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The assemblage point Assemblage Point t Medicine

The assemblage point Assemblage Point t Medicine


The Assemblage Point

Secrets of the Assemblage Point

The Human Energy Field and The Assemblage Point showing the Flux Lines

Notes for Carlos Castaneda Readers Concerning the Assemblage Point

Interview Series - The Human Assemblage Point

... Assemblage Point showing the Flux Lines. The ...

The Position of the Assemblage Point


The Catalyst of Power: The Assemblage Point Of Man

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The assemblage point is an energetic structure within the Luminous Energy Field (LEF) where we decode all our supersensory experiences, from déjà vu to ...

Toroidal Structures of The Human Assemblage Point. Part 1 of 3


As discussed in an earlier blog, the assemblage point is the energetic structure ...

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An unstable and displaced Assemblage Point is likely if we live in a consistently negative relationship with our parents or spouse, a troubled background or ...

The Catalyst of Power: The Assemblage Point of Man: Dr. Jon Whale: 9781899171736: Amazon.com: Books

What causes the Assemblage Point to become offset?

Naked Spirit: The Supernatural Odyssey

How to Locate and Experience Your Assemblage Point

The Assemblage Point Series No 1 of 11

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Becoming an Apprentice to the Infinite means becoming an apprentice to yourself, accepting responsibility for your own infinite evolution.

How to hold your Assemblage Point Alignment Quartz Crystal. The Earth's Magnetic Flux Lines. The ...

Get Human Assemblage Point

Paula Koger, Doctor of Oriental Medicine, discusses the seven rules of the human assemblage point.

The Optimum Central Location for The Assemblage Point

The Average Assemblage Point ...

The Average Assemblage Point Location for a Healthy Female and Male. The ...

The Human Assemblage Point - What is it and How Do We Adjust it?

The Assemblage Point | Crabb Freebird

Concept about the Assemblage Point (AP) and levels of consciousness of man -…

Consciousness Of Economics & Urban Farm Project

Assemblage ...

Assemblage Point ...

Ruby completed her assemblage point training with the founder of the College of Sound Healing Simon Heather (M.Soc.Sc. Lic.Ac. M.C.O.H.)

Assemblage Point Alignment – an amazing and unique life- transforming treatment.

NNL5 Life is Like a Cheese Ball. The Power of the Womb |. Concept about the Assemblage Point ...

... lives in this Old and in other Universes entirely depend on the position of our POINT of PERCEPTION OF OUR SPIRIT (wrongly named - Assemblage Point).

What is Spirit?

2c Approximate Assemblage Point epicentre locations for various conditions

Is it possible that any of those quantum other roads are available to us by a shift of the assemblage point that would allow us to "open our eyes" inside of ...

Ruby completed her assemblage point training with the founder of the College of Sound Healing Simon Heather (M.Soc.Sc. Lic.Ac. M.C.O.H.)

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[Jon Whale is a scientist, inventor, electronic engineer, and mystic. He was the one chosen by Spirit to bring the Assemblage Point knowledge to the western ...

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Carlos Casteneda

The new seers say that since the exact position of the assemblage point is an arbitrary position chosen for us by our ancestors, it can move with a ...

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Our interview was inspired by the creative nest Georgia Marcantoni created on the mezzanine of The Assemblage NoMad, where members take meetings, ...

Wash in salt water and smudge them with sage. To smudge, burn a small amount of sage in an abalone shell and hold crystal over the smoke, point up and down.

3a Centralizing the Assemblage Point Location by Electronic Gem Therapy Apparatus. The lamps

Fig.2d Toroidal Structure of the Assemblage Point.

====To Learn More About Human Assemblage Point Please

The Assemblage Point | Crabb Freebird. Pleiadian Lightwork - Amorah Quan Yin - Articles by Amorah Quan Yin

... thereby determining the assemblage point position.23 This falls neatly within the definition of bioenergetics, as the flow and transformation of energy ...

Extracts from Chapter 4: 'Seven Attributes of Power' from the book entitled: Naked Spirit

A Human Assemblage Point Workshop

... всецело зависят от положения, в котором в этот момент находится наша ТОЧКА ВОСПРИЯТИЯ НАШЕЙ ДУШИ-SPIRIT (неправильно названная - Assemblage Point ).

The Power of the Womb |. Concept about the Assemblage Point ...

testimonials. “

Fig.2e A shift in the Assemblage Point is a dislocation of the Toroidal Structure

Fig.2f A movement of the Assemblage Point is simply a change in the `

Fig.2a Assemblage Point and perception energy bundle

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Juniper Green

A Prayer for All

The Human Assemblage Point - What is it and How Do We Adjust it?

2b Side view of Vertical Central Assemblage Energy Channel, Horizontal Energy Perception Bundle


The ground floor of The Assemblage is a communal space for members.

... Emotional, Physical & Spiritual), Nutrition (Nutrient, Diets, Illness, Pain), Energy Medicine (Energy Fields, Body, Spirit), Structural Medicine (Bones, ...

Instilling Art with Meaning: A Journey to Peru – The Assemblage Journal – Medium

Realign your assemblage point through music

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Consider the pervasive perspectives of profane politicians with potentials to fixate the position of people's assemblage points in an attempt to permeate, ...


The Assemblage John Street

In a Starbucks, that'd be weird or unfortunate, but at The Assemblage, a place built around interconnectedness, what was wrong with it?

Assemblage Point Healing using the Pendulum

The breathwork and sound meditation room.

Theragem Clinique


In 1996 four detailed articles about the Assemblage Point were published in Positive Health magazine. In August 2000 Dr Angela Blaen became the first person ...

The Seven Bodies

Naked Spirit: The Supernatural Odyssey: 9780981485164: Medicine & Health Science Books @ Amazon.com

Biofield Viewer 3.5, Includes Biofield Viewer, Chakra Viewer and 3D Biofield

Gault Assemblage

Human Assemblage Point Human Assemblage Point Increase LM Numbers