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This fall as part of our ETTchat series Communications Editor

This fall as part of our ETTchat series Communications Editor


04 May

04 Aug

NEW Book Creator Updates for a New School Year

Hansen's Link to Tech: Free Chromebook Graphic Design Apps

Students might choose to use sticky notes, paper, or even whiteboards to do their brainstorming, and then capture ...

Formative Assessment with Google Slides - #ettchat

The example below illustrates that a student might make observations based on an empathy map while simultaneously recording audio.

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How to Flip Back to School Night

Weekly Resources - All Things Google

Active Reading Strategies Using the DocHub Chrome App – from Beth Holland

4 Ways to Practice with Google This Summer – From Ben Sondgeroth

Three Classroom Uses for Vocaroo – from Avra Robinson

Annotating PDF Files on Chromebooks with Kami – From Avra

Tempat memperbesar alat vital di Klinik Banten, serang, cilegon Tangerang, Bekasi, Cikarang

5 Ways to Use Screencasting to Build Stronger Home-School Connections – From Avra

How Do I Learn to Make Awesome Videos? My Paperless Classroom

5 Tips to Create Strong Learning Environments with iPads – from Tom Daccord

Web 2.0 Content Creation: A Quick Guide

Similarly, they could capture images or video of the testing of their designs and then record feedback as audio, video, images, or text.

#ETTchat: The Chromebook Creation Studio – an Interview with Greg Kulowiec & James Daley

EdTechX: A MOOC about Integrating Education Technology from Justin Reich

169 Tech Tip #128–Top 10 Chromebook Shortkeys

Flip your parent-teacher-student conferences with Google Forms · The Cornerstone Blog

169 Tech Tip #114: Embed a Google Apps File

EdTechTeacher Interview with Seesaw Ambassador Cara Pavek

Yes, Kinder CAN Use Chromebooks!

Sharing the Design Thinking Process

Use Google Slides to Create Video Reflection Journal

16 Apr

BEHIND THE CURTAIN: The Truth about R&Rs (Revise & Resubmits)

Pet Words

Faster Feedback: Create Editing Shortcuts in Google Docs

Google Sheets+Thinglink for Pie Charts

James O'Hagan: 5 Reasons to Bring ESports to your School · The CoolCatTeacher

Revision Angst - murder your darlings, dear writers. I had to do this last week, and those 450 words, while awesome in my opinion - turned out to be utter ...

Editing... the tough stuff, here. Writing Advice, Fiction Writing,

Web Tools for Video and Audio Feedback on Essays and Projects

TypographyEditor.com: a free online Typography Generator and Typography and Meme…

5 Ways to improve your use of Google Classroom · The Electric Educator

Pomodoro Technique – A productivity lifesaver

Simple Articulation Strategy: 5 Ins and 5 Outs

Each week EdTechTeacher will bring you a new, short video minutes) by one of the staff exploring an app, web tool or idea in the world of educational ...

PINK Confetti Pop Body Mist: Confetti Pop (1 of 2)

Learning to Learn – From Sabba Quidwai

The Beginner's Guide to Instagram

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Will Computers Ever Replace Teachers? – From Justin Reich

I LOVE Bella & Harry Books: Teach Social Studies & Add Augmented Reality to Bring the Books to Life!

How A Happy School Can Help Students Succeed

Using the @Wacom #BambooSlate to Create a Screencast – Inking On a Worksheet & Editing with @Camtasia #edtech @TechSmith @TechSmithEDU

Take Steps to Make Modern Learning Spaces A Reality

08 Mar

Six Ways to Use Google Photos in the Classroom

iMovie shortcuts Technology Tools, Technology Integration, Teaching Technology, Educational Technology, Keyboard Shortcuts

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Digital Leadership is Not Optional

How to manage your one-to-one program after you hand out devices

Seesaw 2015 in Review - A recap of the amazing stuff that happened in Seesaw Classrooms

Easy Annotate is a fantastic iPad app that gives teachers and students a simple and dynamic

My Top #EdTech Tools for Teaching Online AP Calculus @wacom @PearDeck @SlackHQ @EDpuzzle @OneNoteEDU @SocraticOrg #flipclass

Mele, è stato invitato a raccontare l'esperienza di Lastation alla Nona edizione della BTO di Firenze.

I stumbled upon this tool during one of the twitter chat where I was unable to follow the conversation as Hootsuite was too slow and Tweetdeck too fast.

Photoshop CS5 CheatSheet

Editing Writing, Writing Process, Editor, Authors, Writing

Submitting your manuscript

My communications consultancy, hanover is currently recruiting for a marketing manager, based in London, to be responsible for leveraging the company's ...

#TalentNet Radio: Top Recruiter Special Edition 09/11 by TalentNet Radio Chat |

Plickers app~I will have to try this out in my classroom next fall.

This collection is a compilation of resources on Seesaw: The Learning Journal. Digital Technology

#ETTchat: Get to Know Avra Robinson

Google Cloud Print - great tool with great features

Facebook business is an amazing program for reaching paying customers, and the best part is

#ettChat: Video Reflection from Greg Kulowiec

Teacher Creativity Skill: Shoot and Edit Video · The Playground Advocate

Student Voice Matters

Writer Beware®: The Blog: Victoria Strauss -- Eber & Wein:

The 4 C's has been introduced to me as the crucial skills that need to be a part of modern instruction to prepare students for the future.

#ETTchat: Craig Badura

Back Office Business

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Back to School with Socrative

Choose Your Own Adventure With Google Drive - ThingLink

Skip the Spreadsheet, Use This Add-on to Create Google Docs Word Clouds

Cygnus Company Profile

Using Snagit for Teachers · My Paperless Classroom

Running Helps You Grow New Brain Cells

this lost print is a MUST on our wall. this is maybe one thing from

I usually have a few students that are dying to speak out in class. Then

Today Sept 24 7-8pm ET - #TChat Radio Show and Twitter Chat!

social media customer acquisition. Twitter is one of the ...

The AVer U70 Document Camera – Portable, Practical and Powerful

Are you looking to revamp and master the art of parent communication? Be sure to

Ideas for Using Kapwing Video Editor in the Classroom

Get HTC One X Clock and Weather Widget on iPhone - Love perpagehtml because it lets me organize my widgets.

Texthelp Announces Teach for Google - free PD to help educators use Google Edu

24 Best Ways To Improve Your Small Business Productivity

Materials used in the study