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Treat yourself to what you really want this year whitty funny

Treat yourself to what you really want this year whitty funny


Treat yourself to what you really want this year.

When you don't care, you really don't care. | "There's no need to repeat yourself. I ignored you just fine the first time."

Treat Yourself!: How to Make 93 Ridiculously Fun No-Bake Crispy Rice Treats: Jessica Siskin: 9780761189800: Amazon.com: Books

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Dachshund Christmas card May your Xmas be filled with prosecco card

32 Funny Quotes to Make a Joyful Day | Chuckle Chuckle... | Funny Quotes, Funny, Hilarious

Top 40 Funny Witty Quotes #lol

1. Waterproof Notepad

witty quips, witty quotes, witty saying, sarcasm

Unless you have a smile with a lot of gums showing, then just grin.

studiodiy.com Halloween Puns, Halloween Captions, Funny. Read it

... because you deserve to treat yourself to a new pick every month, selected from an array of shouldn't-be-missed new releases, plus a fun little surprise.

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Cute selfie captions: "Never let anyone treat you like ...

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Jonatan Becerra for Unsplash

I don't need that many bedspreads!

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Christmas cards on a festive table

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"How I should treat myself vs. how I actually treat myself." Comics

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Daniella Urdinlaiz

"Hey ...

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Funny Christmas Card - Treat Yourself Because I Didn't Get You Anything - No Present Christmas Card - Personalised

Funny things to ask Siri: Is Santa real?

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Funny Unicorn Quotes. “

Merry Xmas From the Kids Card


A strongly-worded letter always makes you feel better


Winston Churchill

Funny and witty responses to rude comments and mean people.

Leon Edler illustration of a book on shelves with comic Groucho Marx spectacles and nose. '

Treat yourself to my book then. £4 on Amazon today. https://www.amazon.co.uk/How-Champion-Sunday-Bestselling-Autobiography/dp/1409174328 …pic.twitter.com/ ...

Everybody Lies: Big Data, New Data, and What the Internet Can Tell Us About Who We Really Are: Seth Stephens-Davidowitz: 9780062390851: Amazon.com: Books

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Friends quotes for Insta. “

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Put your meat in my mouth funny advertising at PMSLweb.com

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You NEED To Hang In Your Office “ ...

facebook news feed

Christmas Tree with bokeh light and a christmas caption. “

When you work hard, it's important to take a few breaks throughout the day. But let's be honest: Is 10 minutes of scrolling through Facebook really a break?

A Hilarious C-Level Executive Assistant Spills Insider Thoughts You Wish People Knew — OfficeNinjas

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The Asshole Survival Guide: How to Deal with People Who Treat You Like Dirt: Robert I. Sutton: 9781328695918: Amazon.com: Books

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Image titled Find out if He Likes You Step 14

When your girl says she doesn't want anything from MCDonalds but you turn your head and see her like this. Funny Memes

203 Beautiful Instagram Captions - A collection of Lyrics and Quotes

Every woman is a queen, and we all have different things to offer. -

You've tweeted your displeasure. (Or, if you're a Trump voter, you've basked in the warm glow of electoral vindication.) Now you need ...

260 gratitude quotes that will double your happiness wisdom quotes

Me at work: I bust my ass at this job. I am the backbone of this company. I need a raise. Also me at work: Funny Memes

And the worst part about it is that it's 100 percent true. It's one of the 16 things parents of young children want you to know.

During ...


When your nose is stuffed and you just sit there and think about the time when it was't stuffed and how you just took breathing freely for granted.

Really. Professor Frink and Comic Book Guy

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Image titled Be a Good Kisser Step 4

You love your kids, you really do. But they're always there! Sometimes you just need a few moments to yourself. What would you do if you had an entire hour ...

funny graduation quote. “


These global gems were honored at the 2017 Epica Awards

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