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Start Poaching Now how to start poaching in your doubles tennis

Start Poaching Now how to start poaching in your doubles tennis


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Taking these things into account, the net player on the team that I coach can be looking to poach and both players can be ready to pounce on a weak reply.

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Few things feel better on the doubles court than anticipating an opponent's return, moving across the net, and drilling a volley right between the legs of a ...

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You can listen to this episode by clicking on the media player above or by listening in with your favorite podcast app. You can also subscribe in iTunes by ...

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Poaching Video - We practice our serve, on the deuce side, to our opponent's backhand (into the body or down the middle) we offer our partner a simple ...

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OTI Instructor Gregg le Sueur explains his movement triangle principle, which is the key to becoming a great active net player in doubles.

Often, I see great baseline club level players not maximizing their strengths on the doubles court. If you have great groundstrokes you need to use these ...

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Two up means that both players are positioned at the net. This is the best of the three because you are offensive and can cover most of the court from this ...

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The biggest problem with the big fast serve is this: It reduces the time you have to get ready for the return.

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Some people who are easily beaten in singles, can smoke their opponents in doubles. Tennis players who dominate in doubles often share one common skill: ...

I was for a real treat this morning: doubles tennis legend Kevin Ullyett gave me a lesson how to poach properly! He is just unbelievable on court: fast as a ...

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Serve to the Weakness Down the T or at the Body if you Know your Partner will try to Poach

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How to Poach and Fake Poach in Tennis. Let me know how your ...


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Jessica Lemair and Lexi Merrill won the Virginia Class 6 doubles state championship on Friday. (Sam Fortier/For The Washington Post)

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... open palm

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One of my favorite drills for getting teams to finish at the net is “murder”. This is where both teams start at their respective baselines.


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