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Youre still young wut u sayin bts btsmemes jungkook jin bts

Youre still young wut u sayin bts btsmemes jungkook jin bts


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Jungkook message to army: always baby

I thought the brain was saying the answer was Jungkook. My brain would do that. On my test: "What's the square root of 49?" "Jungkook"

You're still young wut u sayin #bts #btsmemes #jungkook #jin

Advices from your favourite BTS member is just too good🙂. Eomma jin's words of wisdom 방탄

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Them: your bias is ugly Me: sorry you're not my bias

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I'm able to do this with my friend because she smells distinctly like maple syrup all the time.

Well jungkook is a breathing meme <--- what can I say? He's the original memeboy :3

Apparently jungkook is copying jimin even though jungkook wore them first

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Might work with me, but only ´cause it's you Yoongi ❤️

First innocent then they turn there heads well f*ck I don't know what they are anymore

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Bts Memes ...

I love how jungkook found that dick joke hilarious:

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same jungkook, same. We all think you're hot and sexy

What would you do ??? Bts Imagine, Bts Boys, Bts Memes,

☆~Welcome to Disney Channel and you're watching "Missions with Jungkook". ~ ☆

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I'm always depressed and miserable when I have my headphones, but not my iPod (or the other way around).

Jungkook you little shit. The best part was when he played "Lie" loudly to lure Jimin back.

Jungkook crying during his ment BTS Wings Tour Final

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Cutie jungkook practicing his flirting. SLURP IT UP HE PROBABLY PRACTICED ON JIMIN OR TAE

OMG they look literally the same oh well...... You are what you eat

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Omg this is what i thought when i saw this im not even joking im so glad at somebody made this!

jin about to whoop your ass boi. jin about to whoop your ass boi Bts Jungkook ...

If Bts was in a horror movie

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Shy Jimin can't handle Jungkooks compliments | allkpop Meme Center

HA I YOUR FACE JIMIN (I still love ya tho Jimin Jungkook, Jungkook Funny

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You can do it Jin-eomma! Kookie is not the maknae anymore!! Proud Namjoon-appa XD

Oh god BTS is just a hoe group. Jimin control your thirst for Jungkook..plz

Jimen being savage af #vminmemes #btsmemes #vmin #jin #rapmonster #suga #jhope #jimin #V #jungkook

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BTS Friendship is no joke cx They're like brothers c: | allkpop Meme Center

Fetus Jungkook when he was still in his rebellious teenage stage

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Jungkook "Hi baby" Namjoon "You are baby"

Im not crying you are. He s such a fluff ball

Taehyung and Jungkook deceiving Mama Jin lol

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They kind of pretended they were students meeting each other for the first time and then TaeTae busts out the random English lol I love these goofs

Mama Jin and Jungkook

Vkook is real

... achievements, and other things then putting it together for an overall A to Z, especially since it is almost the end of the year! What you guys think?

But that won't happen because my crush a lot of country and an ocean away from me. Therefore he never sits in front of me. won.bebe · BTS Memes

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Read from the story BTS Memes by NatsBunny (ᴋᴀᴛʜɪ) with 720 reads.

#wattpad #fan-fiction Taehyung is an Omega, and Jungkook is an alpha. What could go wrong... Bottom Tae Top Kook @unicornpatz made my cover

And I'll Chong jojun balsa your ass

I fuck so hard with these #thanksgivingwithBTS Sms, Bts Memes Hilarious, Jhope,

he is actually the smallest mochi and if you disagree then you are wrong My friends say im close to being Jimin. Even if im a girl I looked up my korean ...

ohhhh, come on, Jungkook, math is simpleee. traaash · BTS memes and pics

THE THINGS US PEOPLE...THE ARMY....There is sumn wrong with us

They're so proud of Jin's shoulders.

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Except they know that Jimin isn't the youngest right? Right? I mean, how could they not? #BTS | bts ❤ in 2019 | BTS, Bts jimin, Bts jin

Jungkook's height and Suga

Oh dear Jin. your dad jokes make my day 100 better ☺️

HAHA repinning because Jin's line was hilarious!!

BTS | memes lmao I'm jungkook and my friend is jhope I always ruin her dreams *evil unnie laugh*

For anybody who's saying it's Jungkook in the glasses, it's Jin. Jungkook is behind Namjoon (on the left pic), with the black hat. won.bebe · BTS Memes

When someone asks you if you're gay for Jungkook. BTS ...

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35+ Funny BTS Memes 2018 - I AM BORED

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Yoongi's oppa kink is actually kinda hot.

Me when people say that Kpop is stupid and that the members are gay SMH

when you get that feeling to go Reaction Pics, Jimin, Bts Jin, Random

oh fuck jungkook fucking slide right into me you got me wetter than the ocean fck

[ So Sad ] - Me - [LETS LAUGH] BTS MEME

So adorable #bts #namjoon #jimin

Kim Namjoon texts you thinking you are someone else. Faizah ali · Bts trash{ Jin's ...

You're attacking me even without a gun Jeon Jungkook

And how the fact Kim Heechul is actually living out there.eating and breathing and junk. Avalishess · BTS Memes❤️

“I will rip your tongue out, cook it, and feed it to your family”

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His eyes are so pretty tho Jin Dad Jokes, Bts Jin, Bts Bangtan Boy

The Big Book Of Bts Memes

It's no wonder Jimin wears you around his neck.