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Yesterday was such an exciting day I was chosen by chrislovesjulia

Yesterday was such an exciting day I was chosen by chrislovesjulia


Yesterday was such an exciting day. I was chosen by @chrislovesjulia as one of

Our baby girl is one month old today. She is the sweetest little chub, weighing in at over 11 pounds now. Sleeps 6 and 7 hour stretches at night and loves ...

It's on a large lot of mature trees with lots of windows and interesting architecture–all ...

It's honestly such a dream come true and something we've been working for months on. To see so many of you just as excited has been so rewarding.

Just weeks before we welcomed our new baby girl into our family, we launched our other baby–a sofa line with Interior Define! It's been amazing these past ...

What are you up to this weekend? Our little Faye Faye (Faye-Fee, Fayebelizer) is turning 4 tomorrow! She asked for a swimming party, so we rented out a ...

But first!

Casual Friday

Casual Friday + My 29 Home Picks from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

I preach it often–the best, most well-received photos across platforms are going to come from your actual camera. (I use this camera, and just upgraded to ...

It's a hard day. But it's a good day. Today's episode of The Chris Loves Julia Podcast with Preston Pugmire will be the last of the series.

We're calling it our Valentine's day getaway. A few pieces have arrived for bedrooms and I've never been so excited ...

I made the large letter art for Faye's nursery (easiest, cheap tutorial right here) shortly before she was born and it's been such a defining part of her ...

Casual Friday

Thank you so much for all of your support over these years. It has been so fun virtually welcoming you into our home day after day and we can't wait to now ...

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Casual Friday

It includes everything on their site, but of course we're most excited that the Charly line we designed with them is discounted until September 20th.

I picked up that can't-go-wrong round mirror from Target and brought a few decor items from my stash to style the mantel.

I ordered 2 sets of these beautiful, modern outdoor lounge chairs (4 chairs total) for an upcoming 48 backyard makeover we're doing for a family and the ...

I've struggled to know when or where or how to share that I've been struggling. Because I don't want this space to be about that.

And although we're not completely done yet, I'm excited to give you a more pulled back view of our “new” light and serene room.

The requests have continued to pour in (thank you!) and the desire in my heart never went away. When I see someone struggling to love their home, ...

We are no longer longing and are now just focusing on taking in this beautiful life we're creating. I'll never get enough of seeing our oldest daughter ...


Design Services start at just $59/room!

( above: a rendering of one of the living rooms designed with the Chris Loves Julia Collection )

I'm excited and feel so good about the direction. There's still a few more decisions to make but once you have the general design, it's so much easier to ...

What a way to kick off this week! Hope to see you over on Instagram for an easy entry to win a print of your choice. Which one would you pick?

In this week's podcast, we mentioned that we were going to paint our bedroom! But that's not all. Over the weekend we brought the speckled shag rug up to ...

3. Organized Under the Kitchen Sink. Turns out, the cabinet under the kitchen sink doesn't have to be a free for all. Ha! Just by tucking our kitchen ...

This week was one of those that felt never-ending. I think it had something to do with Halloween being on Tuesday, which made it feel like Friday and then ...

Before and After: A Small, Pittsburgh Kitchen Gets A Complete Makeover in 6 Days

Other fun things this week!

Casual Friday 003 | Chris Loves Julia

Although we have barely had a second to celebrate, we knew we wanted to do something big for YOU and we couldn't think of a better way to do so than by ...

Uncovering the fireplace, putting together our new longer sofas–obsessed with the white-washed wood! We have a couple big projects we're doing out here next ...

Built-in bunkbeds by Chris Loves Julia

via Brad Krefman

via. Last night ...

Shea and I have become good friends over the years (and even had her on the podcast twice!), so it was hard to believe that it was our first time meeting ...

You can stream the episode right here, or listen to the latest episodes on: iTunes, GooglePlay, Stitcher or wherever you get your podcasts!

