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The best 5sos 3 t

The best 5sos 3 t


Already seen them twice but don't wanna take risks 😬💖

I'm just gonna take a wild guess here that Ashton may have been the one who came up with the name but thats just a crazy guess! Ashton likes banana bread ...


I made the best choice <3 5 Seconds Of Summer 5sos <3 Ashton ~ Michael ~ Luke ~ Calum <3

Dead😂💀<< He's right though they did have one of the

She Looks So Perfect ~ 5 Seconds of Summer. I'm

Ash aka the muffin man. ☽ · 5SOS! <3

"Kiss me Kiss me"~ If you haven't heard their new album yet, I am eternally sorry for you. MacKenzie Taylor · 5SoS <3

I can't stop laughing<<< WHAT eVAN HAHAHAHAHAHhhHahahHhA RIDE THE

niall and 5sos tumblr meme - Google Search 5sos Quotes, Funny Quotes, 5sos Memes

NEW SONG IS AMAZING!;) LeeAnne Jordan · 5SOS <3

Kind of really need this very a lot #5sos Cute Shirts, Five Seconds,

He went to a 5sos concert! How many times has he seen them preform and

"Walking sex" this is the best description of Ashton Irwin ever.

Teenage Memories Crop Top 5 Seconds Of Summer, 5sos, Crop Tops, Tank Tops

"Walking sex" this is the best description of Ashton Irwin ever. Five Seconds ?

ash on insta. Krystal Wilson · 5SOS <3

i can't decide which I like the most - luke's awkward middle part,

5SOS Shirt!!! I have one but I love thus shirt! Breakfast Club · Breakfast Club T Shirt · Diamond Are A Girls Best ...

this is so true < < I was at the mall a while ago when they uploaded a new keek and so of course I had to see it first thing and I was ...

Thankful for 5sos sharing their amazing music and talents with us <3 Thankful,

the shirts I have with the logo on it I will treasure because the new ones


In the last Sydney show Calum forgot the lyrics to one of the songs so he just went lalalalalala until he remembered the next line. tanya khantwal · 5sos <3

young 5sos <3 <3

5sos lyrics EVERYTHING I DIDN'T SAY 5sos Lyrics, 5sos Songs, Music Lyrics

5sos family! Ohana means family and family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten<

I'm Actually going out and socializing tonight... 5secondsofsummer, 5sos Lyrics

This is so my reaction, I vote for 1D one day and 5SOS The next

I love it. I've been listening to it on repeat ALL DAY:) LeeAnne Jordan · 5SOS <3

Omg I want this to happen Cooking, Humour, Wave, Five Seconds, 5

i like you too, luke>>> the girl who asked him why is totally me. Carleen Culbertson · 5sos <3

5 Seconds Of Summer Nasa Logo Shirt Parody NEW Shirt T-shirt Men Women Black And White this is a thing

The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem< Five Seconds, 5

I bet this is what happened. Pretty sure this is how it happened. Shots

Went to the baseball last night with Jenkins Jenkins Irwin met some lovely people :) Anita Martinez · 5sos <3

I'll take this on a t-shirt please! Luke took the perfect white girl picture

My other faves 💕

You Tube Luke Hemmings Parody T-shirt, Luke Luke Quotes, Luke Parody, Men and Women Shirt by RizalDesign on Etsy. LeeAnne Jordan · 5SOS <3

Pinkie Pie, Pancakes, 5sos Songs,

You don't have to approve, but you sure as heck don't need to air your opinion to the world. MacKenzie Taylor · 5SoS <3

Those sneaky little sneakers (I don't cuss haha) 5sos Tweets, Summer

She Looks So Perfect <3 if it isn't released in the US

Don't really do the whole "keep calm. Alyss <3 · 5sos

Soo cute together :P 5sos Members, 5 Seconds Of Summer, Five Seconds,

Red, yellow, and green Michael XD. Jill Bentley · 5sos <3

5sos Five Seconds, 5 Seconds Of Summer, Summer 3, 1d And 5sos,

This was exactly my opinion. why did they interview Arzaylea who is rude to the

Don't Bore Us on

5 Seconds of Summer: Ashton Irwin, Luke Hemmings, Michael Clifford, and Calum Hood

I have no doubt there would be air guitar and Ashton drumming on the nearest object . 5sos fam <3


Calum Thomas Hood, 5 Seconds Of Summer, 5sos, 5secondsofsummer

Michael is the best!

I mean why can't I have a Luke Hemmings

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Calum was confused right from the beginning.don't touch me! Sade Montgomery · 5SOS <3

5 seconds of summer #5sos #ashton #michael #calum #luke 5sos Ashton

Oh my god you guys, i am emotionally not ready for this. I cant even

Who runs the world? Claudia · 5SOS <3

See they would become a girl band if Ashton left. Not saying that they are

Okay, don't get me wrong, I love this as a quote.

Sorry but Ash. I love everything about him here.

Tons of people say "I'm a Luke girl

I'M ABOUT TO GO ON A RANT. This is just a bromance. Yet people think Larry is real, right? How can you say this isn't real but Larry is?

Whoever annoys me gets a Virtual Hug. I don't get annoyed easily x]. Sumaya Kaiyal · 5sos <3

<3 5SOS <3 5 SECONDS OF SUMMER <3 awhhh i

we don't love these boys because they went on tour with one direction,

Only a 5sos fan would understand this tweet to calum ;) it's perfectI understand Five


5SOS Lockscreens

[Mates= friends for all of you who are idiots and don't like Australians]. Taylor Brown · 5sos <3

Geez < < just get them vegemite. They'll be fine. Except for the fact Calum doesn't know how to eat watermelon and he tried to eat the green part too

5sos Lyrics ...

tbh I don't see any of them with her cause you know she kinda

try hard lyrics. the music video is so cute but ashy's face around this part 😂😍. Krystal Wilson · 5SOS <3

5sos Concert

I don't think I'm intimidating but Im pretty I guess. This is accurate. Not" Tooting my own horn" here but my other friends who like then are like this.

*cough* be 5sos *cough* Beatiful People, 3 Idiots, Comebacks,


Ashton Irwin and Luke Hemmings // 5 Seconds of Summer // #ToMuchCutenessInOnePicture Ashton

Hahahaha did they actually think Calum did the challenge or was it for funny purposes?

IM DYING RIGHT NOW 5sos Funny, 1d And 5sos, Calum Hood, Second Of

5secondsofsummer, 5 Sos, Cake, Photos, Pictures, Ig Story, Calum Thomas

Could we make a petition for this?? Sauces, Winter, Sweet, How

5sos <3 · whoever made this i offically hate you bc they are all importanat Five Seconds, 5

This just made my week Summer 3, 1d And 5sos, Michael Clifford, 5secondsofsummer

Liz would not approve of our life goal until the day I marry Luke. Betty Ruck · 5sos <3

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5sos and their younger selfs Hoods, Ashton Irwin, Michael Clifford, Calum Hood,

i have luke feels bad rn i don't need this. Eleni Tsombanopoulos · 5sos <3

Okay look guys I know I know you guys don't like Arzaylea but *sighs* We have to put with whatever makes the boys happy even if we don't agree it's their ...

Promise in the comments that you won't let go of us >>

I didn't even think about that

seriously thought that was a green fluff ball by Ashton's hand but. its just Michael xD>>> taking a picture of the fans.he probably wasn't even paying ...

how i cant

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"Luke hit puberty 70 times" eeeehhhhhhhh no. He ran over it with a

Hahaha, that's gonna be a problem 5secondsofsummer, Well Well, 1d And 5sos,