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What to get your fitnessobsessed friends who seemingly have

What to get your fitnessobsessed friends who seemingly have


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ASICS Women's GT-2000™ 7

Holiday-Gift Ideas 2016: 21 Gifts for Your Fitness-Obsessed Friends

25 Gifts For People Who Love Tea All Under $25

Holiday-Gift Ideas 2016: 21 Gifts for Your Fitness-Obsessed Friends

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20 Impressive Beauty Gifts Under $25 That Don't Look Cheap



Gift Guide: Best Gifts for Coworkers Under $35 | Wardrobe Oxygen

To give This year I will be giving away face masks from Soko Glam to all

You Are My Person Gift Box Best Friend Gift Birthday Gift Best Friend Gifts, Gifts

To give Ill be giving my favorite rose oil perfume. I travel with it keep

Gift Guide: For Your Friend Who's Always Entertaining and Cooking

To give This holiday season I plan on giving friends and family one of our new

A Gift Guide For Your Health And Fitness Obsessed Friend

To give One gift I always give to my friends and associates alike are Diptyque candles

GIFT GUIDE: WHAT TO GET your fitness obsessed friend (beauty edition)

To give The only gift I have bought so far is a custom piece of Jordan

Gift Guide: 10 Gift Ideas For Your Bestie Presents For Friends, Friend Gifts ,

Top Personal Health

A Gift Guide For Your Health And Fitness Obsessed Friend

Casey Geib/Flickr Friends.

Unless your face has a yeast infection, maybe don't put Vagisil on it

To give A bundle of classes for the high intensity interval treadmill Mile High Run Club

Asking for a friend: Is it gross to reuse makeup wipes?

GIFT GUIDE: WHAT TO GET your friend with problem skin

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You have no idea how much your friends will thank you for getting them their own

Rihanna's new Fenty lingerie collection is the inclusive holiday miracle we're here for

Inspire your next workout with Asia's coolest activewear

Every Single Engagement Ring In Claire Pettibone's New Collection

Auntie SparkNotes: Should I Tell My Best Friend Her Boyfriend Is a Meathead Loser?

Fitness trackers are very popular these days. They are encouraging everyone to move more as well as stand more throughout the day.

Transportation, Economy, Health dominate news

Apparently these ladies need some serious convincing to allow the men in question to buy a console.”

To give This serving board is always the star of the appetizer table All my friends

A Gift Guide For Your Health And Fitness Obsessed Friend

To give Ill be giving my friends our Savage Rose candle and a favorite bottle of

15 ways to catch up with friends that aren't grabbing coffee or a cocktail

An indulgent-but-healthy gift tote packed with small-batch goods for the fitness-obsessed folks who'll be "carb loading" this holiday season.

Seattle is a fitness-obsessed city, right? Surely we put all those other cities to shame when it comes to exercise!

These Vans sneakers are like a puffer coat for your feet

For the Kindle lover or eco-minded individual on your list, e-subscriptions are the way to go – and less expensive!

Drew Harrisberg (pictured) is a 28-year-old fitness-obsessed Australian

Dating in the modern age has gone totally digital, unless you're one of the lucky few who successfully makes that transition from friend to something more, ...

10 Awesome Holiday Gifts For Your Fitness-Obsessed Friends

When you talk to your self-employed or business-owning friends, what complaints do you hear most often?

To give My goto gift is always something for the home . This year Im planning

One Ten is out to save Hong Kong's youth with workouts

Luxury's answer to the classic jump rope

I have been where you are. I know what is going through your head. I am still there most days, but I have got some age on me now.

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To give Jean Touitou is a good friend and inspiration. He is obsessive about detail

Comfortable with living at home with her parents in their little town, comfortable with her passionless relationship with fitness-obsessed boyfriend Patrick ...

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If you're on a budget—and let's be honest, we all are, especially during the holiday season—Emily has a great $25 and under gift guide.

A set of four packing cubes for the savvy travelers who always seem to be 'gramming from some far-flung locale. They can make packing together for different ...

How to get the dice rolling in the gym

An 8-Minute, 3-Machine Cardio Workout Inspired by Julianne Hough


... has a zipper closure and plenty of places to stash cards and cash, cords and cables, a power bank and more. Designed for the tech-savvy traveler, ...

Grasie's gift guides are my favorite this year! She has created five so far, including ones for the fitness buff and the home entertainer.

I'm ditching party dresses for embellished sweatshirts this year because I'm over

Gifts for the whole family

Did Minister of Health Really Say Not All Medical Doctors Should Practice?

One side is a matte lip cream with mineralized clay that delivers a velvelty finish, and a lip gloss with botanical oils for a moisture-rich shine.


banner image for five people in your life who would love a hovr for christmas

With food and personal care products to fit every dietary requirement and lifestyle, from paleo to gluten-free and vegan, your loved one can shop from the ...

By the end of 13 Reasons Why season one, it's clear that Jessica Davis and Hannah Baker's stories are linked in a number of heartbreaking ways.

9 ways to plant seeds for Future You

Peter's Friends


These 5 Easy Tips Will Keep You Fit Without the Gym

woman using hovr leg swing while browsing on phone

No, seriously, I write a lot about failed relationships. It's not that I particularly enjoy reliving heartbreak, but I return to this seemingly tiresome ...

FitBit Charge 2 ($149.88 on Amazon) – The FitBit Charge 2 is an awesome gift for the fitness-obsessed and health-conscious. PurePulse helps track your heart ...

To give Im admittedly not the best at holiday shoppingI'm too impatient to wait

Great quote that I felt represented me & my life over the past year. Warning, this isn't a food post. It's a life update on my fitness/meniscus ...

I've binge watched both HIMYM and Friends more times than I can count. In a Friends-like coincidence, I happen to live in the same apartment complex as my ...

No more, I bought this simple set of weights from Amazon. I proudly thought "Oh, who'll need the 2 lb weights. I am sure I'll start with 3 or maybe even the ...


Maria will teach you how to focus on the parts of your business that matter and tune out the other stuff. She'll teach you how to plan to your purpose (not ...

To give I'm getting my interns little LL bBean totes with a bunch of

... we want a little boost. They're also free of soy, nuts, fillers and other synthetic ingredients. Oh, and did we mention that they are yummy to boot?

A location-centric candle to remind them of a long weekend spent in a far-flung city or to pay tribute to their home states or to park beside the framed ...

I wanted to see a wife and mom who had an exciting creative career, took trips with her friends, took risks, and wore things other than, like, khaki capris.

Q: What's the difference between orthopaedic and manual physical therapy? A: This is a great question. Orthopedic physical therapy is the delivery of care ...


To give Ponchos are a great statement piece and theyre easy to throw on and go