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Triaditis in Cats A Common Syndrome in Our Feline Friends

Triaditis in Cats A Common Syndrome in Our Feline Friends


I recently received a message requesting more information about this syndrome. So, this week's post is all about triaditis in our feline friends.


How to Diagnose Triaditis in Cats

triaditis Icterus/jaundice of the pinna or ear flap of a cat. Image courtesy of board-certified internal medicine specialist, Dr. Craig Webb.

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Illustration of the relationship between the liver, pancreas, and small intestine in a cat. Image courtesy of veterinary technical specialist Sarah Collins.

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Ear Infections in Cats

feline cholangiohepatitis

Triaditis is a dangerous trifecta of illnesses for our feline friends


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... chances are you've spent more than a little time gazing lovingly into your furry friend's adoring eyes. If your furry friend happens to be a cat, ...

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Liver Disease in Cats

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Diagnosis of pancreatitis in cats can be difficult, as simple blood testing values may not correlate as closely with cats as with dogs.

Gray cat lying in lap of woman reading a book.

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If a cat's T4 level is smack dab in the middle of the normal range, or is at the low end of the reference range, then the cat is probably not hyperthyroid.

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Congratulations Sarah!

The lomustine protocol will be between $1200 and $1400 and I am working on some holistic therapies including changing his diet, CBD/FECO, acupuncture for ...

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Similarly, with the GI tract and liver being closely intertwined in function with the pancreas, pancreatitis can lead to liver or GI disease (ie, ...

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cat is vomiting blood

cat is vomiting blood

But a more common way is to actually surgically open your pet under general anesthesia (exploratory laparotomy).

... her foster had a tragic accident and is on life support so she's in urgent need of a home. She is the perfect lap cat and loves to give kitty kisses.

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Hershey's Story feline pancreatitis. My cat ...