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The rise of populism shows we are increasingly in a geopolitical

The rise of populism shows we are increasingly in a geopolitical


There's always a segment of a country that feels overlooked, PIMCO chairman says

JAMIE DIMON: The economy is strong 'despite increasing economic and geopolitical uncertainties'

The populists are coming! In many European countries, so-called “populist” political parties are on the rise, disrupting the established political order and ...

Donald Trump Tim Cook

WASHINGTON, DC - SEPTEMBER 09: Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump addresses a rally against

There was bound to be a reckoning between local and global forces for the control of the destinies of nations. Illustration: Craig Stephens

Infographic: Populism Becoming More Popular In Europe | Statista

Dirk-Jan Visser

Asia's Rising Populists Could Be More Dangerous to Democracy Than the West's

German Election

In Stratfor's 2019 Annual Forecast we explore the critical factors that will influence the global system

How populism extended across Europe

Vladimir Putin has developed populism across many fields, from his own image to Russian sport and media. Kremlin Press office

On the political front, as the Italian elections show, populism remains an issue in Europe. Elections in Sweden later this year will bear watching, ...

French Election

How Philippine President Duterte has transformed the Asian geopolitical landscape

Ho Kwon Ping says the futile and false dichotomy of corporate social responsibility versus total shareholder

european-union populism

Can the EU Survive Populism? - Carnegie Europe - Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

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Europe's defense fund ignores real threat: populism

Infographic: Right-wing populism's enormous potential across Europe | Statista

Rising geopolitical and geoeconomic tensions are the most urgent risks the world faces in 2019, while worsening international relations are hindering a ...

Demonstrators with raised arms are heckled by supporters of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump as they are ejected from his campaign rally in ...

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Infographic: How Populism Is Harming Democracy In Eastern Europe | Statista

A composite image showing President Trump, Hugo Chazev, and Rody Duterte

Political Landscape of Europe. The Spectre of Geopolitical Solitude. » FLUX on-line

Russia's Geopolitical Interests in the Balkans

How does the migration crisis explain the rise of populism in the Czech Republic?

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The Economist asks: Is this the era of slowbalisation?

As many Americans were celebrating independence, the national-security community was focused on the protests in Egypt, a military coup and the overthrow of ...

Babbage: Waymo to go

German Election

Igor ...

The share of the vote for populist authoritarian parliamentary parties across 34 OECD countries. DATA: ParlGov data.

The current government has also been more outspoken in criticizing Western Europe's approach to Russia and has been vocal in opposing Germany's refugee ...

The West is burning: our age of geopolitical decay – Daniel Leslie – Medium

This photo shows a row of empty workstations. Employees have increasingly been pushing for a workplace that aligns with their goals and ethical ideals, ...

Russia's plot against the West

Graph - In Emerging Economies, Incomes Are Rising Faster, and at a Greater Scale

Examining Geopolitical Risks Under a Different Lens

(From L to R, first row) German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Belgian Prime

Global markets take fright at cocktail of geopolitical risks | Business | The Guardian

... 25.

Over one-third (34%) of middle market companies plan to grow 6%-10% this year, far outpacing the latest World Bank global GDP growth forecasts of 2.7%, ...

Explaining the Rise of Populism in Poland: The Post-Communist Transition as a Critical Juncture and Origin of Political Decay in Poland - Inquiries Journal


This chart from BofA shows the market continuing to set new records in both the speed and aggressiveness in which it “buys the dip”.

Five Ingredients for A Populist Backlash

"NO VOTES" is spray-painted on the ground.

Aspects of Eurasianism

Presidential Election

In ...

World Report 2018: The Pushback Against the Populist Challenge | Human Rights Watch

Our Tranquil Times

This year marks Axco's second annual preview of the top risks that will affect businesses and investors in the year ahead.


Tom Donilon

Commenting on the results, Jamie Dimon was his usual optimistic self: "the U.S. and the global economy continue to show strength, despite increasing ...


In Choosing Openness, Andrew Leigh makes an important and timely intervention in the Australian debate about globalisation, free trade and immigration.

A man is photographed on a square decorated with a giant world map, with marks

The world ahead: Universal lessons

This Is Not Populism

The rise of nationalism across Europe

The risks to the global economy that we referred to in our April 2017 outlook, such as rising populism/protectionism, US policy shifts, ...

March 2012 ...

Foreign Policy Populism: The Final Frontier

Geopolitical order set to be tested in 2017

Right-wing populism is rising as progressive politics fails – is it too late to save democracy?

What European foreign policy to address today's and tomorrow's geopolitical challenges? | PAGEO Geopolitical Institute

... 17.

Efi Chalikopoulou

August 2013 ...

A map of the Northern Triangle region of Central America


German politics

4 risks infographics

The share of income going to the top one percent of earners is back up from below 8 percent of total income in 1970 to above 20 percent of total income.

Liam Halligan

Explore the data

Changing salience of economic vs. noneconomic issues in the party manifestos of thirteen Western Democracies

Sam Roggeveen argues that the real challenge to globalisation and openness and immigration is not cultural (popular prejudice and so on) but political.

e-flux Lectures: Marco Baravalle, "Art, Populism, and the Alterinstitutional Turn"