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X tools from uxstore are essential for every UIUX designer Be

X tools from uxstore are essential for every UIUX designer Be



4. Sketch:

It tries to give you all the functionalities you need to design your app from start to finish. Of course, that doesn't mean it's perfect.

Digital Design Software

JustinMind also allows integration with JIRA, Microsoft TFS, Doors. You can manage your team members from the same platform. More so, they have tons of ...

Everything we need to know about design is a few clicks away

It features a couple of exciting and useful proprietary tests, such as five-second test, click test, navigation test, question test and preference test.

CareerFoundry graduate Sarah Overton's portfolio.

Consequently, you can add your designs from different tools and use Marvel to make it come alive with all the animation features.

UX design tools - pencil

... can post on idea boards, having to sketch your ideas on paper makes your initial ideation stage very flexible. UI stencil kit is a tool every designer ...

6 Prototyping Tools For Any UX Designer

When did we let this become the norm? Source: David Teodorescu

It's super fast, mirrors iPhone and Android transition animations, it supports prototype previewing, and sharing the installation link is simple — just send ...

UI/UX design ideas always play a key role in helping designers create an excellent iOS or Android mobile application design works in most cases.

Micro-trend for 2019: blue people in illustrations. A shortcut to solve all

You want to be able to create powerful UX without code and take on the whole process from design to development the “Agile” way, all in one place?

“View” placement is not consistent. On most of the cards, it's toward the top, but on the collection card, it's at the bottom.

Senior UX Designer Jeff Humble's portfolio.

Although it's still in preview state and lacks some features like every other new product and in this state, it supports only Windows 10 ...

Tech 101: Graphic Design, UI Design, Visual Design, and Web Design—What's the Difference?

Hotjar is a one-stop-shop for qualitative website analysis and user feedback. It provides product owners with everything they need to learn more about their ...

... next tip is this - even if you're a researcher and visuals aren't your strong point, please don't make this fact blatantly obvious with terrible design!

Illustration: Camila Rosa

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User profile screen in Quora app

HotGloo is a robust interface designing tool that allows you to prototype any type of mobile application that needs a particular user interface.

How to improve your UX designs with Task Analysis

Sketch is the industry standard for High-fidelity UI/UX design, It is also my favorite tool for the past 4 years, I love the plugins, and the integration ...

... UI/UX design tool for modern app designers. Sketch is more like Adobe Photoshop but it's built mainly for app prototyping and has one of the highest ...

Brand consistency helps new projects feel like part of the brand's family, rather than a black sheep. Style guides usually provide all the information ...

Don't Make Me Think – Key Learning Points for UX Design for the Web

Test Your Prototypes: How to Gather Feedback and Maximise Learning

User Experience Design (UXD or UX) in web design is the process of enhancing user satisfaction by improving the usability, accessibility, and efficiency of ...

The Best UX Tools For User Research And User Testing 2018

UX designers struggle to prove the value of their work when arguments like “user experience is hard to measure” or “how can you prove that it's better?

UI-UX designer job description template

The Best Web Design Software, Tools And Free Resources – 2019




Unlike other tools, Balsamiq helps you to design wireframes and wireframes alone effortlessly. So, if you are looking for a tool to design just wireframes ...

... to design Facebook apps like Facebook Messenger and Instagram and now it's available for you for free. It's a complex tool with great functionalities.

Hire UI/UX Designer





A typical pattern in e-commerce is a product grid. With this pattern users can easily browse and see product information.


The 7 Factors that Influence User Experience

Sea of sameness: the most popular stock photos of the year are a mix of

That often used in visual design discussions for quick feedback and improvement on product visual design.

Customer Touchpoints - The Point of Interaction Between Brands, Businesses, Products and Customers

Building a product specification document and reiterating it every other time can really be tedious—with Zeplin you don't ever have to do that.

Everyone knows that it's a powerful tool with a variety of functions. Such as wireframe, flow chart, and interaction design. It charges $29-99 per user per ...

Laws of UX project screenshot.jpg

One thing I don't like in this design is the sub-menu arrow style. The arrow icons only appear while hovering a menu item, even though all the other links ...

*Designers: Anton Shmatko, Green Shark Studio, Pavel Khenkin

Postcards Introduces Transactional Email Modules

The CX product is geared towards UI/UX designers and customer success managers.


Some of Appsee's key features include:

Have you made your design and need to add interactivity to it? inVision allows you to upload your design files and add animations, gestures, and transitions ...

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Adobe Experience Design:

20 Tips: How To Design Great UI For Mobile Apps?

Much like the above point, wacky fonts irritates us big time. It ruins the purpose of the app and defeats the goal for which users are originally here.

Dealing with NDAs when building a portfolio


Neglecting this essential aspect sets high risks that all the other effort on design can be just wasted, so it's much more user- and client-friendly to ...

Large items catch the eye and appear more important than smaller ones. The “Request

Prototyping: Learn Eight Common Methods and Best Practices

Key Question in User Experience Design – Usability vs Desirability

The advantage over other providers is that with Applause's community you can test your app on almost every device available, in any country, ...

A paper wireframe template in action.

It provides mobile professionals with tools like crashed session recordings, console logs and network traffic analysis, all of which allow you and your team ...

mobile design: gestures

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Everyone is looking for Seniors

How To Do A UX Competitor Analysis - A Step By Step Guide

You can pick a specific page/section of your website to be tested, select how many participants will give you feedback and how much you are willing to pay.

Iconjar allows you to upload and store all your icons in one place from which you can search for them and drag and drop them to your project on Sketch or ...

Some of these features include Product Prioritization – which ties user data directly to product feedback, as well as reports and in-product messaging ...

Senior UX Mentor Pia Klancar's Behance profile.

How many people like filling out forms? I think, not many. It's not what users want from the service — they just want to buy tickets, chat with friends and ...

Whenever a bug/crash occurs, your team will get immediate bug reports with crash log, screenshots, and video replay. Buddybuild can be customised to the ...

It also provides an intelligent targeting mechanism to make sure you're asking the right question at the right time. With Usabilla you can also collect NPS ...

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Free Essentials for Designers: Textures, Patterns, Shapes and Backgrounds

1. InVision:

Some tasks are not so self-explanatory, but designers are often too close to it to notice. Luckily, some instructional text — even just a line or two — can ...