As a homebody, I live in t-shirts, which is why we're so excited to announce we launched a line dedicated to home lovers everywhere.

The Easiest Way to Hang a Rug on A Wall

And so, I got myself excited about fresh bright-white ceilings and picked up a couple gallons of paint to slowly get the job done over the next week.

Chris Loves Julia


We're so thrilled to have a place, in our home, where we can both work every day. It's a dream! Here's a few before and afters, followed by the sources:

Cabin pellet stove

In My Own Little Corner (Office)

PART_1454958482888_IMAG0019 IMG_7903

A Night In | Chris Loves Julia


Casual Friday

Our Christmas Kitchen

It snowed 6 inches and as an act of rebellion (or hope!?), I ordered these distressed bermuda shorts on sale. It's so hard to find good-looking long shorts, ...

Of course, there were a few other reasons for the third shelf. First, soon (like, the counters are arriving Friday soon) the overhang is going to be ...

Gifts for every person on your list

Casual Friday | Best of January + Video!

Casual Friday

The Reveal: Our Master Bathroom is Finished!

Processed with VSCO with j6 preset

Meet Willow, the new-to-us 4 year old Bernese Mountain Dog we adopted, sent to us a little over a week ago from our dog Charly, who is absolutely watching ...

Chris Loves Julia - Office

They were a little out of our normal wheelhouse, in a good way!, while feeling modern and rustic and really interesting with some large cracks and knots and ...

It includes everything on their site, but of course we're most excited that the Charly line we designed with them is discounted until September 20th.

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How to Renovate a Kitchen in 6 days + All the Details | Chris Loves Julia

Last month, we introduced you to a new project we were working with World Market on–an indoor playhouse–and are so excited to share how it all turned out ...

Our readership is up 300% from last year (thank you!) so I know blogs aren't “dead”, but maybe we're just painting them white and calling them vertical ...

A few days ago, we were able to reopen the door to the room and I felt so excited to finally finish it and start using the space as we intended.

Other fun things this week!

These are all 3D renderings featuring pieces from our collection that are actually real pieces you can try on and have in your home.

Before and After: A Small, Pittsburgh Kitchen Gets A Complete Makeover in 6 Days

An Interview with the Bloggers of Chris Loves Julia on DIY & Design

it got here last week and we hung it a couple days ago. It's Black Circles II (part of a series of 4) by Korean artist, Guseul Park.

Faye wouldn't play with her friends yesterday because she didn't want to ...

Before and After: A Small, Pittsburgh Kitchen Gets A Complete Makeover in 6 Days

... this in 3 days?!” but we found ourselves enamored with a small, early 1900s kitchen in a Baltimore row house and knew that it was the perfect candidate ...

remodeling home living room carpet


... we've ever done and we renovated the entire thing on camera over a one week period! We're so happy with how it turned out, on such a tight budget too!


I couldn't be more excited about this partnership. We have used Modsy in our own home and have loved the service and this is truly a dream come true to be ...

The 3D Rendering Tool that Makes Decorating Your Home SO much Easier!

Our Pendleton Covered Buck has Arrived (& Big Changes We're making to the Interior of the A-frame)

Here's the before. (The multi-painted recessed brick, and one-dimensional trim really made everything feel flat–but it was a great starting point)

Here's one more before and after from the day we moved in 2013 to last week (2019). We've come a long way baby.

... I know, I know, just when you all were getting used to those bladeless ...

Today is a really exciting day for me and I hope for you, too! A couple months ago, Minted asked me to be one of their curators.

IMG_9613. “

There are five girls in my family and we each live in wildly different homes. Somehow we all grew up under the same roof in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and now ...

VSCO Cam-1

... Victoria, in Pittsburgh, I fell in love with her eclectic, art-filled home and today, I'm so excited to share a little house tour with you.

The Chris Loves Julia Father's Day Gift Guide | 2017

A friend of mine swears by them so much she has given one to everyone she loves for a birthday gift in the past couple years.

July 20, 2016 - 126 Comments