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None of these tried and true parenting methods are the same and many of them are conflicting but they all have "evidence" to back them up.

This discipline cheat sheet isn't the most practical way to handle a tantrum Imagine being in the heat of a meltdown with your child.

Dad Admits Parenting Is 'Rarely Fun' And People Have Thoughts

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Attachment Parenting Infographic

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Relationship Thursdays: Why you shouldn't be judging other parenting styles

Eight Ways to Encourage Self-Motivation in Your Child

These are just some of the things I hear regularly, I must do 'this,' or 'that', to prevent 'this' or 'that,' There is a counter argument to every parenting ...


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7 Best Parenting Books

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Are we aspirational parenting and don't know it?


Parenting While Grieving

You're Probably Not a Parent If You Haven't Faced at Least 12 of These 20 Hilarious Situations!

Inner Wealth® and use their intensity in successful ways to transform your relationships at home!

With old age parents become our kids and need love and care. Remember, a parent never retires. Maybe their words of wisdom don't hold relevance in ...


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give time to baby. “

We love picking out nursery decor as much as the next mama, but when it comes to parenting, you can't overlook the basics. The midnight feeds, the newborn ...

12 Great Reader Comments on Parenting

60 Second After Effects Tutorial : Parenting -HD-

I've had a lot of frustrations with parenting lately, and it is like some grumbling thing that I cannot even entirely put words to very easily.


4 Major Parenting Styles You Didn't Know About [Must-Read]

Unit 1 – You Can Do This!

Building Resiliency in Kids After Loss

The Best Parenting Books to Raise Grounded, Successful Kids: A list of the best

A key component of successful parenting ...

In his book, he includes a chart that stopped me in my tracks. While he was dealing with pastoral care, I've adapted the chart below to reflect parenting.

The Meitiv children outside the National Gallery in Washington, D.C. (Family Photo)

For parents, the tension between visibility and safety is especially challenging to navigate, since any risk to ourselves is also a risk to our children.

A Teacher Got Real About Parenting Styles From Baby Boomers, Gen X-ers, and Millennials | Fatherly

In one of my favourite recent segments on CTV Your Morning, I highlighted 5 gadgets that can help make parenting young children easier.

You'll notice that specific stories about my kids aren't frequent on this blog. There are, of course, stories about our family adventures, activities to do ...

What's the worst thing you have done as a parent? Photo / Getty

[From Minimalist Parenting]. Claim ...


Tension with the in-laws? Unappreciative preschooler? Here's how you can defuse holiday blow-ups and get on with the holiday cheer.

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Book List From Parenting Your Ninth Grader

Every time we read a book with a “mommy” and a “daddy,” I choose whether to make the mommy a “baba” or to read it as-is.

10 Important Parenting Quotes. T T Read More

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Featured Parenting Tip How to Deal with a Bad Teacher courtesy of braniac

Respite Care: Why a Foster Parent Would "Leave" a Foster Child & Why

Favorite strategies from the folks at love and logic: Powerful yet caring tools for educators and parents. Colorado: Love and Logic Institute


Talk through what is happening and alternative ideas for the future. Example: “I know you are sad because you can't have a donut before dinner.

Most parental control solutions give you monthly subscription opportunities while Net Nanny offers only yearly subscription without a chance to have a ...

The first eight Christmases of my daughter's life I did as a single parent. Last year was my first as a married father- and as a “blended” family.

Why being prepared for cold and flu season is so important

This Calculator Shows You How Much Sleep You've Lost Since Becoming A Parent

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Things you don't need to do for your kids


We live in a powerful age of technology and mass-communication. Never before has mankind been able to connect with hundreds of millions of people with the ...

Parenting Warning Label. What they didn't tell you before you had kids.

Bye-Bye, Parent: The Government Owns Your Child. Stand up for parental

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“Good parents hardly parent. They let their kids learn, fail and grow without interference.”

Helicopter parenting is trending in India. Here's why

You look at your baby and heard a voice in your head saying “You can't do this. You will not make it.” You feel guilty and you wish can do better ...

Gentle Parenting

Dad and baby son

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Born in Bedfordshire, England in 1976, Sarah Ockwell-Smith is a mother of four school aged children, three boys and one girl. Sarah lives with her family, ...

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Journal Pages From Parenting Your Sixth Grader


I guess that's a really great part of parenting. That I have this new ability to feel with, and for others. And, mostly that I know what it means to love ...

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parenting while grieving

Being a parent is a tough job

Boys Town: Saving Children, Healing Families, Parenting Tips | Teen Discipline Untitled 1

Lots of "parents" need to understand this .

The Parenting Jungle – Wild & Wonderful Parenting & Lifestyle

So, when it has to with screen time limiting Net Nanny is pretty good, not better and not worse than the most parental control apps.

Why parenthood isn't all playgrounds and mudpies

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Do you feel that you need to have control over your child all the time? Do you have a tendency to punish your child every time he or she fails to listen ...

When You Know It's More Than Behavior or Bad Parenting

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