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These Mason Jar Salads Are Your New GoTo Lunch HuffPost Life

These Mason Jar Salads Are Your New GoTo Lunch HuffPost Life


Bringing lunch to work can feel like a chore -- it requires planning, getting up early to pack your lunch or remembering to prepare it before you go to bed.

Greek Pasta Salad

Chickpea Salad

Lunchtime Layered Taco Salad

Green Garden Mason Jar Salad

Mason Jar Zucchini Pasta Salad With Avocado Spinach Dressing

Caprese Pasta Salad

Sunny Kale Kruncher

Fresh Fruit Salad. This Gal Cooks

Chicken & Spinach Salad Jars

Chopped Taco Mason Jar Salad

Single Serve Layer Salad In A Jar

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Meals In A Jar

Mason Jar Salad With Lemon Garlic Tahini Dressing

Try This Easy, Delicious Vertical Salad

Mason jar salad.

Keep it colourful and fresh.

Everything tastes a little better in a jar.

Now you really can make friends with salad. This 'vertical' jar ...

17 Reasons You Need A Lunch Bowl In Your Life

Woman eating salad

Hungry After Eating Salad? Add These Tasty, Filling Ingredients | HuffPost Australia

Hi! I'm Julie Resnick, co-founder of feedfeed, a global community of people that love to cook, sharing the things they make on hashtag #feedfeed on social ...


Whip up this Garlic-Ginger Kale Bowl With Cauliflower Rice for lunch or dinner.

The Styrofoam cup-of-noodles soup gets a DIY makeover with this easy recipe

It's no secret that Kansas City is a wonderful place. It is lively, young, and only getting better. One of the best things about KC is that there are so ...

Get ready for the week ahead with these delicious, easy lunch bowl recipes Salad For

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This clever way to make delicious breakfast muffins in only three minutes will become your new

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Sandwiches are all well and good, but ham and cheese are also a natural fit

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15 Ways To Make Quick, Healthy Summer Lunches

This is a great winter salad that will add some life back into your day. I could have a salad every single day in some form. Love the freshness.

Try subbing grilled chicken or even a burger patty for fried chicken to get healthier protein

These 9 Foods Are Loaded With B-12, And Here's Why That Matters

Subway Turkey Breast Salad

4 Travel Upgrades That Are Totally Worth It (And 5 To Avoid)

No One Eats Marmalade Anymore. Here's A Case For Bringing It Back.

vertical salad

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This Wall Might Creep You Out If You Look Closely (But It Shouldn't)

It's unrealistic to think that the average person, who's faced with fast food and processed food on a regular basis, can start following a completely rigid ...

Butternut Squash Quinoa With Kale, Cranberries, Walnuts and Goat Cheese

Your Sandwich Has Hidden Sugar Lurking In Almost Every Ingredient

Customizing the Taco Bell salad can help make it healthier.

Monday through Friday you're faced with the same question: whether to eat your tired old sandwich or spend your lunch break ...

They've been sweeping breakfasts across the country with avocado toast while holding up its reputation as the crowd-pleasing guac.

Here's What The Lettuce In Your Salad Actually Does For Your Body

7 Books With Badass Women Heroes

Mediterranean Kale Salad Jars Best Salad Recipes, Best Vegetarian Recipes, Healthy Recipes, Healthy

This Instant Pot French Dip Sandwich Recipe Is Your New Best Friend

Just like with any food out there, when we find a recipe we like we tend to stick to it. This isn't a bad thing. We like what we like.

Perfect your salad

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Kale Caesar Pasta Salad. Yes please! Soup And Salad, Kale Pasta, Pasta

The holidays don't have to be so wasteful.

Getty Images/iStockphoto Layer all your favourite ingredients and tuck in!

Make this spring veggie frittata for a healthy breakfast Cheese Frittata Recipe, Vegetable Frittata,

What to do when your family holds you back Life Advice, Relationship Advice, Elizabeth

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, according to the old adage.

An easy snack for your fridge: Korean Quick Pickled Eggs and Garlic

3 Weeknight Dinners You Can Have Ready In Under An Hour

A pre-seasoned cast iron skillet

There's something about the combination of crispy bacon, fresh tomato and lettuce on toast with a smear of mayonnaise that other sandwiches just don't ...

Soups, salads, and sweets: autumn apples can be added to just about anything. From Apple Rum Raisin Pudding to Curried Cauliflower & Apple Soup, these ...

Martin Poole via Getty Images


Oats and fruit are packed full of filling fibre.

41 New Instant Pot Recipes To Become Obsessed With | HuffPost Life Moroccan Lamb Tagine,

It's easy to get stuck in a vegetable rut. Once you've got your go-to salad recipe or have found the perfect way to stir-fry broccoli, there's no need to ...

These Are Some Of The Oldest, Weirdest Sandwich Recipes Ever

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Handle The Heat

Back to School Books, Lunch, Apple and Clock on Desk

Kale Salad With Warm Cranberry Vinaigrette

Chicken Caesar Ciabatta Sandwich

15 Ways To Make Quick, Healthy Summer Lunches

Put your slow cooker to work this season with these 20 delicious spring recipes! Crockpot

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