! If you aren't the serious type. Funny Countries,

50 Fresh Funny Memes For When You Need A Laugh | The wonderful world of memes | Funny, Funny memes, Memes

Bike it off - Scandinavia and the World

Pin by monika frątczak on złote myśli | Pinterest | Humor, Memes and Meme

latest (600×2414)

I found it with a note: "Polish people, can't wait to meet them"

The truth about friendzone - #FunnyText #FunnyPicture Funny Memes, Jokes, Hilarious,

germany likes eu very much though. always with the "european solution", not

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Geography can be though. Here is a guide for Russian soldiers who keep getting lost and "accidentally" entering #Ukraine

Only one thing Zabawne Memy, Żarty, Śmieszne Rzeczy, Cele Podróży, Śmieszne Zdjęcia

France youR LEGS < < I actually really like them ^^ Plus, no where near as hairy as some of the boys in my class.

Cool Burning Smell via reddit Funny Cartoons, Funny Comics, Fnaf

piękno niemieckiego - Szukaj w Google Germany Language, Funny Facts, Funny Memes, Haha

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It's not some werewolf shit like "oh no! The full moon is out...ITS HAPPENING. I...I've...BECOME FABULOUS"" would be awesome if someone made a drawing that ...

BTS » Memy ·Zdjęcia ·GIFy ·Derpy ·ttupd [ZAKOŃCZONE].

💓little polska Just For Laughs, The Funny, Funny Cute, Funny Countries,

How to Draw the Finnish Flag

Disney logic Cartoon Logic, Funny Cartoon Memes, Stupid Funny Memes, Funny Disney Memes

If Trump and Hilary are stranded on a boat in the middle of the ocean who survives? America. America survives

Polish Memes, Good Mood, Funny Memes, Memes Humor, Funny Quotes

Germoney and jokes Funny Countries, Pokemon Funny, Funny Comics, Satire, Funny Images

Languages differences, but with Dutch Funny Posts, Funny Meme Pictures, Funny Memes,

America has an eagle on their flag XD

Turn up to some classics

We have too many countries. Nothing can ever be original anymore!! Indonesia Flag

Some of the most funniest comics you can find on the web

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I know how to play the USSR anthem on the piano, guitar, violin, and cello.

The Sad & Cruel Reality Of Today's World, Illustrated By Steve Cutts • Page 4 of 11 • BoredBug

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wales British Memes, British Humour Tumblr, Funny Posts, The Welsh, Welsh Gold

Most of the state flags are close though.

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Funny memes · ocean

He needs some work

This is hilarious Funny Twitter Posts, Funny Posts, David Bowie Meme, Feminism Funny

"Period Problems: Falling asleep in white sheets and waking up on a japanese flag."

Pyszny obiadek od szefa kuchni xD | Memy | Pinterest | Humor, Memes and Meme

Cyborg Owl Wants Your Flesh 🦉 #owl #owls #animals #meme #memes #funny

name a more iconic performance i'll wait

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Oh no Im under a tack - pun - http://jokideo.com

No no no no no. Śmieszne KreskówkiZabawne MemyZabawne CytatyPrzezabawne ZdjęciaSzeryfHumor ...

Polandball - America has a hunch | Polandball | Pinterest | Funny, Funny pictures and Funny Comics

No tak XDD Polish Memes, K Meme, Bts Memes, Korean Music, Reaction

I really hope it was a fellow 9gagger Random Funny Memes, Pranks Hilarious, Funny

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Funny Pictures Of The Day - 30 Pics

ARBYS FOOD IS FINE TO EAT Funny Quotes, Funny Memes, Jokes, Hilarious,

More Teacher Funnies, Funny ...

Well Endowned - Scandinavia and the World: naughty naught dirty joke about state flags

[/r/DeepFriedMemes] Eat a Text Memes, Dankest Memes, Funny Memes

Ery torebki Hilarious Pictures, Funny Images, Funny Videos, Humor Científico, Tampon Humor

*X Files theme music plays* | LOL | Pinterest | Funny memes, Funny and Memes

Multi Language - Scandinavia and the World

#sans, #undertale Funny Cute, The Funny, Hilarious, Moon Time,

The Duke,don't get me wrong I like me some Chuck, but I grew up on the Duke

It took me forever.... then i was like.... wait, that dudes on the moon!

Scandinavia and the World

Aliens stole yo fruit snacks //happy squealing || HAPPY SQUIGGLING

If zombies ever attack just go to Costco... they have concrete walls...years of foods and supplies... and best of all the zombies can't get in without a ...

Owlturd/Blue Chair // YES! I want people to know that if you think your art is bad, and you hate it, there's at least somebody out there that loves it and ...

Find this Pin and more on Śmieszne by Aleksandra Potocka.

I have no idea why this made me laugh!

meanwhile - don't you mean memewhile Hetalia Funny, Putin Funny, Russian Memes

20+ Funny Tumblr Posts Show Why Everyone Loves Tumblr (Episode #61)

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1000 punktów dla Grifindoru Philosopher's Stone Harry Potter, Phoenix Harry Potter, Harry Potter Memes

Hahaha oh Ellen

Funny Stuff, Funny Things

Period Funny, Period Humor