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The Women of Firsts Share What Motivated Their Achievements Good

The Women of Firsts Share What Motivated Their Achievements Good


12 Famous Women Share Failure Quotes on Overcoming Adversity

Here's a comprehensive list of the greatest women from Indian history.

'First' Indian Women. '

14 women on how they stay inspired

Quotes by Powerful and Successful Women Female Success quotes

The Titan

The Cinematographer



The Director

The Lawmaker

The Adviser

Donna Strickland is the first woman in 55 years to be awarded the Nobel Prize in

The third annual Celebrating Our Women program was held at Mah-Sos School on Tobique First Nation on Saturday, May 9. Women were recognized for their ...

2. Chhavi Rajawat. Rajawat is the first woman ...

The Showrunner

The Satirist

51 Achievement #Quotes to Inspire Your Journey to #Success #qotd #quoteoftheday #

The Trader

The Lawyer

The Speaker

6. Chanda Kochhar

Women's rights have advanced since suffrage, but there's still a long way ...

Arellana Cordero is the Executive Vice President, CFO of Southwest Capital Bank.

Bollywood superstar Anushka Sharma's star value has sky-rocketed ever since she tied the knot with Indian cricket team captain Virat Kohli.

14 of Hillary Clinton's Major Accomplishments

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Women scientists

The waves of feminism, and why people keep fighting over them, explained

Success Quotes and Sayings - “Achievement seems to be connected with action. Successful men. “

The United States Air Force's first African American female fighter pilot, Shawna Rochelle Kimbrell.

the most inspirational women in history

10. Kalpana Chawla. Chawla was the first Indian woman ...

A new book and movie document the accomplishments of NASA's black “human computers” whose work was at the heart of the country's greatest battles

... and Sharkawy & Sarhan's announcement here. Share

CEO John McNutt of Junior Achievement of Peterborough Lakeland Muskoka listens to comments from Martha Woods of Eastern Ontario Training Board during a ...

how to motivate your child

woman thinking work stressed

Indira Gandhi: She became the first woman ...

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf shares her excitement as the 2017 Ibrahim Prize Laureate for Achievement in African Leadership. Read full details of the award at ...

Nigel J. Winnard on Twitter: "Awesome achievement by @CarolijnBrouwer (EARJ Class of '91)! #pantherpride #proudofyou… "

To celebrate International Women's Day, we asked two influencial PDC women, Tash and Heidi, to share more about their thoughts on the challenges women face ...

12 Famous Women Share Failure Quotes on Overcoming Adversity

Mavin Records first lady, Tiwa Savage shared one of her biggest achievements in 2017, on Instagram. The singer made an Instagram post celebrating the ...

12 Famous Women Share Failure Quotes on Overcoming Adversity

... religion, and ethnicity in leadership, when the person in that position pursues the good of that nation over their own political ambition.

Ann Cecile Sullivan September 24, 1946 – September 13, 2014 First, ...

THE MINDSET OF HIGH ACHIEVERS - Best Motivational Video for Success in Life & Study 2017. Be Inspired

Quick Facts

Oprah Winfrey

100 women results. (Images by Getty)

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Motivational Sayings - “Duty makes us do things well, but love makes us do. “The biggest challenge after success ...

Fashion Nova

15 women on sexism and double standards

12 Famous Women Share Failure Quotes on Overcoming Adversity

Japan has appointed its first female fighter pilot, the latest achievement in the national push for greater gender equality in the traditionally ...

(Photo by Military History Collection / Alamy Stock Photo)

Professor Louise Richardson - Top 10 universities run by women.

Stephen Hawking:

12 Famous Women Share Failure Quotes on Overcoming Adversity

Mary Shelley. (Photo by Fine Art Images/Heritage Images/Getty Images)

Former first lady Michelle Obama has released her memoir. (Charles Sykes/Invision/AP)

Later, she led expeditions in 1993, 1994 and 1997 with a team comprising of only women in Indo-Nepalese Women's Mount Everest Expedition, The Great Indian ...

Every week we will feature the adventures of one amazing woman.

In Practice. “

2. Hillary Clinton. As First Lady of the ...

Share. Helen Keller

Famous Success Quotes - “Who you are tomorrow begins with what you do today.

IMF chief lauds China's accomplishments in building 'bridges' to shared prosperity - People's Daily Online

New Survey of Retired Women Prioritizes significant Achievements in Women's Rights during their Lifetime Holiday Retiremen ...

And who are the women who inspire you the most? Share with us your story. The most inspiring ones we will capture during our next event.

Mary Seacole. (Photo by Universal History Archive/Getty Images)

Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell made one of the greatest astronomical discoveries of the 20th century when she detected the first radio pulsar

Emmeline Pankhurst

Find inspiring profiles of women who made federal court history and inspired others to succeed and watch first-person videos of ...

the most inspirational women in history

Martha Pollack - Top 10 universities led by women

Positive Quotes for Success - “When you go in search of honey, you must. “

12 Famous Women Share Failure Quotes on Overcoming Adversity

Joe Sr. also shared a story about speaking to the Entrepreneurial Club at Canisius High School. In response to his asking “what is your most valuable ...

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