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Which Mythical Creature Are You Most Like Quiz Queen t

Which Mythical Creature Are You Most Like Quiz Queen t


Find out what mythical, magical, or even mysterious creature you are!

Have you ever wondered, what type of magic creature you are from myths and folklore? Are you elegant and keen-eyed like an elf? Beautiful and deadly like a ...

Though there are many types of dragons, but this quiz is on the more famous of the group. Find yourself inside one of these elusive and mystical creatures!

How Many Of These Mythological Creatures Can You Name?

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Mythical creatures or real animals?

Don't know what you are, but you're pretty cool Spirit Animal

Do you love the idea that magical creatures are real? Take this quiz and find out which magical creature you are!

Hello water creature, I am looking for the daughter of Triton. Can you help

I got: You are most like Halgratir! Halgratir was a noble and chivalrous gold dragon, known for battling many wars alongside his friends and also known for ...

Harpy Queen Picture by James Zapata jamesface. Esther · Ideas for Mythical Creatures

NASA dubbed the storm a "dragon's eye" ...

Dragon Spirit

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Holy crap this would be awesome as the cover to my short story, "The

Gamayun is a Russian prophetic bird with the head of a woman. They are very. Magical CreaturesFantasy ...

Pick a mythical creature:

I took Zimbio's Greek mythology quiz, and I'm Pegasus! Who are you? | Quiz results ! | Mythology, Greek mythological creatures, Greek Mythology

Of course we cannot forget the German elf. Elves started out as nature and fertility spirits but over time, they have been redefined over and over again.

What Elemental Dragon Are You?

I don't really like World of Warcraft that much but this is really nicely

Mermaids can be totems and guides to those who are magical and emotional in nature.

Hera; Queen of The Greek Gods, Goddess of the Earth and its natural elements, Wife to Zues. Sister to Zues, Hades, Posideon, Demeter and Hestia

Great collab with It's our variation of Futakuchi onna, monster from one of the japanese folklore story : "In a small village there lived a.

The Hive Queen (Wings of Fire, Book 12): Tui T. Sutherland: 9781338214482: Amazon.com: Books

I don't know what you are but eventually, I'll find out · Weird CreaturesMythical ...

A Komodo dragon, a dodo illustration, a markhor

Some of us are more warm hearted than others. We can be sweet as sugar, or cold as ice. Which end of the spectrum are you closer to? Let's see!

Ok this is cool but I don't have a place to put it so

Rhinoceros: The modern image of the unicorn is sleek and majestic like a stallion, but that's not exactly the picture Pliny the Elder painted when he wrote ...

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Ever since her best friend Anna died, Evie has been an outcast in her small fishing town. Hiding her talents, mourning her loss, drowning in her guilt.

You look super cool! more on you later once I find out what you are

Platypus: Some animals are so weird that seeing them in the flesh isn't enough to convince you they're real. In 1798, Captain John Hunter of the Royal Navy ...


A dwarf-like water demon of Japan. A powerful ghost of drowned souls. Power comes from water stored in dish on top of the head.

Wikipedia / John La Farge / en.wikipedia.org

Nordic folklore

I got: The Earth Queen! Which Element Queen Are You?

Giant squid: No talk of cryptids would be complete without mentioning sea monsters. The Greeks had a six-headed sea goddess named Scylla, cultures in the ...

Gorilla: What if someone told you that a dark, hairy human-like creature with 10 times the strength of a human lurked in the wilderness of a faraway land?

The Royal Mint's gold commemorative coin, one of a series of ten which will feature

The Hippocampus is an aquatic creature that looks like a fish with the head and front

Unicorns choose only the most magical and imaginative of people.

Queen Elizabeth and Her Corgis: A Love Story

The Lost Continent (Wings of Fire, Book 11)

Dybbuk from the Jewish mythology

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An illustration of King Arthur's coronation, from the 13th-century Flores Historiarum. Taken

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... of people who have died from starvation. They wander around, grab you, and bite your head off, drink your blood, and add your skeleton to the pile.

So if it took naturalists a while to realize that some legendary animals were actually real, can you blame them? There's a lot of life out there, ...

Which Famous Queen Are You Most Like?

If you were a Goddess in Greek myth, which one would portray you best?

Hippocampus and turtle | fantasy - unicorns, pegasus, mythical equines | Pinterest | Fantasy art, Mythological creatures and Mythical creatures

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The Minotaur ( Ancient Greek: Μῑνώταυρος [miːnɔ̌ːtau̯ros], Latin: Minotaurus). K D · Greek Mythological Creatures

If people don't answer with "The Meishin Railway," she cuts off their legs, which is bad at the best of times, let alone when you're trying to poop.

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15 Amazing Mythical Creature Illustrations Of Ancient Greece

Numerology Number Meanings & Symbolism 1200x630

Meet the Tsuchigumo, creatures with the body of a tiger, limbs of a spider, and the face of a demon. They eat unwary travelers (actually, they eat wary ones ...

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Pick a fruit to serve at your feasts:

Information and Images/Pictures of Greek Mythological Beasts and Creatures. Hades Tattoo, Greek

Via nicaslife.tumblr.com

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Henry the Young King is crowned in 1170. (Wikimedia Commons)

The character shown above is from the "Wings of Fire " book series by Tui T. Sutherland The artwork is my own. Wings of Fire - Queen of the Nightwings